The Suicidal Peanut

Matthew J. Metzger

The Suicidal Peanut

The Suicidal Peanut

  • Title: The Suicidal Peanut
  • Author: Matthew J. Metzger
  • ISBN: 9781515308256
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

Life s not easy when your mum s nuts, your uncle is becoming your aunt, and one of your crushes could and probably would break your face if he found out how you felt about him.That s Tab s life, though, malevolent gods and all His text flirting with Demi, the brother of his best friend, is going nowhere Demi already has a boyfriend and anyway, who dates their bestLife s not easy when your mum s nuts, your uncle is becoming your aunt, and one of your crushes could and probably would break your face if he found out how you felt about him.That s Tab s life, though, malevolent gods and all His text flirting with Demi, the brother of his best friend, is going nowhere Demi already has a boyfriend and anyway, who dates their best friend s twin But then, the pining after Nick is going nowhere either, because Nick probably likes gay bashing on Friday nights for fun He s gorgeous, but he s dangerous, and Tab knows better than that.So what s a bit of harmless flirting, when one is taken and the other is straight It s just a bit of fun.That is until Demi is suddenly single, and Nick is not looking as straight and scary as he was before.

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Now *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership:amazon/gp/product/151 ------------------------------------------------Well, that was odd. And fun. And cute. And sweet. And pretty much exactly the flavor of light and fluffy YA story that I was looking for. : )At 17, shy Uni art student Tab hasn't had a very easy life, but he's doing okay, in spite of the unwanted interference by the various (made up) Gods that continue to hold the things that Tab wants just out of his reach.Enter the God of Inappropr [...]

4.5 stars - one of the things I like most about Metzger as an author is his ability to create authentic-feeling young male character voices. He also has the ability to balance humor and emotion, to give characters deep and meaningful backstories, but not wallow in the resulting angst. This one is light, fun, sweet, and occasionally a little sad. It goes onto my favorite-YA list.Tab, the hero of this story, is a guy you might meet in the art school of your choice. He's sometimes insensitive, some [...]

4.25 starsThis was an enjoyable, and somewhat quirky, young adult book by a new (to me) author - Matthew Metzger. I found his writing style to be unique and I especially enjoyed how the dialogue and texting seemed really true to the characters (and their ages!). This is about an art student (Tab) who lives with his uncle and his uncle's partner who is transition from Uncle Julian to Aunt Kate. Tab works part-time at his uncle's boxing studio and is crushing big time on one of the intermediate bo [...]

Sweet and quirky YA tale told with compassion, humor, and heart. Love this author! Highly recommend.

3.5 starsI enjoyed this story (view spoiler)[but I had to accept a whole bunch of coincidences to allow myself to do so (hide spoiler)]. It was funny and not bogged down in angst. There's a conflict but it's not all consuming. At least it wasn't for me.The writing was good but the thoughts within thoughts was sometimes exhausting. The Brit-speak was easy to follow and I think I only paused once to work out what the phrase meant.There was no sexy times (unless you count (view spoiler)[a fade to b [...]

The Suicidal PeanutBy Matthew J. MetzgerQueerteen Press, 2015ISBN: 9781611528091Cover by Written Ink DesignsFive starsSmart. Funny. Well-written. Thought-provoking. Touching. Tab is 17. He’s survived high school in fairly good shape, but for his mother’s downward spiral into madness, which has left him living with his gay Uncle Eddie and Eddie’s trans partner JuliKate. Eddie and his makeshift family live over the store, which in this case is a boxing gymnasium and training center somewhere [...]

I loved this book! Funny, fun, sweet, full of totally in your face characters, a tiny bit predictable, but a really good, enjoyable read!


This was a cute story of an awkward art student (Tab) and his two crushes: Demi, the brother of a friend (funny banter over text, similar interests, though they've never met) and Nick, a boxer at the gym where Tab works (hot, seriously hot, often wearing only gloves and boxer's shorts, probably very straight). How to choose? Also, he must submit a portrait. Will he dare ask Nick to be his subject? There were some nice layers in this story, although Tab was almost painfully awkward. Includes a tr [...]

“Never assume the obvious is true.” ~ William SafireTab's life is complicated. He never knew his father. His mother is a free spirit who has completely lost touch with reality and is in a hospital, most likely for life. He lives with his Uncle Eddie who is gay and JuliKate, who used to be Uncle Julius but is now transitioning to Aunt Kate. Tab works at Eddie's boxing club and has a mad crush on Nick, one of the student boxers. Tab is gay, but has never had a boyfriend. He's convinced that Ni [...]

I went on a total Matthew J. Metzger kick earlier this month, and having reread thru most of the books I already owned, I decided to start picking up a few of the ones from his back catalog I've yet to read. This is kinda on the YA/NA border, but I didn't mind that so much. I title was a bit odd, I must admit, but it actually makes sense after you read the story. And the story itself was very easy to read. The characters were great, and I'll have no problem adding this to my Must-Reread-Metzger [...]

I'm so glad I gave this a chance! SO MUCH FUN! - I was so so sad when it ended -Honest, it was one of the most charming and amusing stories I ever read. Quirky. Unique. Adorable. Why did it have to end? *insert very very sad face here*I'm very particular when it comes to humor, my own is very dark and I can laugh about the nasties things, really. There seems only to be a handful of humorous books though I find enjoyable and while The Suicidal Peanut isn't really humorous I guess, maybe, but it w [...]

Funny, sometimes sad but overall quirky and fun! Tab was so adorable in all his unsure, geeky, awkward, indecisive and polytheist ways, and Demi was funny, adorable and dorky, and Nick was just so different, in a tough yet somewhat withdrawn way and standing up for Tab the way he did. (view spoiler)[ And I loved the kinda sneaky and slightly brilliant little twist that Demi and Nick were actually the same person, especially the build up to it! I kinda had my suspicions for a little bit but still [...]

I was drawn by the title and thought why not. A great story, little sex and angst but just young adults making their way in the world. Tab is living with his Uncle Eddie and Eddie's partner Julikate ( a transsexual undergoing treatment). Eddie owns a boxing studio and Tab helps out after college. Tab has a crush on one of the young boxers but is also falling ( through text messages) for Demi the brother of his best friend. What is a boy to do? Does he ask Nic the young boxer and risk his teeth o [...]

4.5 starsThis was actually my first book by this author. I have meant to read on of his books for like a year. So when I saw this new release I decided I had out if off long enough.As a fan of YA, I enjoyed the lack of "steam" on this one. In fact, camouflaged NA as YA is one of my pet peeves. But this was a great story and the author does a great job with the twist at the end. He played on my assumptions and fooled me entirely.

My second book of this author and not my last one.Matthew J. Metzger writes cute, funny, quirky and actually realistic. Real life with real problems and hang-ups, these are present in this book but never overshadowing or distracting from the fun. This book was fun to read and felt positive and light without ignoring that life isn't always easy. The characters act according their age (which also means you should be able to read text messages).They are sweet, cute and amusing. The story is enterta [...]

uh-uh nope not feeling it at all

3.75*very British! Quirky, sweet, touching. Recommend

**2.5** Rounding up instead of down because it's fairly well-written and sure to appeal to some people -- people who aren't me. I found the voice too over-the-top to ring true. There was too much repetition, especially of Tab's (irrational) assumptions about Nick. The female friend was obnoxious and intrusive beyond belief. (And those were her good qualities.) So, it didn't hit the spot for me, but I didn't hate it, either. And I love the title. ;)

I love all the books I've read from this author, and this one was no different! :D Solid 5* from me. Wish we could've had more though, to see them actually together and if Tab is just as awkward when it's official. :P

A nice teen love story with a good dose of humor. I didn't like the overuse of 'God of l possible events (Public Appearances/Looking Cool In Front Of Your Crushes/Totally Winging It/ etc.). Plus the plot twist was completely predictable.


IMO there are three types of British authors: good ones, just ok ones, and this guy. I couldn’t get past two chapters. Terrible dialog. Bored me to tears.

Engaging, even if the main character overreacts inanely in the presence of his boxer dreamboy. A good read with a good surprise ending.

Another awesome Matthew Metzger book. I am never disappointed with his characters and story writing.


4 starsPretty fucking adorable. I can't be anymore succinct than that.

Well, I devoured that in one sitting!I am not normally a big YA story fan but I did enjoy reading this one. Yes, the plot premise is easy to spot early on but that didn't detract from my enjoyment. I did like it's Britishness and I'm sure that this aspect may have some detractors but I thought the language used in dialogue and texting was spot on (even though I am so far past teens it's untrue but have a pair of them at home!).The chapters are fairly short and with the texting making up quite a [...]

There are no big surprises in this story, but many odd lovable characters. Tab has not had an easy life and he relies on his humor and his art to keep himself moving forward. He lives with his Uncle Ed and his Aunt JuliKat who is transitioning from Julian to Kate. Both Ed and JuliKat are a little gruff, but well-meaning and they do have Tab's best interest at heart. Tab is an art student and works part-time at Ed's boxing gym where Nick is a boxer. Tab's has a crush on Nick and Tab does not do c [...]

3.5 stars. Lovely. I really enjoy Metzger's writing. He is so good at writing realistic, believable young people that sound authentic and seem very real. He also manages to blend humour and serious issues beautifully. This is a nice story about an endearing art student and his romantic frustrations. It's entertaining and poignant and cute.

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