The Burning Tide

Jonathan Auxier

The Burning Tide

The Burning Tide

  • Title: The Burning Tide
  • Author: Jonathan Auxier
  • ISBN: 9780545876971
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

A jaw dropping adventure from the New York Times bestselling series is here.Long before humans walked the land, it came to Erdas Wicked, patient, and hungry, it has slept beneath the surface of the world Now the Wyrm is awakening.Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan are four heroes who are split between worlds, braving separate paths in order to stop this evil With a strangA jaw dropping adventure from the New York Times bestselling series is here.Long before humans walked the land, it came to Erdas Wicked, patient, and hungry, it has slept beneath the surface of the world Now the Wyrm is awakening.Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan are four heroes who are split between worlds, braving separate paths in order to stop this evil With a strange and unlikely new group of allies behind them, the young guardians have a real chance at saving their home but they will have to move fast.An ancient trap exists, hidden within the folds of Erdas itself Though it has the power to end this war for good, the means of starting the trap have been lost The young heroes only have one shot They must work with their spirit animals to uncover a secret older than time If they can t, then everything will be consumed.

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Mini Review: It’s nice to see this series finally come to an end. As much as I have enjoyed it, I am glad it has wrapped up so well. It’s been a fun journey reading this series over the years!Jonathan Auxier did a fantastic job, as I thought he would. I read his novel, The Night Gardener, and loved it, so I was really pleased to hear he would be the author finishing out this series. Auxier did a great job writing the characters and capturing their personalities. I feel like he got Rollan’s [...]

Wow what a ride! I think the creators of this series wanted to create a roller coaster ride of a series and this book was the hairpin turn section! I really enjoyed the series as a whole and this book in particular. Going from one adventure to another was masterfully done. Another great book and series finished.

I was shocked by the ending! When the Wyrm linked to Zerif and they became all powerful! But as soon as the warm entered Zerif's body, Zerif realized that the Wyrm was a horrible thing. He tried to fight it like how Meilin had to fight the Bile. Abel influenced Serif to fight it and for the good of Erdas, Zerif jumped off of a cliff and into a pool of lava. After he and the Wyrm died, all the spirit animals that Zerif stole were reunited to their rightful partners. All except Urawa who ran away. [...]

Spirit animals by Jonathan Auxier has to be one of the bests books in the world of reading, it includes an awesome cast (Connor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan) these are four characters that split up between their worlds and search for only the most coolest, strongest, most charming animals that fit their personality, not only do these animals play a big role in helping these characters but they show the characters vividly in strength, speed, and charisma. As the characters arrive at the place of De [...]

I really love the Spirit Animals series as a whole. I agree with many others that it should have ended with the original 7 book run, but these books have been satisfying for more so far. That said, I've got some problems with The Burning Tide. The story picks up immediately after The Return. (view spoiler)[Abeke has lost Uraza and Connor is falling further under the Wyrm's control.(hide spoiler)]Everything that I liked in The Return (the pacing, characterization, and plot) was gone in Burning Ti [...]

The messages of this book seem to come together and say: Trust others, evil people are not always as evil as they seem; do this and fight through loss and you will win. The first chapter is an interesting prelude to all the Spirit Animals books, speaking of the birth of the Great Beasts and the Wyrm's beginning.I love the Redcloaks! They're interesting and their story is intriguing. They -almost- seem better than a usual spirit animal bond because they don't lose their strength by an animal's de [...]

fantasy series for primary school aged children. Certainly suggest making the effort to read them in order, otherwise the large cast paired with their spirit animals gets a bit much. Great series, in the vein of Beast Quest but more sophisticated. The paramount quality of the many authors is what makes it great. I love Auxier, but there are also works by Maggie Stiefvater, Victoria Schwab, Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, Marie Lu and more. Plus, there's a video game that goes with the series.

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Is this the end of the series or just the beginning of a new era? I am ready for the series to end and this final battle against the Wyrm would serve nicely as an ending.

Really Good

What am I supposed to do now that this is all over? I'll admit I had the sads when I closed the cover. Good ending but I loved the spirit animals world.

This is a fun series to read with my 8 year old.

A great ending to a great series. The wrap-up felt a bit short, but otherwise I loved it.

"SPIRIT ANIMALS" IS NOT A CONCEPT FOR NON-NATIVE PEOPLE TO TAKE.The title and blurb alone are incredibly racist and appropriate Native cultures. It's never ok for spirit animals to be used in this way. They're sacred to many Native peoples. Something a lot of Native people won't even talk about among themselves/ourselves because it's so sacred and private. For this series to even mention spirit animals is offensive, let alone ENCOURAGE KIDS TO ROLE PLAY HAVING A SPIRIT ANIMAL. Don't pick up this [...]

As Erdas' heroes prepare for war against the Wyrm, Meilin, Rollan, Abeke, and Connor are split by rocks and ocean, struggling to stay alive. Backed by the "Redcloaks," Rollan and Abeke are above the ground, sailing across the ocean to find one of two things that can stop the Wyrm, while Meilin and Connor are looking for the other, but without their guide. The Many have overrun the underground tunnels, Connor has been infected, and Abeke doesn't have her spirit animal, Uraza, with her. Jonathan A [...]

finally the conclusion at last! it went in a direction I wasn't expecting, but it was still well written. he takes the perspective of rollan and abeke the majority of the time and normally I would be frustrated with that cause I like seeing what's happening on both sides. however, I think the author did fine with it because the surface is where the main climax and conflict is going on. he kept the plot rolling and the ending was perfect. loved it :)

It was awesome and I can't wait for book five of Fall of the beasts !

It was a joy to read this series. I really liked how much character there was is this book. In all of the others, too.I think that the Spirit Animals producers ought to stop here. This is a good place to stop.Spirit Animals for the win! :)Looking back a while later: I have no idea what part of your review even MEANS, kid.

I honestly really liked the book, though it was short. I thought it was a great way to end off the series. Though I didn't like how the reformed Shane had to be killed by Uraza. I would have preferred if he lived. Otherwise I liked the sudden change of Zerif and how the Wurm was defeated and everyone got their spirit animals back.

The Wyrm is awakening and Conner, Abeke, Meilen, and Rollan are split between two worlds in order to stop the evil awakening. A strange and unlikely new group of allies to help them and have a chance of saving their home but if they don't move fast, their homes will be gone forever.

A brilliant ending to the extended series . . . but why add 4 more books though to this "second series" why not another/a third one (yeah because of the fans of the books why this is getting the treatment of The 39 Clues, extend until the fans grew tired of it + short stories/spin-offs).

really good and fun

The ending was the best part.

3.5 starsIt was fine, but the ending felt really rushed

I have really enjoyed this whole series and I really think that this author did a wonderful job finishing the series up.

A great ending to the series!

I love books

I loved this book

Spoiler Alert!Everybody infected that is alive (except for Zerif) gets un-infected if u know what I mean, of course!

Every book in series has kept story line fresh with adventure. Author Auxier lives up to the task.

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