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  • Title: Resilience
  • Author: Ica Iova
  • ISBN: 9781519242
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback

Johanna s custody battles are over or the least of her problems Louis her ex husband is dead, his girlfriend is missing, and Johanna is the prime suspect The detective working the case is not even looking for another suspect Johanna s only chance is to hire a highly skilled attorney, and the best she knows is a man from her past, who likely despises her Will he set asiJohanna s custody battles are over or the least of her problems Louis her ex husband is dead, his girlfriend is missing, and Johanna is the prime suspect The detective working the case is not even looking for another suspect Johanna s only chance is to hire a highly skilled attorney, and the best she knows is a man from her past, who likely despises her Will he set aside his contempt to defend her And if she didn t kill Louis, who did

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Johanna's divorce is final, but the war continues. Louis, Johanna's ex, is bolstered by his mother and his girlfriend(s) into behaviors that are vindictive towards Johanna, and negligent towards their children. In the wake of Johanna's court victory, Louis is found murdered, and Johanna, who had publicly threatened her ex on more than one occasion, is taken into custody. The remaining 2/3's of the novel focuses on Johanna's struggle to prove her innocence, resist her attraction to her hunky lawy [...]

The start of the book beings with Johanna fighting with her ex-husband for shared for their children. As things couldn’t get more depressing for Johanna, her ex-husband is killed and she is arrested for his murder. But she didn’t do it and she intends to do whatever it is to prove her innocence.So I have to say that I am not much of a crime-thriller reader. I tend to pull more towards romance and psychological thrillers. There was the little romance between Preston and Johanna, but I felt th [...]

I found the beginning of the story a little bit too like a documentary in the telling of Johanna’s tale of woe. It felt like a narrative about the pros and cons of divorce. But when Ica Iova began to apply her excellent writing skills to dialogue and description I began to be pulled into it more. I enjoyed being fooled by the various twists and turns as this contemporary thriller moved along at an acceptable pace. The main character is well-drawn and I was quite convinced by her self-analysis [...]

I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I have not read the first book in the series, but Iova provides readers with enough of the history of the plot so that you can enjoy the book; even if you did not read the first one.Iova focuses more on the characters than the setting, which is a plus for me because I enjoy books that focus more on character development. I found that the timing of the murder provided an interesting twist, even though I was expecting it from t [...]

“A crooked psychologist had testified that she was an irresponsible parent.” Could divorcee mother, Joanna, hear worse news? Detective Louis White is not just trying, yet again, to take their children from her, he’s prepared to break the law he has sworn to uphold to do it. Joanna has everything to lose: Athena and Aidan are all she has left of her failed happy-ever-after marriage; the youngsters who truly love and need her. When Louis is murdered, who is the prime suspect? Joanna. Fast-pa [...]

Resilience is a cleverly written romance with a nice criminal suspense twist. The emotion felt by the main character was conveyed powerfully.

Resiliency ~ The sequel starts off as a story many couples face when they are divorcing while having young children, but quickly turns into a head spinning "who done it" murder mystery which keeps you guessing right until the very end. Resiliency kept me at the edge of my seat enjoying every page of the book. The book is well thought out and well written. I'm looking forward to reading Ica Iova's next book.

I had no trouble following this book although I didn't read book 1. The characters are well built and likeable enough for you to keep reading. The story plot unfolds at a good pace and is not overly unrealistic. It has a good mix of romance, mystery and crime making it a serious story with lighthearted moments. My favorite part is of course the ending. Really glad I discovered another new author.

Emotional Roller-coasterWhen I read Resilience by Ica Iova, I did not know it was the second book in a series. That now explains the feeling I had that the early chapters seemed to be too long a back story, a filling-in of facts rather than a novel progressing in the normal way. I was concerned that the expected interaction of characters had been supplanted by a single character’s inner emotions and general panic. Knowing now that the early chapters needed to bring the reader up to speed, I ha [...]

I was glad that I had read the prequel, Unsung Victims before I read Resilience. For me, Unsung Victims was an outstanding book and it set the stage for Resilience and the ongoing nightmare that Johanna White’s ex-husband, Detective Louis White, continued to cause in her life, even after his death.In Unsung Victims, Johanna quickly learned that since her husband was one of them, the police brushed aside her calls for help, effectively neutralising any help she could have expected from law enfo [...]

Good Plot, Most Would EnjoyI have to say that the subject matter was hard for me. Bitterness, blaming, name calling, threats, such is the game of divorce and child custody battles. So, in this sense the author captured it well. There was Joanna, the supposed victim and main character, and Louis, her ex-husband, whose shortcomings were well documented by Joanna. And, then there was the evil mother-in-law. We never heard anyone’s side but Joanna’s. I’m sure an excellent novel could be writte [...]

It had a rough start, then it drew me in completely.I found that the first third of this book read like notes from an insipid series of therapy sessions. Johanna is awkward, self-doubting, and through her neurotic internal sketchbook, reads to us more of a summary of her broken marriage than a chance to get inside the trauma we are to believe was her experience leading up to divorce. After this nebulous history has been floating around for a while, we move forward with the tedious steps of sorti [...]

This book appears to be a sequel, and I have to comment that I haven’t read the first book.Johanna has been through a nasty divorce, and at the start of the book she’s fighting her ex-husband for shared access time to their children. Then (spoiler alert) when he’s killed Johanna is the one arrested for his murder. As can be surmised from the rating, I didn’t get on that well with this book. I found there was far too much telling rather than showing. I can understand and forgive this at t [...]

BOOK REVIEW: Resilience, by Ica IovaAlthough this is a used theme, the ending makes it different. Joanna was divorce with two children and an ex-husband, Louis, who was intent on relieving her of her parental rights. In and out of court drumming up irrelevant issues, backed by his crazy mother as he repeatedly attempted to draw from Joanna everything the marriage had not.An ugly situation just in those efforts however, when Louis was murdered that changed everything for Joanna since she was now [...]

When we meet Johanna (the main character), she is in a bad place. She and her ex-husband are embroiled in a custody battle and she is still hurting from their nasty divorce. Then, her ex-husband turns up dead and Johanna is the main suspect. Enter her ex-boyfriend/lawyer and we're off and running. I wanted to like this novel more than I did. The thriller part of the plot appealed to me more than the romance. Who doesn't love an evil mother-in-law, shady characters appearing in the main character [...]

Joanna is a woman whose life is turned upside down when her ex-husband sues her for custody of her children. To make matters worse, she is also charged with his murder. Joanna is a strong woman, resilient as the title indicates, and she perseveres. Resilience is the second in a series, the first of which I have not read. I don’t feel I missed anything by not reading the first as the author does a good job of treating Resilience as a standalone novel.I do love a good crime/romance. The storylin [...]

I don't usually read books like this, and to begin with I was wondering whether the story would move out of the main character, Johann's office. But is I read further, the story took an exciting turn. Johanna spent most of the story trying to prove her innocence in the murder of her husband, who to that point had been trying to ruin her life from the day they divorced. Several factors came into play as I continued reading, like her interaction with an old flame, who she just happened to hire as [...]

A bitter divorce and never ending custody battles have taken over Johanna’s life, further complicated by a talent for pushing all the wrong buttons on everyone, including herself. When her husband is murdered, she finds herself the only suspectThough written in third person, the story has the intimate feel of a personal confession, which garners sympathy, but requires patience. The plot may be a bit slow in building up, only to unravel rather hastily at the very end, leaving some characters an [...]

I liked the book and the characters. I found they were well developed, maybe because this is the second book of the series. I hated Louis and Karol and even Melinda, but that was the author's intention and it worked. I had some issues with Johanna's impulsiveness and (dare I say it?) whining, but I really felt for her. I was constantly thinking: "Just give her a break!" My favorite characters were definitely Preston, Athena and Aidan.

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