Doctor Who: Lucifer Rising

Andy Lane Jim Mortimore

Doctor Who: Lucifer Rising

Doctor Who: Lucifer Rising

  • Title: Doctor Who: Lucifer Rising
  • Author: Andy Lane Jim Mortimore
  • ISBN: 9780426203889
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Mass Market

This new series of original novels takes up where the TV series left off Novels published in 1992 demonstrated the scope of this series, from all action space adventure to psychological thriller to mythic fantasy All stories feature the Seventh Doctor and his new companion Bernice Summerfield.

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From fans that killed the programme comes a load of unreadable dribble. Because nearly all of the people who were fans and now writers of this garbage are name checked with little sly jokes that you feel like an outsider. Their is no originality here. Small bitesize paragraphs that jump from one event to the next that miss saliant plot, in fact there are a number of missing plot elements as though they have failed to communicate when laying down the storylineAvoid at all costs, fan written trash [...]

I’m glad I decided to re-read this one. It’s an impressive debut from two writers who’d go on to stamp their mark on Doctor Who fiction, an impressive New Adventure and – most remarkably – an impressive sci-fi novel in its own right.There’s a real confidence about this one and, with hindsight, the markings of the tropes which made Mortimore and Lane such impressive writers of solo works. Here, we see Mortimore’s ability to pack a real emotional punch within a genuinely epic story o [...]

Despite the constant scene-shifting and abundant action, it still managed to be kind of boring. There were a whole host of local characters that could've been interesting, but I think their initial introduction was too revealing and subsequently I felt like there wasn't much else to discover about them. They ended up feeling kind of pointless, which wasn't helped by the plethora of characters who showed up and were instantly killed off while the main set went about their business. Ace's change o [...]

Lucifer Rising is everything the previous book in the series (Deceit) was not -- exciting, interesting, coherent -- and it has a much better handle than that book did on the older version of Ace who returns to the TARDIS after three years of fighting in the Dalek Wars. One of the darker NA books I've read so far, it puts a nice twist on the well-worn 'The Doctor keeps his companions in the dark' thing that was so prominent during the Seventh Doctor era. I really enjoyed this one, and it's renewe [...]

This is a solid New Adventures story, and a considerable improvement on some of the titles that preceded it. I particularly enjoyed how the story changed pace, switching from what appeared to be a Whodunit-in-space at first to a much more complex, hard sci-fi story as the novel progressed. The characterisations of the Doctor and Ace felt very believable, with both characters showing part of their on-screen persona coupled with the extra heft they have been given by the New Adventures in the seri [...]

This is either a very cleverly plotted story or a confused mess. I remember thinking that much the first time around; nothing has changed in the interim. There are some seriously good plus points here: - the concious nod to using time-travel to visit certain specific places, and then finding out that your actions are indeed responsible for things that happen later;- the nods to hard SF likeRendezvous with Rama where the alien technology is properly alien and all the humans do is fail to understa [...]

I really enjoyed this one. It was conceptually really interesting with the gas giant and the Angels and the weird alien tech moon set up. Very imaginative world build. Very bizarre and thought provoking. The story itself was a lot of the little man versus the mega-corporation kind of thing that seems to be a theme in the Virgin New Adventures, especially the last couple. The author does an excellent job of drawing you into the characters lives. You get to know their motivations and foibles. He g [...]

Because the book doesn't come with a trigger warning, please note: it does contain a scene with an attempted rape, as well as a scene where a rape is vaguely described. It seems these were thrown in for the sole purpose of showing the readers how bad a particular character was. If that's the best a writer can do to bring across that a character is a shitty person, it's time for some writing workshops.That said, here's my review:Fantastic space thriller. The cast, while very large, is nevertheles [...]

One of the better New Adventures, this was a welcome shift in tone after a number of overly dark and gritty installments in the series (Transit, The Pit, and Deceit) that I tried and skipped. Lucifer Rising starts off as a murder mystery, and gets intriguingly complicated from there, with enough solid twists to keep you guessing throughout. On the character front, the supporting cast is particularly well-developed, and there are also some interesting developments with the Doctor-Ace relationship [...]

While Lucifer Rising gets points simply for not being Deceit and beginning with a strong first half, I found it to suffer under the weight of so many named characters, antagonists that show up too late into the book and its own length. Ace getting her chance to be a (view spoiler)[grand manipulator is a great idea, but the Doctor lamenting how manipulating others has stained his soul was just silly, as is treating the Doctor personally killing an antagonist a big, shocking moment. This Doctor se [...]

New Adventure (NA) with Benny and Ace, and a powerful!Doctor (a bit too so, as he then has to make ridiculous mistakes). Well written at first, although all the gross stuff is laughably unresearched and un-thought through. Unfortunately, after chapter 8 (presumably where the editor stopped) it's an unfocused, malicious, amateurish mess--pointlessly meandering, silly, non-sensical, and often stupid, like a movie made by a teenager. On a personal level--and typical for Doctor Who original novels-- [...]

nwhytevejournal/1572064mlRather a good Seventh Doctor story, with Ace returning to the Doctor/Benny setup, and mysterious and murderous goings-on in orbit around the planet Lucifer, but in a setting invoking many of the more space operatic Who stories - particular shout-outs to Colony in Space and Caves of Androzani, but various others are also referenced. Lots of incidental characters who almost all get decent treatment (in narrative terms). We also have the reunion of the Doctor and Benny with [...]

Reads like an episode, except that the writer doesn't want people thinking that, so he adds a lot of sub-plot and it just drags the story down. Most of the cast is uninteresting and the bad guys that show up at the 3/4 mark are even less interesting.The three leads and there relationships are well done, the setting it cool and 'Legion' is a very clever take on aliens.If they'd just shaved off a lot of the personal angst and sub-plots this would have been a solid story. For trying too hard, it on [...]

I quite enjoyed this one Mostly due to well written characters and the fleshing out of future history. The plot was a little less exciting, but I'm finding there's more continuity in the New Adventures books than the TV series and it makes it easier to judge the series as a whole as you move along rather than individual books Although some of the writers clearly have a better way with words than others.

A properly epic "Doctor Who" novel, that luxuriates in its extra-long page count, and keeps a taut, gripping storyline going with much pace & style. This is a hard, violent, devious world that the novel presentsbut it never once feels as if it tips into maudlin, overwrought bilge. It's also a fabulous example of what two authors can produce when they're firing on all cylinders.

Started out well, with a good introduction to the characters and an interesting scenario playing out, however further in to the book I felt it suffered from too many divergent stories for each character, none of which seemed to cohere. Despite being all over the place, the prose was eloquent.

Part murder mystery, part space exploration epic, a decent book. More conflict between Ace and the Doctor, with Bernice caught in between as events unfold.

Generally strong writing with strong characters and a nice murder to kick things off. The action-adventure that ends the story goes a bit long, but is still OK.

Epic space adventure, Ace getting to be not the most likeable character, an interesting development.

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