Sideline Submission

Kora Knight

Sideline Submission

Sideline Submission

  • Title: Sideline Submission
  • Author: Kora Knight
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  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Round two with Scott hadn t been what Tad expected, but it did end up providing a few important realizations For one, that crazy first encounter was definitely than mere male hormones Which meant he felt a true attraction to the guy Something that explained his defenselessness against Scott s smoldering charms Seriously, the dude had cut through his fortificationsRound two with Scott hadn t been what Tad expected, but it did end up providing a few important realizations For one, that crazy first encounter was definitely than mere male hormones Which meant he felt a true attraction to the guy Something that explained his defenselessness against Scott s smoldering charms Seriously, the dude had cut through his fortifications like the things hadn t even existed Which, yeah, was pretty unsettling So Tad had resolved to cope with his findings the only logical way he knew how purge the guy from his system once and for all by staying away for good Unfortunately, that proved way uncomfortable than he d anticipated Seemed his stupid infatuation ran considerably deeper, which made going cold turkey one miserable chore So when Scott unexpectedly seeks him out, Tad s too drained to fight his turmoil any longer Allowing himself a much needed fix, he agrees to hang out, neither he nor Scott knowing Dom boy Max will end up part of the deal What starts out as an unassuming evening quickly turns shockingly licentious Question is, will Tad be able to handle it And importantly, what path will it send him down in his ongoing journey of discovery

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4 - 4.5 Submitting Stars!!Oh my GAWD!!! I will tell you all right now do NOT go and brave this series without your significant other well within reach, or yourah hem, B.O.B. within reach with a stockpile of batteries on deck!! Shit!! Still hot as all HELL and definitely a book to read if you are into voyeurism, which when it comes to this bunch, I'm into anything!!! ;) At first, I was allwith a lot ofd then, wellIt's been a month since their encore reunion and Tad has been trying to keep his min [...]

3.5 Stars!I almost rounded down on this onebut the end really came through! It's been a month since Tad and Scott have seen each other. Tad's realizing there might be something to the whole gay thing, seeing as he can't stop thinking about Scott. I really do find a lot of this series comical, and I don't think it's all meant to be funny. The reasons Scott and Tad come up with to "see" each other are laughable at times. Sometimes I just want to slap Tad upside the head for being such an idiot. An [...]

Phew! I'm exhausted! Give me a minute.OK first we had someAnd someThen Max asked Tad and Scott for a favor and it all wentAndAnd then Max just(view spoiler)[ NO! You have to read it yourself!(hide spoiler)]Let me tell you, I wentOK, 'til the next instalment comes out I'll be waiting impatiently over here!****************************************Also in this series#1 <--- My Review#2 <--- My Review#4 <--- My Review#5 <--- My Review["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br" [...]

4,5 starsIs it strange if I don’t know how excatly to review this book?This book is seen as a PWP but it is so much more!!!Yes, it was sourching hotHe shoved his index into Tad’s mouth. “But no more small talk.” His finger salaciously stroked Tad’s tongue. “Suck me while I’m fucking you. Pretend it’s my dick. Wanna feel how you’d try to make me come.”But the emotions Tad was going through!! He coming to terms that maybe his feelings he’s having for Scott are not only physic [...]

************** a million stars ********************FRISKY FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21.------------------------------------------------------"Don't go there," he whispered, burying his face in Tad's neck. "Not back where you were. Not when I just got you out." ------------------------------------------------------Kora, honey. *looks at you seriously* This was fucking magnificent. Hands down. I loved it. Pure and simple. I felt it. I could fill this review with drool worthy pics and gifs, but damn, you hav [...]

Holy fuck! These two just keep getting hotter and hotter! I'm not sure I'll survive the next book!

Oh! thank Christ there's going to be a fourth book!4.5 stars

This.Book.Is.Absolute.Perfection. SO SO hot!This one and the other 2 books have gone straight to my favorite shelf.Kora has been SO kind as to provide me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I cannot thank her enough!So I’m just going to say it as it is for me:This blew my mind away!I loved everything about it. Tad’s doubt, Scott’s tenderness, the feelings, the sex, every single thing!In this 3rd book Tad is still not sure what is going on with him. He wants to see [...]

Let's see what we have hereKinkiness galore? ✔Voyeurism? ✔Insane sexual tension? ✔Tenderness? ✔ GREAT writing? ✔ ✔ ✔Scott & Tad have amazing chemistry, and I swear the sexual tension was palpable in that goddamn room! They're trying to take their relationship past the physical. Well, Scott is trying, Tad is still coming to terms with everything and refusing to cooperate much. Because his body, and I dare say his heart, have a whole other agenda than his mind.The touching was ho [...]

Really enjoyed this oneon to the next one. Review after the last book ;)

I've read this series more times than I'd like to admit, but the audio edition, by Michael Pauley, was the perfect excuse for a re-read/listen. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. Embarrassingly I realized I'd never left a review. Shame on me. Loser Takes All by Kora Knight was the beginning of my love affair with this series and each successive episode amplifies and moves the story forward. You really should read in order, so I'm probably going to allude to things from the prior installme [...]

HOLY H-E-double-hockey-sticks!!And I mean that in the hottest way! And umm, in a confused way tooIt was definitely nice to see Tad starting to at least acknowledge this thing that's happening between him and Scott beyond the bedroom well, so to speak, seeing that they actually haven't done it in an actual bed, let alone a bedroom. Hah! I thought it was nice to see them interacting without all the awkwardness from Tad, feeling their connection outside the "act" itself. But then it veered into BDS [...]

I literally stalked this release after reading volumes 1 and 2 a few weeks back. This series is beautifully written, with scorching *HAWT* sex and so much emotional tension! Tad's confusion about his attraction to and feelings for Scott are raw and believable and make for a simmering storyline. Will they? Won't they? Are they brave enough to transcend the physical and move this thing into the emotional? Only Kora Knight can say, but I for one am along for the breathless ride in hopes that they W [...]

*** 3.5 Stars ***The voyeurism was hot - to a point. I appreciated how Knight mostly kept the focus on Tad and Scott's reactions to what they were watching rather than on Max and Sean's kinkfest. My heart also squeed at the feelz that are starting to bubble up on Tad's behalf and how Scott is clearly already all in. Can't wait for more from these two.

De-fucking-licious! His finger salaciously stroked Tad’s tongue. “Suck me while I’m fucking you. Pretend it’s my dick. Wanna feel how you’d try to make me come.”

I love these books so much! The character interaction is amazing and these guys are effin hot!! Max got on my nerves in the end of this one and I can't wait to see if and how his attitude is adjusted. Can't these please continue beyond 5 books? I want a lot more of these guys!

I have a twisted curiosity about "Red" He's so freaking scary and weird but i wanna know his story! More sex fest! But it seems our shy boy Tad is figuring things out :)

Tad has avoided Scott for a month. He’s tried not to think of the way he reacts to this man. To a man. But Tad can’t get the man out of his head. When he gets the call from Scott for a favor, he finds himself just as attracted to the man, his body reacting the same. But the desire is far greater because he already knows what this man can do to his body. When they both find themselves watching another man dominate his submissive, there is no way they can avoid being turned on. But watching Ma [...]

Another BRILLIANT novella in this seriesMy normal preferences are dark erotica and MC books but every now and again I need my 'fix ' of HOT m/m action and these books seriously deliver.In this 3rd book Tad is struggling with him feelings for Scott and tries to keep his distance, but Scott makes contact and Tad is beyond resisting and what follows is a highly erotic encounter."You ready gorgeous? Scott rasped.e I'm ready to f**k "Good grief , I was beyond flustered at this stage and think I actua [...]

Kora keeps bringing the goods to us. In book 3, Tad & Scott start to learn about each other, and deeper feelings are surfacing. Don’t get me wrong the sex is still HOT as hell, smokin’ in fact. The chemistry is still sizzling, but we have feelings. The banter these two share is so cute and fun. We also get a little more of Scott’s roommate Max (Red). He’s intense and he scenes with Sean that is sexy, kinky and red hot. In my opinion there is another book or two here. There’s more t [...]

****4.5 One-way Mirror Star****This was soooooooo good! What started out as pure hotness has evolved to be so much more. I was on a constant loop of: squealing, fanning, and being turned on. Perfect combination is perfect!

Yeah, I read it out of order. Still a good story.

Sideline Submission Book Three in the Up-Ending Tad series takes a little different turn then the other two books. Before I go any further with my review I have to advise you that you must read Book 1 and 2 prior to this book or you will not understand nor can I explain Tad and Scott's relationshiplolNow it's Tad's turn so to say be on the other side of the wall. After realizing that what's been bothering Tad for the last month wasn't so much something it was someone. That someone was Scott, who [...]

5, I'm so addicted to this series, starsThis one was much more emotional than the previous two. I felt so bad for both Scott and Tad, and dang it, I wanted that kiss to happen so bad! I really can't wait to read more about these too. I'm also looking forward to learning more about Max. Will he have his own series? Great, great continuation. Really enjoying the slow progression of this gfy/ ofy story. Come on Tad! Realize how much Scott likes (probably loves) you! Even though this one focused mor [...]

These were a quick read and are an M/M serial told in six parts. I was asked to read this book in a book swap and once I had finished the first one I then had to go and download the rest. Tad ends up at the hands of a quasi Dom after losing a bet, his penance was to get worked over, but little did Tad realise just how much he would enjoy it. Telling himself that he was straight he soon realises he may just be the other way, something that deep down he knew but just couldn't/didn't want to admit. [...]

Finally finished! Sometimes life just gets in the way. I have classified Tad as my very first book boyfriend. I love his sassy snark, and Kora's writing is so intensely descriptive that I saw myself throughout the story imagining each scene as it played out. Sometimes I was sitting on the couch, walking with Tad or just watching as a spectator as each scene played out. The best way to describe this is I watched this book as a movie in my mind, rather than reading the words on the screen. I appla [...]

Fuuuuucccck. omg. so hot.

Okay, it's official - I'm in love. #swoon

I'm really enjoying these and I can't wait to see how the relationship keeps developing!

I'm going to leave 1 review for the remaining 3 books in this series, Up-Ending Tad: A Journey of Erotic discovery. First off thanks to the author for putting all these in the Kindle Unlimited program, otherwise I would not have found them!! All these stories are m/m gay erotic short stories, each about 80 pages and should be read in order. If your looking for steamy erotic gay romance, than these are for you. They are all smoking hot, hot, hot! Call me crazy, but god, even as a straight marrie [...]

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