Tracing Hearts


Tracing Hearts

Tracing Hearts

  • Title: Tracing Hearts
  • Author: KateSquires
  • ISBN: 9781518707407
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback

Paired together as childhood pen pals, Sebastian Vaughn and Julia Bessette grow up writing back and forth Even though they live worlds apart, their lives intersect in ways that no one could ever imagine.As young adults, their paths initially cross, when a concerned Sebastian pays heartbroken Julia a surprise visit The two spend only a few short days together, but the spaPaired together as childhood pen pals, Sebastian Vaughn and Julia Bessette grow up writing back and forth Even though they live worlds apart, their lives intersect in ways that no one could ever imagine.As young adults, their paths initially cross, when a concerned Sebastian pays heartbroken Julia a surprise visit The two spend only a few short days together, but the spark is undeniable However, tragedy comes in all forms, and soon they re separated.Fast forward a few years, and fate finds Army Captain Vaughn in a dangerous situation, where he s forced to go into hiding Out of desperation and a primal need to be near her, he unintentionally drags Julia into his treacherous world Feeling responsible, he vows to protect her above all else, but will the cost be too high Meanwhile, Julia willingly goes on the run with Sebastian, sacrificing her way of life, and her safety, for the man she hopes is the one She worries about his rejection, but so than that, she worries about never again feeling the way she feels when she s with him.Can the couple make it out alive Can they find each other in the process, or will it all be too much to bear

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3.5 stars

3.5-4 stars. I love plots with characters who meet as pen pals. Sebastian and Julia are matched up as pen pals when they are 12 years old for school. From there, they become friends whose correspondence to each other is the most important friendship they have with one another. Sebastian is located in Germany with his family because his dad is in the military, living on an army base while Julia lives in the United States. At age 18, Sebastian and Julia meet face to face during a tragic time and d [...]

This was a sweet story! I really enjoyed that the pen pal aspect.

Wonderful This book is now a new favorite of mine. I love pen pal books and Julia and Sebastian's was perfect. It was just everything A feel good booka must read!

So full of Angst - Love it!!*Received a copy in exchange for an honest review*I love a good angst filled book and this one left me reading till 3 ambut then, got gutted, so HAD to read more! From the very first lines, you know that this is a book that will hurt your heart and get you all up in da feels!**I’m sobbing uncontrollably. “I. Love. You.” I inhale sharply in between each word. My arms squeeze him a little tighter, knowing it’s the last time they ever will. I’m trying to commit [...]

Title: TRACING HEARTSSeries: N/ACategory /Genre: Contemporary RomanceRecommended for: 16+ due to mature subjectsReceived from: Kate Squires (as part of the IT BEGAN WITH A BOOK book club)Grammar/editing: ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC / errors excusedThis is a stand-alone romance / not part of a series.This was quite a bit different from my usual reading – mostly because the bedroom scenes were “fade to black.” Let’s face it, I love so-called mommy-porn, but I found that t [...]

**received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewSebastian and Julia meet when they are in 6th grade and are assigned as pen pals for a school assignment. Sebastian is living in Germany on the base as his father is in the military. They continue their writing for several years.They meet face to face when Sebastian makes a trip to the United States as he feels he needs to be there for Julia is going through a tragic time in her life. There is a misunderstanding and he disappears from her life.Se [...]

Actual Rating: 4.5Do you believe in fate? Because after this book, I kind of do. Of course, this is a work of fiction but their love was deniable right from the beginning. I'm pretty sure I looked crazy in public as I would 'AWWWWW' every other page. I mean, my heart literally shattered all over the pages of this book and I couldn't stop reading.This is the kind of love that every kid dreams of. You know, that fairytale-type? I mean, don't go off marrying a person that you just met unless if you [...]

Kate Squires has done it again with another well written book. She knows what her readers want to see and how she wants her characters to sound. She is a talented, heartfelt and inspirational author for anyone to fall in love with in each story she tells. No matter your style in books her work will make you fall in love.If it isn't the scenes that catch your attention it's the characters with personalities that stick in your head. The characters in this book were meant to be from page one to the [...]

Sebastian and Julia. Where to startPen pals from school - they formed an amazing bond. It's easy to fall in love through writing. Sebastian travels overseas to help Julia when she needs him the most and ahhh, the feels. His heart breaks - I can feel the pain, the tears, the disappointment. He disappears. She moves on. He doesn't. He shows up again and what a whirlwind. Unexpected drama and suspense. He's MIA again. Is there a HEA against the odds? All the feels in this one. And, if you've ever h [...]

4.5 Sweet StarsThis book had a little bit of everything I enjoy; romance, suspense, friends-turn-lovers, amazing friendships and a great secondary character support system. I fell it love with the letters that Julia & Sebastian starting writing as young pen pals, you could feel the relationship building between them through the years. I have to say there are points that I got upset with the situation and was silently yelling at them to do something different. Kate really threw me for a loop [...]

Wow this book is AMAZING.It has it all love, hate, twists and turns, drama. Once I started it I didn't want to stop but some parts of it are so emotional I had to put the book down but that didn't help me either because I couldn't stop thinking about what the characters in the book were going threw. This book had me gripped from the beginning to the end. The emotions just leap of the pages. I couldn't help but feel the emotions that the characters felt. I wish I could give this book more then 5 [...]

A story of friendship that stands the test of time. Friendship that leads to love and heartache. Grab some tissues and getting ready for a book you can't put down. I know I couldn't. Kate has weaved an exceptional story between Julia and Sebastian, 2 young people that had to write a letter. Those letters continued even after the school assignment was over. They became the friends that knew each others secrets, except for a few. Can those secrets destroy them or make them better. I balled my eyes [...]

Thanks to the writer for the privilege to read such a great book.I compare this book to a good expensive wine you drink it very slowly to enjoy it.If you want a book that make you feel like you are in a rollercoaster of emotion this is your books.Sebastian and Julia will make you travel with them through time.I highly recommend this book, you won't put it down until you find out what happen to all main characters.

Where do I start? Tracing Hearts is a beautiful story with not only romance, but also suspense. It tells a tale of friendship, love, heartache, and finding one another again. Emotions run high as you get pulled into Sebastian and Julia's world. With twist and turns that keep you engaged with every turn of the page. These characters will stay with you long after the last sentence. Job well done! I definitely recommend you read this one!

It was a sweet book, suitable for younger audiences than my 40something. I liked both characters, although I would've like Sebastian to be a little more strong. There were a few places where narration was not as fluid, but nothing major.I felt that there was a certain "paranormal" twist that was not necessary or could have been addressed differently. Also, left a situation regarding another patient unresolved.Overall, it is a good and sweet book.

I received a copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for a honest review. Tracing Hearts is an adorably charming story about a forced pen pal school assignment, to a lasting friendship. There's loss and reunions, love and a splash of danger. All the makings for a great story!Kate Squires has a new reader for life!

3.5 - 4 starsSweet and suspenseful second chance romance.

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