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  • Title: Mayhem
  • Author: Joseph DiBartolo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The nightmare continues with Peter and the gang coming head on with the inescapable truth behind the outbreak The mass production of Elixir has thrown the world into a decayed chaos With the world in shambles, will Peter and his companions have enough fight in them to survive Or will they join the ranks of the undead

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Part 4Good read. Hopefully they get to stop that Cartwright guy. And I knew it was that energy drink. I was wondering where Tate and his dad was when they was killing them zombies outside of the Factory Can't wait for part 4 to come out I'm definitely getting and reading that

Have you met Peter Troy? His rise as a leader of his group is because he has knowledge of zombies that no one else has. Now, how he got this knowledge is a story in itself!Joseph DiBartolo takes us back to the world of heroes, victims and zombies, lots of zombies, as Peter Troy and his group continue their quest to survive. The truth of the creation of the zombies has been revealed and now the group has decided they will poke holes in the massive balloon of evil that is flying over the world. Th [...]

"Mayhem" is packed full of action and carnage, almost at breakneck speed, in this third installment of the short-story serial, "The Rise of Peter Troy." Peter is a nerd-turned-apocalyptic hero, and in this episode he has an opportunity to channel his Chuck Norris skills while wielding his handy-dandy butcher's cleaver from his previous life selling pastrami. The mystery of the zombie outbreak deepens, with cases of the Elixir energy drink mysteriously showing up in the so-called safety zones. Ov [...]

Book 3Picture Lastly, we have volume three, Mayhem. Again, we start where the last one ended and we find ourselves riding with the crew through the rubble of the plane crash. A scene that could have been amazing, had there been lots of details.Like right after they drive through the brief incident of decayed exiting the plane ablaze, they find two people being chased. They run the monsters over (which by now the F-350's engine should be about dead since it's never been cleaned) to find a guy and [...]

Yet again, DiBartolo pulls you in to the gripping tale of Peter Troy. This awesomely, fast paced read had me turning each page with a new, eager excitement. While I don't do spoilers, I will instead honestly askwhen is this going to be made into a movie? As an extreme zombie fan, I would be the first in line to watch it. The book is bad ass enougha movie would be EPIC! 10 stars for Joseph DiBartolo's Vol. 3. You never disappoint!

In part 3 of this great zombie serial Peter and his group decide to go after the man who's Elixir has caused the zombie outbreak. They've decided to destroy the warehouses where the elixir is stored in hopes of saving lives and drawing Cartwright out to kill him. Lives are lost and new friends are found along the way. Definitely a series worthy of 5 fangs.Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock

The Rise of Peter Troy series by Joseph DiBartolo will keep you on your toes. This is one zombie series that keeps getting better with each installment. The unique twist will make you think twice about having energy drinks. I look forward to the next episode. Joseph, please type faster!! :)

As with the first two segments, Mayhem, was full of action and zombies. Peter and his new family have a new mission and will stop at nothing to complete it. Will they be able to save the world, will they be able to save themselves. I can't wait for the next installment.

In all honesty there are not many zombie books that I would readat being said this Peter Troy series I can NOT get enough of!!! I love it and each volume just gets better! This is series is terrific!!

Great series, I can't wait for part 4 to come out, I figured that it was them drinks that were turning people into zombies. I kept saying I bet it's them drinks the guy is putting out for people to drink.

The Rise of Peter Troy is a serial and each episode ends with cliff-hanger endings…The next book(episode) picks up exactly where the last one left off. As each book is really just the same continuing story I'm only going to write 1 review for the first 4 books. Peter Troy, the main protagonist, is sitting at home wondering where his life went wrong having recently lost both his job and his girlfriend. He is also an avid zombie fan. Who knew that on this particular morning when he woke up that [...]

I've read the first three books so far, and giving them all a 4-star rating. It's not necessarily a great story, and most of it will be forgettable, but I found it easy to read and enjoyed reading it. I did like he cause of the outbreak.However, one plea to the author -- stop calling a group of zombies a hoard. They are a horde of zombies.

Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters: paranormalsistersI don't really have much to say, I read this the same day I finished the previous book. The story continued where the second one ended and I kind of liked how they had a mission on stopping the cause of the infection, but honestly isn't it already too late to stop it when planes are falling out of the sky? I honestly don't understand how the characters feel like family when they've only been together for maybe like two days, when that tho [...]

The journey continues for Peter and his crew, after discovering the reason behind the outbreak they are on a mission. To destroy the cause and everyone involved can go down with it. Unfortunately that mission isn’t easy peasy as one might think, they have to battle the undead and alive around every corner. Still meeting new people along the way to join their cause, why not they have nothing better to do. Another fast paced quicky from Mr. DiBartolo, I love his take on these flesh eaters. I did [...]

The saga continues, and it picks up where the second book left off, so again if you are not familiar with the series you will probably feel lost. It took me a second to get back into the story and I read the previous books. But just like before there is nonstop action and we follow our motley crew of characters, who I like very much, on to the next challenge. It is a pretty quick read and only my need for sleep prevented me from reading it in one sitting, I can't wait to find out what will happe [...]

HmmHas the potential to be a good read if it was actually a book instead of just a chapter as it is it is not with the effort. Nothing to make it stand out

Wow Now Peter and friends figure out what started the apocalypse now they are on a mission to stop it their way

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