How to Hug a Teenage Porcupine

John Lewis Lund

How to Hug a Teenage Porcupine

How to Hug a Teenage Porcupine

  • Title: How to Hug a Teenage Porcupine
  • Author: John Lewis Lund
  • ISBN: 1591565960
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Audio CD

Dr John Lund likes to remind people that they either married their biggest test in life or they gave birth to it This all new, three part seminar is designed to help parents get past the test of raising teenagers Dr Lund draws on his extensive background as a marriage and family mediator, as well as his experience of surviving his own eight teenagers, to deliver practiDr John Lund likes to remind people that they either married their biggest test in life or they gave birth to it This all new, three part seminar is designed to help parents get past the test of raising teenagers Dr Lund draws on his extensive background as a marriage and family mediator, as well as his experience of surviving his own eight teenagers, to deliver practical information and real solutions And of course, he uses humor to drive home his message For example, he reminds parents that nagging teenagers is much like trying to teach a pig how to sing it doesn t work and it irritates the pig

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Life changer.

A delightful series of several talks integrated onto 4 CDs 1. The Art of Parenting2. Five Governing Values of Teens3. Dealing with Noncompliant TeensThe author not only has broad experience with, but understands how teens think, and how to interact with them. I have only captured a few of his points, but he was kind enough to say what he was going to say, say it, and then summarize, so here are a few things that I learned.Teens and parents have different values. Teen values: Fun, Friends, Freedo [...]

This is a gem of an audio book, full of great parenting advice patterned after the gospel of Jesus Christ. I felt the information was applicable for any stage of parenting. Useful insights for the whole range of childhood personalities- from compliant to rebellious. A great reminder to keep perspective and to use encouragement, invitations and enticement to develop good decision-making in our children, while avoiding force, which is Satan's tactic.

I can never get enough of this book on cd. I try every day to be a good mom and this book is helpful to me. I need to remember to have an I love you program that is separate from an I trust you program. Although this is geared toward teenagers, there are so many applicable things to my minis.

listened to this on CD. I will want to listen to it again when my kids get older. It's helpful to think about in advance, especially when you realize you have some kids that are different than the others and you'll have to parent them differently. "You can't full fill the Lord's program in the Devil's way" is a central thought in the talks. And it helps not with just teenagers but anyone in your life who is "prickly" or toxic or hard to get along with. You cannot base your happiness on other peo [...]

I thought this would help me with one child, but realized it's another child that needs this more! Great tips for any age children!

This isn't a book on CD but rather a set of three talks. I wish it were a book also so I could go through and highlight it and make notes! I also think every parent should listen to this.I first read How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing With Toxic & Difficult to Love Personalities, hoping it would have information about teenagers, but it doesn't have much. These CDs were exactly what they claim to be, plus many more ideas and parenting concepts than just getting along with teenagers. The principl [...]

I listened to this cd at least twice already, but some it 4 times & I look forward to listening to it again! I think it should be required reading for every parent! I sure wish I had heard it back years ago. It's really right on target as it discusses how to deal with children, even young ones that just don't WANT to do what's "right". It puts agency into a lot better light so that as parents we can not take that agency away from our little ones& then later as they become bigger ones It' [...]

I love this CD. Though it is given to an LDS audience there is not a whole lot of LDS ideas in it so people of all faiths or no faith can get something out of it. I've starting using some of the ideas from it and found they are helping a LOT. The only reason I haven't given it a 5 is that I would like a little more practical ideas on how to set boundaries when dealing with a child who is not compliant and how to talk with a teen when negotiating those boundaries.

I love, love, love this cd collection. It is a parenting guide that will change your life if you have teenagers. This is my 3rd time listening to it (hmmmI have 3 teenagers.). The way John Lund conveys ideas and thoughts is insightful and hilarious. I routinely remember his recommendations and try to put them into action in our lives. Definitely a must-listen (it is a series of talks) if you have a teenager from mouthy to one who is in serious trouble. Love it.

Why didn't I listen to this audiobook a couple of years ago? John Lund's principles, derived from his years working with troubled youth, gave me as much comfort as instruction. He has helped me to replace worry with faith, and to recognize the need to let go of the idea that a parent is responsible for everything. This book was a huge blessing to me at this particular point in my life, but I do wish I had encountered it earlier.

This is actually a series of spiritual yet humorous lectures given by John Lund. Thankfully, I do not have toxic teenagers in my home, so much of what he talked about didn't apply, but I still learned a lot. I especially gained from the second lecture, which talks about core teen and parental motivations being in opposition to each other. 3.5 stars.

This 3-part seminar is excellent for parents with all kinds of teens. I found Dr. Lund's insights to be both humorous and helpful. I have added some of his suggestions to my parenting strategies and found them to be valuable. A recommended listen for any LDS parent who wants to have a better relationship with their teen, as well as more effective, meaningful communication and discipline.

You don't have to have rotten teenagers to thoroughly benefit from listening to these lectures. They contain great information and advise on parenting (or other kinds of relationships). I also enjoyed the fact that his approach is centered on gospel principles and doctrines. No need to go looking for any other parenting book when teachings are based on eternal truth.

I learned what it is to be an "emotionally healthy parent" and what "emotionally healthy teens" are. I also find it humorous that teens and grandparents do have a lot in common; friends, fun, and freedom! They also like to live in the present, and enjoy their privacy. = ] I am so glad Dr. Lund chose to share his knowledge and experiences in this enlightening book!

A FABULOUS CD! I have been taking copious notes from this series of lectures by Dr. Lund during my latest listening. I am grateful to hear from someone whose children have already been through the teen years as I enter this new stage of life. I should probably purchase my own copy rather than hogging the library's! :) I absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

This book was interesting in the sense that it helped identify the different values held by parents and teens, and how the conflict between them is the root of many relationship issues. I felt the first part of the book was great, then it got a little repetitive, and then it focused on the really bad kids and their issues which didn't really apply to me--thank goodness! A worthwhile read!

Lund has such a great and positive way of helping you do your best as a parent without squashing your child's spirit, even though sometimes it feels like that might be the easier way to deal with it. :)

Dr. Lund does a great job of explaining what the values of teenagers are in contrast to those of parents and gives many examples and ideas for how to deal with these differences! He is easy to listen to, but I just wish this was in book form, so I could go back for reference!

I thought I was getting an entirely different author as there is the same title written by a woman. I was very bored in the first disc and almost took it back to the library. But it got so good after that! I always love inspiration. And when it comes to kids, I need it as reminders.

This book was so wonderful. I listened to the audio version in the car and it has inspired me to be a better parent gently and without feeling guilty. I even took lots of notes in the car (safely of course!), so that tells you how many good things were included in the book :)

Good talk with some really encouraging thoughts. I would recommend it to anyone who is LDS and has teenagers - especially those who have difficult teenagers.

I adore this author!

Not my favorite parenting book

Loved this audio. The stories and memories that the author shares are so very heartwarming and very often comical, yet easy enough to put to use in my own life.

A MUST for anyone with teenagers.

I got so much out of these Cd's. I have listened them several times. Entertaining and such good advice!

This is a great talk series. Maybe because I've got a teenager I found if full of great advise and ideas.

Lund has a great sense of humor and a wonderful way of teaching us how to love even teen-agers

Lund has years and years of experience & shares helpful information and actual strategies. Even better the second time around.

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