The Princess and the Dragon

Audrey Wood

The Princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon

  • Title: The Princess and the Dragon
  • Author: Audrey Wood
  • ISBN: 9780859537162
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, who knows what will happen This is suitable for discussion of preconceptions and gender roles.

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This is one of my favorite children's books ever. I loved this when I was little. Everyone I have introduced it to loves it too.

For Jacque's AwardLevel: Early transitionalCurricular Use: Independent or shared ReadingTopic: Untraditional fairy tale, untraditional princess and dragonSocial: no being happy with your life and wanting someone else's, trading lives with someone else, not wanting to be a "girly girl", not wanting to be the villianLiterary Elements: Humor (no one notices when the dragon and the princess trade places even though the dragon still looks like a dragon), irony (the princess acts like a princess and t [...]

Okay kids story about a princess who is very rude, and a dragon who is very poised and proper. When the dragon refuses to kidnap the princess, they instead decide to switch places, with the dragon playing the part of the princess, and the princess living wild in a cave.Obviously no-one even notices the switch, they are just glad that their princess is suddenly so well behaved.The story is told in bold writing, but then the things that the characters say are written in bubbles within the pictures [...]

Once upon a time there was a princess who acts like an animal. She was impolite to everyone. whereas a dragon which lives in a cave on high mountain was very polite and sweet. The princess wanted to change her position with the dragon. After that, the dragon received lots of love from all people, but the princess got to change like a dragon. Recently there are lots of children who not follow their parent's word. Chilren can learn the courtesy and polite manner from this book.

A book about a princess who is very rude and mean, and a dragon who is very poised and sweet. They switch places and makes the world happier. You can talk about how stereotypes are not correct. Also touch on children who misbehave. I thought this book was kind of funny, however I didn't like how the rude princess was happy in the end after they switched places. I would rather have her learn her lesson by being nicer.

This book is about a princess who wants to be a dragon, and a dragon who wants to be a princess. Although the book is good at highlighting that it's ok to be something different to what we are expected to be, I feel like the author could have covered that aspect a bit more in the story.All in all the book is enjoyable and a good read.

-a book that puts a twist on the thought of a princess and a dragon-the true princess acts like a dragon, and the dragon acts like a princess, so they switch places-they enjoy their switch because earlier they were always looked upon with stereotypes-shows another perspective of the dragon and princess

3.75 StarsOh what a fun and silly book! The Princesses likes to be a messy life and the dragon wants to have pomp and circumstancesey switch places and oh the fun they have!Fun pictures fun stories! Fun!!

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