We Survived the Holocaust

Elaine Landau

We Survived the Holocaust

We Survived the Holocaust

  • Title: We Survived the Holocaust
  • Author: Elaine Landau
  • ISBN: 9780531111154
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Library Binding

A book about hope, resourcefulness, and love in which sixteen Jewish Holocaust survivors tell in their own words how Hitler s rise to power changed their lives forever.

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We survived is such a powerful statement! Survival stories are some of my favorites because I see such heroic qualities in these people. They engender in me the desire to work harder, and live! I enjoyed these stories because they were the perfect length for students to get into and not become overwhelmed by the horrific nature of the stories. All too often we dwell on what the subject went through instead of the outcome-the achievement over evil.These stories were some of my favorites too, beca [...]

I think the author's purpose in writing the book was to tell the story of what happend to sixteen people during the holocaust. Another reason why the author might have written the book was to tell people what actually happend during the holocaust with people in concentration camps. Another reason the author might have written the book was to tell the world how strict and how difficult it was to survive during the holocaust.I think the theme of the book is to never give up because the people in t [...]

In the book "We Survived the Holocaust" by Elaine Landau, her main purpose for writing this book was to show and tell people about the experiences that these people in the book went through during the Holocaust. The theme of the book "We Survived the Holocaust" is how the Holocaust impacted these people's lives. The book is written in first person narrative to give first-hand account of their experiences in the Holocaust. The writing style is very effective in the novel because it has direct quo [...]

'We survived the Holocaust' is a collection of stories told by survivors of the WWII Holocaust set forth by the Nazi. It gives an insight to those who survived, and those who didn't, and how they endured until liberation or freedom. This book describes how those who were prosecuted lived, from those who were in forced labour camps, to the ones in hiding, and to the ones who managed to escape. Written in first person view, similar to an interview-like stories, the book is very effective in making [...]

simple and thought-provoking. another book that highlights there was no formula to survival. it was random. so sad.

Short stories of survivors.

This book was amazing. Not only did it tell remarkable storys of survivors, but I learned SO much. READ IT!

Lovely, sad and great photographs.

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