Murder by Family: The Incredible True Story of a Son's Treachery and a Father's Forgiveness


Murder by Family: The Incredible True Story of a Son's Treachery and a Father's Forgiveness

Murder by Family: The Incredible True Story of a Son's Treachery and a Father's Forgiveness

  • Title: Murder by Family: The Incredible True Story of a Son's Treachery and a Father's Forgiveness
  • Author: KentWhitaker
  • ISBN: 9781416578130
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

Kent Whitaker s story of how an unknown assailant opened fire on his entire family, killing his wife and teenaged son, and how his heart wrenching decision to forgive begins a journey toward redemption and faith when he discovers that the one responsible for the attack is his other son.

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I picked up the book after seeing the '48 Hours' episode on television. While the story is heartbreaking, the book is hopeful. Kent Whitaker manages to relate the murder of his wife and younger son while leaning heavily upon his faith in God. His older son choreographed these murders, hoping to include his father as one of the dead. Instead, his father survives to tell an amazing tale of forgiveness.His writing is exceptional. I was certain that there must be a ghostwriter who would be acknowled [...]

remarkable story of a guy whose wife and son were murdered [and the author was shot and nonfatally wounded] in a contract hit arranged by his other son. The son who hired his friends to kill the family is now on death row. The book mostly concerns the father's Christian faith and his decision to forgive the mudering son. The story itself is gripping. The writing is just ok. One limitation is that the author was unaware how resentful his son had become [and unaware that the son wasn't enrolled in [...]

I had several issues with this book. Kent Whitaker is in denial, was before the killing and still is after the killing. His son was forced to live a double life because if you were not perfect and were living the idea life style then you were an outcast. You can feel it throughout the whole book.This is a horrific act and his sugar coating the whole thing disgusted me. I felt an unfeeling Kent but forgiving man. I keep trying to figure out, just who is he trying to look good for?

What a terrible self centered guy this author is! I knew of this story because I had read Savage Son by Corey Mitchell and I had decided to give this guy a fair chance because Corey Mithcellwas not a fan.Well I am not a fan either. At first while reading the first thing that I thought was remarkable and weird was that the author hardly mentioned his wife's death.He was so busy showing how good he is,look at me! I am such a real believer,I can even forgive my son for killing my youngest son and m [...]

I applaud Kent Whitaker for undertaking this book, and recognize and respect the difficulty that he had in its writing, and toeing that line between support of his son, forgiveness, and navigating a path through healingEVER, I struggled with whether I could give this book 2 stars. I read it in less than 24 hours as it was written as a very low reading level. Normally a book (whether fiction or memoir) is written with some semblance of chronology (even if the book jumps around a lot, you can tell [...]

I picked up this book because of its forgiveness theme. Although I do not totally agree with this man's theology, I found his journey toward forgiveness and the rotton core of his son fascinating. The son was said to always wear a "mask." I wonder if he got that from the father. It felt as if the author was not totally honest with the reader or himself--but who could be in his situation? He also seemed very careful to put himself in the best light. I also felt that they were both trapped in a ve [...]

This true story is chilling. I read the book in a single gulp because quite frankly I couldn't stop. I don't feel that I could fully comprehend what the author was saying underneath the words on the page and I didn't understand why the horrific events at the core of the book had to happen at all. Maybe nobody knows. To me, it seemed like an incredibly sad waste of life, but the author is a man of immense faith and forgiveness and the lessons he teaches are powerful and rare. I'm glad I read this [...]

This was the first book that hooked me from the beginning. I read about 100 pages in 1 dat. It was so interesting and had a few unexpected moments. Towards the part with the trial, I wasn't so hooked because I knew what the result of the trial already was. This book is about a tragic story that was able to be turned around into a fathers forgiveness, Gods help in healing and how a troubled son started to believe in God. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

This book was not what I had expected. A memoir of a mans very moving and sad story of his son's plot to kill his family which ended in success. What was so moving was how his faith in God allowed him to forgive his son for taking away the people he loved the most. The only criticism I have is I wish he had talked more about the power of forgiveness. Also, the counselor in me would have liked to know more about the sons upbringing that would have led him to this disastrous ending.

This was a true story of two sons in a family. One son was leading a double life and was extremely mixed up. I read the book in one day. To me it was unbeliveable or incredible how no one in the family knew how he felt all those years. It held my interest. I was very impressed with the attitude of the Father.

A story of a man that chose to forgive the one that murdered his wife and youngest son, only to find out later it was his oldest son Bart, that organized the whole thing. Kent writes about his story and his sons trial in this true story. Bart is now serving time on Texas death row.

I really liked this book, because it is a real life story set in my hometown in sugar land. What is amazing about the book is Kent Whitaker's forgiveness of his son, and what he shares about his faith and how it brought him through this terrible ordeal.

This is a true story about a young man who struggled with who he was for many years, hiding behind a false bravado and envy, no self-esteem and decided to do away with his family because of this and his father's forgiveness.

This was great book about forgiveness. If you are having trouble with that aspect of your life, read this!!

saw this family on Oprah and want to read the story

I read this book in one sitting, it was that gripping, Any true account of children killing family members is especially horrific. Whitaker the father writes the account as if he is currently living the experience. He captures the emotional strain of an incredible situation, first thinking his whole family has been shot to death, then wondering about the rumors of his son's involvement. Now as the lone family member he must be his son's advocate even though his heart is crushed. Whitaker is hone [...]

This is a very easy, quick read. The essence of this book isn't in event detail but in the depth of a heart, in the act of forgiveness and in the belief that all things are by God and for his glory alone.I was crying a I read the last two chapters as my own heart was heavy with wonder. Could I ever love and forgive in such as way as this author did? Because I can relate so closely to the following words from one of the pages, this thought stuck with me throughout the entire book: "Our Absalom ha [...]

Just read same story by a different author, Corey Mitchell, called Savage Son, and each one presents details that complement each other. Corey's book detailed that the restaurant they all went to that night was Pappadeaux, whereas Mr. Whitaker glosses over that, but mentions that he had 50-100 friends and made a myriad of God references throughout.

This was an amazing book of forgiveness. I found it amazing that this man's faith would help carry him to forgive those who had killed his wife and son before he knew who the killer's were.en when he found out who the killers were, that forgiveness in his heart stayed.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. Overall a really good book even if it was sad. Just an example of how a father's belief in forgiveness and faith in God never diminished even through unbelievable circumstances.

This book is very intriguing and helps to flesh out the truth from the sensational way this story was reported by the media. It would appear that Kent really didn't know his son at all. He can't really fill us in on why Bart wanted his family dead. However, the excessive Christianity and superficial materialistic suburban milieu may explain partly why Bart became so alienated, but it doesn't explain the murders.To me Bart was clearly mentally ill, but undiagnosed and untreated despite the early [...]

Murder by Family by Kent Whitaker is an unbelievable story of betrayal and forgiveness. What would you do if someone killed your spouse and child, shooting you as well? Could you forgive? Could you do it if you found out that it was your other child? Kent Whitaker faced just that dilemma. Returning home one night after celebrating his eldest son Bart's graduation from college, his life changed forever. He heard a shot when younger son Kevin walked into the house, another as his wife stepped forw [...]

Based on a true story, Murder by Family is a jaw dropping story of a son’s grave decision solely driven by greed and hatred. Narrated by the author himself, Kent Whitaker puts the reader in his shoes when life throws him a major curveball. Limits are tested as Whitaker’s very own foundation is shaken when tragedy hits his family.This book takes the reader through the author’s thought process as his life is ripped apart by a thief in the night. Religion being his cornerstone, Whitaker put h [...]

This is a true story written by a father whose grown son arranges to have him, his wife and youngest son murdered. Only the author survived, and he recounts his story of the aftermath, how he came to understand that his son was responsible, and how he forgave him.Unfortunately, like so many books with a Christian theme, this one felt sanitized of raw human emotion. I did get a good sense of the strength of his faith after the fact, but I didn't really get a good sense of the author's actual stru [...]

Faith in god is a powerful thing. Kent's love and belief in God is so strong that it allowed him to do what many people would not be able to do to forgive the murderer of his son and wife. The murderer was his very own first born son Bart. The crime itself is unthinkable. A son Bart who tried twice before successing, to kill his family. Bart was struggling with many internal demons. It was a very sad story. My heart really went out for Kent and all that he has had to endure. I have admiration fo [...]

Coming from a graduation, an intruder was in Kevin's and Tania's house. The intruder fires 4 shots and kills Tania and Kevin. once the intruder ran off the investigators take a while to find the person. Burt is the first to see who killed the family members.Its very suspenseful because it takes over 4 months to find the killer. The father doesn't sleep, or eat until the killer is found. He is still in shock of what happened to his sons.I didn't like this book, it didn't give much detail of what [...]

First, let me say that this "story" is a tragedy.My neighbor loaned me this book because it is about a family whose house is across the street from me. My neighbor (and friend) happened to be very good friends with the family, especially the mother Trish. Unfortunately, this is a heartbreaking true story. I only gave it a three star rating because of my "feelings". This is not a reflection on the author's writing. It is pretty well written for a non-writer.There is a section where the father sta [...]

I love true stories and trying to understand people's minds and actions. I did not know or expect the book to be about the dad's Christian faith and how he forgave his son for such a heinous crime. Interestingly, as a Christian woman, I was challenged by this man's ability to continually hope for his sick son. To understand that the dad was looking at the big picture and how eternal life might be accessible to his son, is where I had to try and get my mind to go in order to wrap my brain around [...]

i heard about this book from an episode of oprah and after hearing about what it was about i automatically had to read it. it was about a boy who paid his best friend to kill him and his family. when they returned home after his graduation dinner his friend was in the house and shot his mother first then his brother next his father and finally him. sadly his mother and brother automatically died. luckly him and his father survived. when his father was recovering in the hospital he prayed to god [...]

The story itself is gripping; the writing in the book is just OK. A family of four is attacked by a gunman one evening upon returning home from a family dinner. The mother and younger son are killed; the father and older son just injured. The father decides in the hospital to forgive the murderer -- whoever he may be -- and later learns that his own son (the injured one) plotted the whole thing. The book is very religious in nature as the father discusses how he was able to forgive despite losin [...]

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