Zomerhuis met zwembad

Herman Koch

Zomerhuis met zwembad

Zomerhuis met zwembad

  • Title: Zomerhuis met zwembad
  • Author: Herman Koch
  • ISBN: 9789026332159
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback

Bilt Estate Bilt Estate is het grootste woonhuis in de Verenigde Staten.Het is gelegen net buiten Asheville, North Carolina. Ontwerp In bezocht George Vanderbilt, de vierde zoon van William Henry Vanderbilt, regelmatig samen met zijn moeder Asheville, North Carolina.Hij hield van het gebied, de landschappen en het klimaat Vandaar dat hij hier een zomerhuis liet bouwen, zijn oudere broers en Leesniveau makkelijk Vlogboek Vlogboek bespreekt de Nederlandse literatuur Video s over boeken, auteurs, literatuurgeschiedenis en literatuurwetenschap Vlogboek is een project van Jrgen Apperloo.

Huisarts Marc Schlosser heeft een fout begaan waardoor een van zijn pati nten, de beroemde acteur Ralph Meier, is overleden Maar is het wel een medische fout Marc had immers een rekening te vereffenen met zijn pati nt, die net iets te veel belangstelling toonde voor zijn vrouw Caroline Of heeft het alles te maken met de gebeurtenissen in het zomerhuis waar het echtpaarHuisarts Marc Schlosser heeft een fout begaan waardoor een van zijn pati nten, de beroemde acteur Ralph Meier, is overleden Maar is het wel een medische fout Marc had immers een rekening te vereffenen met zijn pati nt, die net iets te veel belangstelling toonde voor zijn vrouw Caroline Of heeft het alles te maken met de gebeurtenissen in het zomerhuis waar het echtpaar Meier het gezin Schlosser had uitgenodigd

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Το βιβλίο αυτό απόλυτα ρεαλιστικό και κυνικό με έκανε να μάθω και να σκεφτώ μεσα απο τις σκέψεις και τα συναισθήματα του γιατρού Μαρκ Σλόσερ πόσο φθαρτοί και τραγικά φοβισμένοι,άσχετοι,ψεύτες,ενοχικοί και θλιβερά απαίσιοι είναι οι ανθρώποι ως φυσική υπόσταση σε σχέση με τ [...]

This book is an awful lot like a really complicated 5,000 piece jigsaw where you saw the picture on the box just briefly. You know the ending right at the beginning. Now you have to get there.The story is a doctor is going to be charged with malpractice that is almost certainly murder, and the victim's wife is very upset obviously, she doesn't feel her late husband got proper treatment. Doesn't sound complicated? It is.As the pieces are fitted together the picture changes somewhat from what you [...]

Wow Kindle deal today!!! $1.99 special!!! If you haven't read this very fun book the price is good today! Reading Herman Koch, is a little like jumping on a pogo stick. (only its your thoughts which are jumping up and down). "The Dinner" by Herman Koch involves parents and kids --"Summer House with Swimming Pool" involves parents and kids --In both books, the reader is challenged.Here are two questions to sit with from "Summer House with Swimming Pool":1) How far would you go to protect yoursel [...]

The first few chapters of Summer House with Swimming Pool are dedicated to descriptions of what it's like to be a doctor. If the book was just about life from a medical professional's point of view and the day to day grind of getting up close and personal with aches, pains, bumps, and bruises that would have been good enough for me. Koch is just a daggum great writer. He can take the most mundane stuff and breathe life into it to make it fascinating. The beginning of the book and other sections [...]

For those of you living under a rock, Herman Koch is the Dutch author who introduced us to a slew of vile characters in the hugely successful The Dinner novel. True to form, Summer House with Swimming Pool is another plethora of characters readers love to hate. After spending a few days reading Dr Marc Schlosser's narrative of the events that eventually summons a medical review board due to a "medical error", I'm actually happy to rid my life of his contempt and bitter disposition.Dr Marc Schlos [...]

I'm not sure my rating is even what I want to give it, but it's not a 5 and not quite as bad as a 1 So a 3 it is.When I checked this book out the librarian told me it was really weird. I took it with a grain of salt at the time. She was correct this book was stranger than fiction. I kept waiting for something big A climax that never came. First off, Marc is an insane Doctor. He is selfish, so selfish that he puts his patients lives at risk. Hell he even put his own kid at risk. He shouldn't be a [...]

This is one twisted dude! Marc Schlosser, the unreliable narrator, is a general practitioner. Do NOT make an appointment with him—he’ll fake interest but in fact he despises you. In fact, he despises everyone. He also despises the human body, so don’t you dare put on one of those gowns and let him see your body or, god forbid, touch you. He has nasty things to say about every one of your nooks and crannies. Get off the table and run for your life! Marc takes joy in making his patients suff [...]

Thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for an advance reader copy of this book. This review, however, is based on the hardcover version.Not sure what it says about me that I liked this book so much - the narrator is almost a sociopath and several of the other characters are equally repugnant. But - I couldn't put it down! It fizzled a little at the end, but what a ride.The story is told by Dr. Marc Schlosser, a Dutch family doctor with a wife and two young teen daughters. The doctor treats a f [...]

Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/This is the story of Dr. Marc Schlosser and one very memorable vacation he and his family spent at the summer house (with swimming pool, natch) of one of his patients (a middle-aged, loudmouthed, boor of an actor who was so repugnant that I was routing for Marc to either murder him or to have sex with his wife as soon as he was introduced).I requested an ARC (and was promptly denied) of Summer House With Swimming Pool since I enjoyed The Dinner, last year [...]

Herman Koch really knows how to conjure up the most despicable charactersGEESH!First of all, there's Dr. Marc Schlosser who is the epitome of a GP from hell with an extreme distaste for his patients and their repulsive bodies that he describes in disgusting detail along with his questionable diagnoses and inappropriate treatments. Next, we have Ralph Meier, a fun loving but grossly obese actor with an (evil) eye for the too young ladies who becomes violently scary at times and feels no shame in [...]

I haven’t had a checkup with my family doctor since reading this disturbing book, but I know I’m going to be pretty paranoid when I do.Herman Koch’s antihero, Dr. Marc Schlosser, is a nasty piece of work. A doctor to members of the “creative class” – movie/TV stars, writers, producers, some professionals, very few “9 to 5 types” – he is ruthless in his assessment of their vanities and their sagging, aging bodies. These celebrities have come to him because he’s less judgmental [...]

I am not going to rate this because I cannot finish it. Koch's books c3rtainly contain characters that are detestable. He can write sure, but this book is so graphic at times that it is nauseating, this book was like a train wreck and I guess I would not make a good gawker. I can't read a book that makes me feel terrible for no good reason, yes Holocaust books make on sad but that really happened, it is history. I will say I will have a hard time looking my doctor in the eye again.

Το «Εξοχικό με πισίνα» δεν είναι το ένθετο του περιοδικού «Ιδέες για το σπίτι», αλλά ένα εξαιρετικό ψυχολογικό θρίλερ που κόβει πραγματικά την ανάσα και ταυτόχρονα ενοχλεί, ενοχλεί σε σημείο που χαλαρώνεις τον γιακά από το πουκάμισο ιδρωμένος. Όπως και στο προηγούμενό βιβ [...]

Four and a half stars.Dutch writer Herman Koch is one of those authors who write exquisite prose even if you feel you want to wash your hands after reading it. His characters are far from perfect and border between very imperfect and downright sleazy. Yet they wander amongst the privileged crowd; artist, doctors, producers who exude a shallow tide of civilization along with the well-hidden skeletons. Whatever your opinion of the uncomfortable topic which is slowly revealed in the novel, Koch's p [...]

"Is there a doctor in the house?"A summer house filled with house guests. Dissatisfied, dissolute, condescending, self-absorbed individuals. But by the gods, there is a swimming pool! One of the guests is Dr. Marc Schlosser, a nightmare of a general practitioner. His outright distaste for the human body is frightful. One has to wonder how on earth he ever made it through the Anatomy courses in med school. The things that go through his mind as his patients file through with their litanies of bod [...]

About five and a half years ago I read a Michel Houellebecq novel. At the time I gave it four stars. I don't know why I did. My memory of the book was that Elementary Particles was a misanthropic bore. There must have been something more to the novel I remember, but whatever was charming about the book to me long since forgotten (if there was something charming about EP it was forgotten fairly quickly because I can remember that a couple of years after that already telling people I disliked Houe [...]

While this book can be a tough read, my curiosity of being inside one man's mind got the better of me. All I can say about this book is it's like not being able to turn your head away from a gruesome accident. I always had to see more, to peer closer at the carnage. Towards the end, reading at breakneck speed, ah, the answers to this horrific disaster. I really liked it, but, it ain't pretty!

My sincere thanks to Hogarth Publishing & Netgalley for providing the e-galley of this book to be published June 2014.In Koch's hands Summer House with Swimming Pool is like a sculpture. Koch, the sculptor, forms a piece of art, his words used like a hunk of clay that he carves in intricate layers before our eyes. He is a master at presenting characters that are not only unlikeable but are disturbing. We are sucked in slowly, introduced to general practitioner, Dr. Marc Schlosser. Before lon [...]

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, good or bad about this book. There are twisted characters, vile, repulsivec. But hey, I love to read about characters unlike myself as a checklist to remind me that I'm still somewhat normal. I think it's very impressive that a book can be translated from Dutch to English and still have so many layers to it that unfold slowly as the book goes along. From the beginning it is foretold what the ending is about so I enjoy reading bit by bit wha [...]

WINNER: BEST TRANSLATED BOOK OF 2015!ETA (July 2015): It's been brought to my attention that Koch is Dutch and not Norwegian. Sorry about that.I'm conflicted. Mainly because I don't know to whom I should give half of the credit. Herman Koch is a Norwegian author who seems incapable of telling a poorly-told tale. But I have no idea how good of a writer he is. You see, Koch doesn't write in English. His novels are translated by a guy named Sam Garrett. I know things get lost or changed in translat [...]

This was an entirely random read and I'm glad I chose to.Not only do you have characters that you love to hate/hate to love, you have a main character in Dr. Marc Schlosser that doesn't hold back on anything. As he speaks about his patients in detail, he suppresses no thoughts or feelings whatsoever.Most of us tend to hate going to the doctor. We hate to hear things that we already believe is wrong with us and hate that we have to sit in a waiting room much longer than it takes the doctor to ten [...]

Pity the poor patient who ends up in the office of Dr. Marc Schlosser. On the surface, he provides attentive care, but underneath, he’s simmering with a nearly pathological hatred of the human body. (Or, in his own words: “Despite my distaste of the human body, I had always done my work well. For twenty minutes, I would wear my most understanding expression.”)He,is, in ways, almost the polar opposite of Ralph Meier, a famous actor who is his patient with a rapacious and sometimes uncontrol [...]

*Review for audio version*Peter Berkrot’s narration for this one was freaking perfect. I can’t imagine a better voice for the main character of Dr. Marc Schlosser. The dry sarcasm and dark humor flowed easily and effortlessly throughout.Dr. Marc Schlosser is a general practitioner and a genuine grade-A S.O.B. If you’re looking for a feel good, redemptive tale, you have come to the wrong spot. There are no redeeming qualities about the main character in this one. Our protagonist is exactly [...]

Easily in my top five reads of 2015.Highly recommendedto those who can handle unlikable characters, moral ambiguity, and reading about very sensitive, controversial topics.

Different vacationers want different amenities from their novels. Some order up the equivalent of a hot stone massage; others might enjoy an acid facial peel. Which brings us to Herman Koch’s caustic new novel, “Summer House With Swimming Pool.” Last year, this bestselling Dutch novelist published “The Dinner,” about two warring couples at an Amsterdam restaurant. This year, he delivers a more expansive but even more poisonous novel about rivals vacationing in the Mediterranean.No matt [...]

Marc Schlosser is a General Practitioner in Holland, where he lives with his wife Judith and daughters Julia and Lisa. Marc is presented as a very unsympathetic character – despite dealing on a daily basis with people, he is disgusted by their bodies and the physical contact he needs to have with his patients. Most of his patients are those who work in the arts – writers, comedians, television personalities and actors. One of those is Ralph Meier, a large and imposing theatre actor with a hu [...]

Um enredo “idêntico” ao seu romance ”O Jantar”.O mesmo estilo de escrita, previsível, repetitiva e sem suspense…É absolutamente lamentável e vergonhosa a sinopse presente na contracapa da edição portuguesa editada pela Alfaguara. Se a tivesse lido antes iria imediatamente trocar o livro – "está lá tudo". Ultimamente adoptei a rotina de nunca ler a contracapa ou a sinopse das edições portuguesas.Mais grave ainda: os erros na sinopse são tão evidentes que se revelam confran [...]

ειναι δυσκολο να (περι)γραψω τι ακριβως σκεφτομαι για αυτο το βιβλιο.ειμαι σοκαρισμενη, μπερδεμενη με αυτο αλλα και ευτυχισμενη που ανακαλυψα εστω κ καθυστερημενα αυτον τον συγγραφεα και τα βιβλια του. τα κοινα στοιχεια ειναι πολλα με το "δειπνο" με πιο ενδιαφερον για μενα α [...]

Herman Koch has a unique ability for taking something that seems so normal and turning it into something much darker. If you’ve read his amazing novel The Dinner then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about; that book sets up a style that I was hoping continued for this Dutch author. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed; Koch’s second novel to be translated into English is Summer House with Swimming Pool. The novel tells the story of Dr Marc Schlosser who is forced to conceal a medical mis [...]

From loathing to loving in 5 chapters or less I did not like this novel and hated its shocking narrator but kept on plugging because this was a book club read. Absolutely loved it!! The physician narrator of the story is absolutely reprehensible. If you have ever felt slightly uncomfortable in the doctors office, wondering whether that disgusting boil on the back of your leg will totally gross the doc out it will! It does! It will take a few chapters to get over the shock of how horrible this ma [...]

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