Honeymoon from Hell Box Set I

R.L. Mathewson

Honeymoon from Hell Box Set I

Honeymoon from Hell Box Set I

  • Title: Honeymoon from Hell Box Set I
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Have you ever wondered how it all ended for the Bradford boys Now you can find out if they lived happily ever after or lived to regret saying, I do This is the collection of the first six Honeymoon from Hell Novelettes.

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I love this series. Funny moments and I can't get enough of this series. I can't wait for more :)

I love the Neighbor from Hell series and absolutely I adore the Bradfords. I love Trevor and Jason's stories and even Robert's but I didn't care too much for Danny & Jodi's story nor Darrin and Marybeth's. I just don't care for Marybeth that much and the way Jodi acts on meds and yet they keep giving her meds just got old. However the fact that Trevor and Jason played a good part of both of those stories keep my interest. Can't wait for the next Neighbor from Hell book!!!!

Honeymoon from Hell I5 stars as always.I wanted to highlight the whole novella, all of it, obviously i can't do that. It was amazing as always, i couldn't stop laughing and there was a point that i shed a tear. RL Mathewson manages to keep you turning the pages like a deranged woman. Abso-freaking-lutely loved it!"He sighed heavily. “Are you going to keep throwing the past in my face?” “Keep throwing the past in your face…” she repeated back, sounding a tad hysterical. “It happened a [...]

SOoo Much FUN!

HONEYMOON FROM HELL BOOK 1:When on a honeymoon it's important to try new things and Haley sure knew how to shock Jason, "then again, she had been caught giving him a blowjob by a seventy-year-old man wielding a flashlight and a baseball bat"HONEYMOON FROM HELL BOOK 2:Zoe tends to be a heavy an active sleeper, which is very bad for Trevor, “***t!” he bit out with a grunt when her knee made contact with the body part that loved her the most and brought tears to his eyes."HONEYMOON FROM HELL BO [...]

Heh, Jason and Trevor are still the biggest babies around. It's great to read how the Bradford boys are so in love with their women and are so devoted that they are willing to look over some of their moodiness and anger. The Bradford boys just think them cute. And the ladies, although they get angry, they accept the Bradford antics and partially don't take it serious. These characters are truly a fun bunch.

A Very Good Romantic ComedyHoneymoon from Hell Box Set 1 is a very good romantic comedy that earned a rating of four stars. I enjoyed reading all those hilariously funny Bradford honeymoon from he'll stories. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading good romantic comedies.

Oh how I have missed the Bradfords and their craziness!Revisiting with Jason and Hayley and her well meaning interfering grandma.Jason's overreaction to most things.I must say Trevor and Zoe are still my favourites. Her insecurities strike a nerve with me and Trevor with his well meaning ways.To where it all started with Robert and Elizabeth. They had me in stitches. I love them all

Greatest seriesNeighbors from Hell and these added honeymoon series are the best. After I finished the first six books in the Neighbors from Hell series I went looking for more and found these stories about the honeymoons. If you have not read this series go now and start.

Great follow up on the Bradford brothersGreat follow up on the Bradford brothers, a must for any Bradford fan, brilliant writer highly recommend downloading r.lthewson's books.

its the ultimate subject when it comes to the Bradfords and its all we want !! need !! demand !! require !! of our favorite males and their better half's

I love this book!

NiceEnjoyed the honeymoon stories. Glad to have more added to this story. Cute funny and sexy. When's the next book coming out?

HookedLove these books!! Funny, sexy,- hooks your right away!! Must read! Can't wait until the next ones! Again must read!

A collection of short stories about all the Bradford honeymoons! I got such a kick out of all of them! I need more Bradfords!

Gotta love Jason and Trevor.

The perfect complement to the Neighbor from Hell series.

Loved this! Highly entertaining, and there were definitely some laugh out loud moments!

I truly love this series and in fact went back to reread each story before it honeymoon! This follows the reading order of the series and gives you some LOL moments with my favorite characters.

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