I Hear They Burn for Murder

J.L. Aarne

I Hear They Burn for Murder

I Hear They Burn for Murder

  • Title: I Hear They Burn for Murder
  • Author: J.L. Aarne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition

We re playing Murder in the Dark, Agent Special Agent Ezekiel Herod knows the game well, but he s never played it quite like this before.Rainer Bryssengur is only a professor of English and Ezekiel doesn t expect to gain any insight from him into his case, only to cross him off the list as a person of interest Then he meets him and gets a glimpse behind the carefully cr We re playing Murder in the Dark, Agent Special Agent Ezekiel Herod knows the game well, but he s never played it quite like this before.Rainer Bryssengur is only a professor of English and Ezekiel doesn t expect to gain any insight from him into his case, only to cross him off the list as a person of interest Then he meets him and gets a glimpse behind the carefully crafted mask Rainer wears every day to the monster he is at heart Which one of us is the liar Sometimes even a psychopathic serial killer gets tired of killing people and that s where Rainer is when Ezekiel walks into his office and stirs things up The serial killer the media has dubbed The Lamplighter has been dormant because Rainer s heart just isn t in it any But Ezekiel presents him with a new opportunity, a challenge a game Rainer sees in him the perfect adversary.They re alike than either of them suspect and soon Ezekiel gets pulled in deeper than he thought possible, past the point of no return Which one of us isn t That s the real question.

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In depth, different review on the blog. Heed tags.ontopdownunderbookreviews/Holy crap. This book was something else and everything I wanted and needed. It saved me from my current reading ennui - I totally relate to your thoughts, Rainer. I hate being bored. A big thank you to J.L. Aarne. I had never heard of this author before this book but now I'll be going on a crazed reading spree of their other books, waiting impatiently for book #2 in this series. The following points will either make you [...]

Please hold for stupid fangirl moment…OMFG! SO GOOD!There. I’m done with that now. Thank you for your patience.I snagged this book the second it became available (I may or may not gleefully stalk J.L. Aarne’s writing). I started reading it that same night and could not put it down. It opens with a bang that lets you, the reader, know exactly what you’re getting into. If people complain about that then they need to be slapped because reading past the first chapter despite all the red flag [...]

This sounds amazing. Why haven't any of my GR friends read it? D: Dem reviews!edit: OH, IT'S BCUZ THE KINDLE VERSION IS $7.81 CDN.

Well, I feel like I have had my world turned upside down after reading this book. Unlike anything I have read before, this is a twisted, dark, intensely intriguing tale that is refreshing in its unpredictability and shocking in its approach. Rainer and Ezekiel are complex men, supported by characters that are absolutely essential to the story, and their relationship development is a glorious mix of slow burn, UST and explosive resolution! It opens with a bang and keeps this level going throughou [...]

4.3 StarsI'd have rated this a bit higher were it not for that cliffhanger. I could see it coming when I got to about 80% and there was no clear resolution on the horizon and I started to get a bit frustrated. That definitely impacted my enjoyment because up until that point (were Ezekiel goes off the reservation and not only cheats but lies, gas-lighting an already mentally fragile Jacob) I was in absolute hog heaven. Even with the murder and the mindfuckery going on between the killer and the [...]

Super dark, terribly twisted, but so frickin good.

Wow. just wow, that book was a freaking surprise I still can't believe it.The first chapter of this was definitely a hard slap in the face, I felt all the hair in my arms raise, my breathing slowed and I just stared dumbfounded. I wasn't prepared for this. Damn, I never read anything like this and I was just about to drop it, thank heavens I didn't because this book is magnificent, brilliant! I loved it so damn much.I had a book coma afterwards and I swear it took awhile for me to start reading [...]

imagine hannibal, but gay. might have been 5 stars but i felt like it was a tad too long and could be benefited from some cutting out of unnecessary scenes, and the paranormal aspect felt somewhat underdeveloped and out-of-place. a+ characters though.

5 STARSOK, so that was hard core, but an excellent ride. I’ve had an amazing run with books but I discovered J.L. Aarne a few months ago but only read one book. It was book one of the Dale Bruyer series. So I read books #2 & #3 this week and I found them excellent too, they’re very distinctive in nature. Then realised I’d been recommended I Hear They Burn for Murder a few weeks back as I was already reading some of J.L Aarne's other work. I really, really like the writing style. The im [...]

Right. HOLY SHIT!I don't think I'd ever be the same person again after reading this. This is some seriously disturbing stuff over here. It's sickening and intriguing and mindfuckingly amazing on so many levels I can't even begin to unpack it. It keeps me hanging by a thread until the very last page. It also makes me seriously question about my own morale compass because I found it really, really good. It started out simple, really. I got bored, stumbled upon this book, skimmed the blurb, downloa [...]

A great book with some amazing characters and great prose.The only thing keeping this away from a five star rating was the inclusion of shifters (which surprised me, it was not hinted in the description) which felt sort of out of place. Why were there shifters? It contributed nothing to the story. In fact, the story wouldn't change with an all-human cast. Even the characters would work perfectly as humans - sure, some past background bits would change, but it's still manageable with humans. Mayb [...]

A serial killer as a love interest??! I cannot wait to start this one!

J.L. Aarne is officially now my favorite author. Wow, another perfect, well written masterpiece!

4.5* rounded up to 5* because oh boy, oh boy, how much I enjoyed it!This story was something I most certainly did not expect. It's dark, it's shocking (and I have read shocking), it's captivating and it leaves you wanting more. So good, but oh, so wrong. The relationships are twisted and the characters leave you wide-eyed at first, but then you learn to love them. You don't often find yourself enamoured with serial killers Several of them ;)The only element I'm not sure I like is the supernatura [...]

This book has a cliffhanger and the next book is no where in sight.

This book literally took on an emotional roller-coaster, I was tempted to just put it down and try to push some images from my mind at many instances but somehow I couldn't. I just had to read through it, because the premise was sort of original and so interesting, so I carried on, I forced myself to read through some parts that I honestly felt repulsed by but still saw the importance of. The author let us delve into the mind of a psychopathic serial killer, and didn't sugarcoat anything, and to [...]

*************Spoilers************This literally a monster of a book.It has a morally challenged FBI agent who is in bed with a serial killer,an FBI agent who is a serial killer,it has mild cannibalism,it has rampant incest between siblings.It has cheating.Can you cheat on the brother that you have been sexually faithful to for over a hundred years?It is confusing ,it is frustrating,it is dark.It takes the myth of the were-creature to new creepy heights.It has an open ending.

WHOA!!! That was Awesome, Amazing, Fascinating, Unpredictable. Just Damn Good. Anxiously waiting for the next.

Oh my oh my! I'll say, the characters are very unique. This is my first time reading about a character who is an active psychopath and treats murder like doing groceries. And they were talking about the killings over food so casually like it's the most common thing. But I like that the narrator, or the POV did not sway the readers in any way and we are left to decide on our own how we feel about it. The shifter thing came out of no where, but it was elegantly done subtly, which was great. It's n [...]

This book was good but dark. It had the squeamish factor with some of the murder descriptions but it was good. This story plot didn't really go where I thought it was going, yes there was the cat and mouse game between the murderer and detective, that game where the murderer plays to the police "come and catch me" but the detective seems to come embroiled into the murderers psyche. There was incest, graphic violence and sex basically a handful of the extreme. Some of the characters were werewolv [...]

Where is the sequel? Where is it? There better be one.This one was dark, crazy, well written and once again, dark.I didn't like two things:1. Switching points of view in the same scene is wrong and annoying. No author should do that, cause that's the easy way out.2. I didn't like the fact that the two main characters are basically ass holes. There should always be at least one guy to cheer for. I thought one of them was, but not really.Anyway, I couldn't put this book down. Great cast of charact [...]

From the blurb, I expected an FBI crime/mystery thriller with a dark, twisted romance with a similar dynamic to Will and Hannibal from the Hannibal TV show. The story is a page turner for the first few chapters, but after the 30% mark (specifically after Rainer's attempt to get Ezekiel's attention) it starts to drag. There were a ton of scenes that repeat the same information that I already know, and long dialogue sequences about food that don't contribute to anything. Where were the crime solvi [...]

Every time I try to put into words exactly why I love this book, I fail miserably. Basically, it has everything I enjoy: twisted characters, a couple with crazy chemistry but it's complicated-type of thing, and humor. Ahhhh each day waiting on the sequel feels like forever.

I need book 2 ._.

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