The Wolf of Sarajevo


The Wolf of Sarajevo

The Wolf of Sarajevo

  • Title: The Wolf of Sarajevo
  • Author: MatthewPalmer
  • ISBN: 9780399175015
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover

A riveting novel of international suspense from acclaimed author and veteran diplomat Matthew Palmer Twenty years after the Srebrenica massacre that claimed the life of his friend and colleague, Eric Petrosian is back in Sarajevo at the American embassy, and the specter of war once again hangs over the Balkans The Bosnian Serb leader, who had for a time been seeking a sA riveting novel of international suspense from acclaimed author and veteran diplomat Matthew Palmer Twenty years after the Srebrenica massacre that claimed the life of his friend and colleague, Eric Petrosian is back in Sarajevo at the American embassy, and the specter of war once again hangs over the Balkans The Bosnian Serb leader, who had for a time been seeking a stable peace, has turned back to his nationalist roots and is threatening to pull Bosnia apart in a bloody struggle for control and behind him is a shadowy mafia figure pulling the strings As Eric is dragged deeper into the political maelstrom and uncovers a plot of blackmail and ruthless ambitions, Eric is faced with an impossible choice use the information he s uncovered to achieve atonement for the past or use it to shape the future.

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Matthew Palmer’s newest release, The Wolf of Sarajevo, is a complex mix of history and international suspense fantastically written to keep the reader actively engaged and yet not bore those, like myself, who already know the history behind the Srebrenica massacre. The Wolf of Sarajevo takes place twenty years after the massacre where the reader is introduced to Eric Petrosian, who finds himself once again stationed in Sarajevo, at the American Embassy, in an unstable Balkans, where stability [...]

Thanks to the publisher for an early release of this book! It was a decent fictional suspense novel woven around the history and fall out from the Srebrenica massacre and the conflict in the Balkans. It is particularly dense in the way of detail regarding what was once Yugoslavia, but Palmer does a decent job of pacing it well with story. The characters were a little flat, idealistic Dept of State/UN people at their most stereotypical, but the story clips along enough to keep it interesting. A g [...]

Few people remember the horrific Srebrenica massacre but the aftermath of that tragedy continues to haunt an unending conflict among Serbs, Croatians and Bosnians. Eric Petrosian lost a good friend, Meho Alimerovic, in that war and now he’s back on a mission to find out what the Bosnian leader is up to twenty years after Srebrenica. Eric is serving at the American Embassy in the Balkans. He has heard that the Bosnian Serb leader, who had sworn to live and influence his country toward peace, is [...]

As often happens with fiction it brings to life the realities of history. This is a story where an American who was once a journalist in the Balkans who has moved professionally over to the foreign service. The Balkans are showing signs that the weaknesses in the Dayton accords are causing enough rifts to lead the RS back to a war setting that is likely to be as bloody and violent as the war that brought America in to force peace talks in the past.It also involves a CIA officer who was once his [...]

Having served in a diplomatic post in Belgrade during the Bosnian War, Palmer is well suited to pen this espionage novel set in current day Bosnia. Protagonist Eric Petrosian worked as a journalist in the during the Bosnian War (1992-1995). Now he's working for the State Department in Sarajevo. Assisting the European Union in a plan to head off a resurgence of conflict in the region, Petrosian is on the hunt for the shadowy mafia figure who is forcing a right-wing leader away from the proposed i [...]

Not as good as I was hoping, but that could be because I found it difficult to understand the political relationships and conflicts among the characters. And, well, it just wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be.

Super fun vacation read. Just wish the publisher had included some kind of map. But my husband and I loved it!


Excellent, this former Foreign Service Officer can write, and make something as complex as the Balkans manageable for the reader, a feat in and of itself. I also recommend his other books.

In prose that strikes as powerfully as a sniper’s bullet and in granular detail that reminds us that Palmer isn’t only imagining, he’s remembering, The Wolf of Sarajevo races through the twisting, booby-trapped pathways of ethnic conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. The reader is immediately made a spectator to genocide. Within ten pages the book’s opening epigrams have been transformed from detached observations into self-appointed executioners and victims whose still-warm bodies disappe [...]

It is evident early in Matthew Palmer's politically charged thriller THE WOLF OF SARAJEVO that he understands his subject matter. As a veteran diplomat, Palmer is able to place readers directly in the middle of Sarajevo and an explosive situation that harkens back to the Srebrenica massacre that occurred twenty years prior.Eric Petrosian is at the American embassy in Sarajevo as the threat of war once again places its' shadow over the Balkan region. What is uncovered is a plot between Bosnian Se [...]

Picked this up on a lark and I'm glad I did. Totally solid political thriller that doesn't spend much time on being "thrilling" (thankfully) that provides loads of historical context for one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. The story, set in present day Balkans, is very much a "spy story", though the MC is a diplomat. Best of all, it feels real, and given the credentials of the author, it should. So much in this genre comes off as juvenile bang-bang. The Wolf of Sarajevo is serious stuff.

Really enjoyed it and especially the setting.

A great piece of suspense for those interested in stories of that conflict.

A fast-paced, non-nonsense thriller set in present-day Bosnia. The horrors of the past revisit this horribly scarred Balkan nation. I enjoyed it!


A solid, well done political/spy thriller.It's based solidly on history of Bosnia over the last 20-25 years; the author gives a brief summary of the real events in an afterword.

Didn't meet my expectations but was intriguing. The conflicting interests of Department of State and CIA was a different perspective.

Read the book and then the NYTimes article, or vice versa; close parallels between fiction and fact. nytimes/2018/02/16/wo

I read this book in 2016, shortly after it came out. As others have already shared the plot lines, let me focus on my high-level assessment of the book:* Authenticity-The author was a US State Department employee assigned to the region during the last war in the Balkans, so it seems fair to assume he know of that which he speaks.* Historical Context-The author also seems to have taken a keen interest in the background of region, while adds a depth of understanding to the reader. While it may pul [...]

"The Wolf of Sarajevo" a gripping political thriller combines history and international intrigue that begins with genocide in Srebrenica under Serbe control during the 90's war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the Dayton Peace Agreement in 1995 ended the fighting the government's unworkable and tension has begun brewing again between the Serbs, Croatian and Muslim factions.After the death of his friend Melio by a paramilitary squad of murderers Eric Petrosian has returned to Sarajevo as a pol [...]

Again with the half star - 3 1/2 for The Wolf of Sarajevo. Former diplomat Matthew Palmer is well qualified and knows his stuff and this was an interesting read about the possibility of another Balkan war interspersed with a few glimpses into past history. However, I found it a little slow to really get rolling for me and the characters were mostly rather stereotypical/ flat for me. There were some good bits. I found Stefan, the priest, a compelling character as well as, strangely enough, the hi [...]

I appreciate having won this book.I am sure that the author, having served in the American embassy , is very familiar with the former country of Yugoslavia. However, I like the non fiction War in The Time of Peace better for an understanding of the animosity between Serbs, Croats and Muslims and the horrific happenings during the Bosnian War, on a par with the Nazis. It took quite a while to get interested in the story. I would forget what I had read when I started to read on. It does finally co [...]

Great political thriller with excellent and accurate local color informed by the author's long involvement in the region. Briskly paced, good dialog and characters. Very well done interleaving of the necessary historical background: I was quite impressed that the author pulled this off without being either heavy-handed or pedantic--and without derailing the narrative (he uses flashback scenes kept brief and sparse enough to inform without bogging the reader down: my favorite was the janissary se [...]

This novel was particularly interesting as we traveled to the Balkans this summer and were in Sarajevo. The author is obviously knowledgeable of the region and wove the locations, culture and history into his story. The book was engrossing and a fast read. I appreciated that his chapters alternated between being set in the present and the past which provided context for why the region is the way it is. His characters are believable and interesting. He explores human nature and the struggle betwe [...]

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I think it does a great job of incorporating history and fiction. When I first picked up this book I knew nothing about the violence that was the Srebrenica massacre, but I became pretty acquainted with the conflict in the Balkans. I would say, however, that this book isn't what I would usually reach for with all the politics and history, but I did enjoy the writing and the action.

All about the wars in the Balkans, in particular, the break-up of Yugoslavia and the ethnic-cleansing massacres of the '90's, this book, written by a US diplomat posted at one point in the area, is oddly sterile in that one doesn't get a feeling for the setting, which is just as well, given the atrocities. Rather, one gets a close-up view of how, when self-interest dominates politics, absolutely anything can happen. A timely read.

Bringing back memories. at time I was in the ancient neighborhood ,listening and watching, and afraid is going to escalating to the al around war again !?I'm with father Steven in this Are we going to realize finally !t everyone, and everywhere they need our mirror copy !! ent histories, conflicts, love affairs, hatreds. .r worked by pover !! Congratulations , a very knowledgeable work.?ke Hemingway? !Thanks Laszlo

Fantastic book.Great blend of historical fiction and action thriller. Helps put into context the struggles and hopes of ethnic groups in Balkan region. I genuinely cared about Eric, the protagonist. This an easy path to learning more about a region woefully underpowered in recent years.

Really enjoyed this novel. Of course, may be especially meaningful to me as I was just in Sarajevo. I've stood on that corner, walked across the bridge, was saddened at the history. But, in addition, the author wrote an enjoyable story with enough plot twists and good characters.

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