Test of Endurance

Kora Knight

Test of Endurance

Test of Endurance

  • Title: Test of Endurance
  • Author: Kora Knight
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The last time Tad saw Scott, the ripped physical trainer left him with quite a lot to think about And that s pretty much all Tad s been doing for nearly two weeks straight At his wit s end, he seeks Scott out, voluntarily, on his own terms Will the completely different setting offer what he s seeking proof that their exchange s unexpected turn was just a random mishap The last time Tad saw Scott, the ripped physical trainer left him with quite a lot to think about And that s pretty much all Tad s been doing for nearly two weeks straight At his wit s end, he seeks Scott out, voluntarily, on his own terms Will the completely different setting offer what he s seeking proof that their exchange s unexpected turn was just a random mishap Hormones run amok and truly nothing Or will being in Scott s presence suggest something different their newest encounter tempting Tad s resolve while testing his ultimate limits.

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3.5 Stars!Well book 2 finds Tad pondering life. Poor Tad, for the life of him, can't figure out why he's still thinking about Scott and the Scott treatment? I mean he's obviously not gay. He's not in to flogging. He'll just go see Scott one more time. To prove that it's nothing. Anybody would have reacted the way Tad did when confronted with the Scott treatment. Guy or girl. And clearly Tad didn't learn his lesson from his last Scott treatment. Hellowelcome back! Damn dudeI think I even got some [...]

4 Stars.Tad has continued on with his life walking away from Scott and all that went on that night with Scott but he can't seem to get him out of his thoughts and what that means not only sexually but about who he is, he keeps picking his phone up putting it down till eventually when his friend asks him to go out with a group of friends including girls and he just can't stomach being with them this just pushes him to pick his phone up and do a workout with Scott actual EXERCISE yes and that's ho [...]

Ridiculously hot sex. Will review when I am finished with the series.

Tad has come up with a handful of excuses that explain his reaction to Scott but unless he goes back, he’ll never truly know. In the hopes of proving that the one-time encounter was based solely on the circumstances, he seeks out Scott. But he soon realizes that even in the most innocent of situations his body craves something more. A little work out session turns into erotic massage as Tad allows Scott to rub in all the right places. Installment two gives you a bit of drama with the conflict [...]

BLOODY HELL, COLD SHOWER ALERT !!!!These books are seriously HOT !!Anyone who enjoys m/m books should definitely try these, am loving Tod and Scott so much, sex scenes are of the charts hot, but there is also a developing relationship going on,Might not be for everyone, depending on your preferences but if you like hot m/m action I would totally recommendedCannot wait for next one, out next month, bring it on, think next one gonna be crazy !!r

Reseño al terminar la serie.

Vacation-Countdown-Shorty #3/19!Wait a minute. I just have to *wipes sweat of her forehead*take a deep breath and gather my thoughts.OK I'm fine!Essentially it wasBesides theIn this story the build-up is slower than in Loser Takes All and we also get some tender moments.Tad's struggles with his inner conflict had me a lot ofWhile at the same time it just made the story feeling more real IMO.I love the friendly banter between Tad and Scott as much as the humor which shows in the writing.While I w [...]

Like that song said, "It's getting hot in here" LOLSeriously, if all m/m romance are like this one, then heck, I'll take em all! Ok, maybe not. While I'm still not fully into this genre, let's just say if it's Kora Knight, then I'll take em all! There! *grins*Tad and Scott's story continues, or should I say more like the study of Tad's character continues. It's all about Tad not understanding what's happened in Loser Takes All yet not being able to help himself to see that something else is happ [...]

***5 "Back for More" Stars!!!***Kora Knight brings the M/M heat again in Volume Two of the Upending Tad series! Tad is still reeling from his earth-shattering experience with Scott and is determined to make sense of what's been going on in his head and his pants for the twelve days since the two were together. So many questions are still unanswered, like the big one Tad poses: "If he really wasn't interested in exploring Scott's affections, then why was he even thinking about it?" The internal s [...]

Bloody hell these books are HOT!

Wow, this M/M erotica is amazing ! This is a descriptive series of a college guy, Tad, having his first BDSM encounter with Scott in his dungeon in book one, leads to Tad returning to do the work out video. Once again, this night proves to be more than Tad counted on. He loves everything Scott is doing. Minute by minute explanation of what both men are doing, feeling, and loving. Whew ! That is a detailed long sexy scene !Looking forward to book 3. 93% of reviewers so far have liked it. Love the [...]

69 pages? *naughty grin* Of course it is.Still delightfully porny, but this time with more feels and - dare I say it - burgeoning clarity?!

3.5 Stars

Sweet jeezus of all things yummy!!! ☆☆☆☆ 4 I Need You So Bad Stars ☆☆☆☆ Tad and Scottn on man these boys will make panties drop I LOVE these boys so much.In this hot little read Tad is trying to figure what the hell just happened with him and Scott and why he liked it so much. He thinks it was just an "in the moment" hot spell. Believing if he just hangs with Scott, as bros, these feelings wouldn't stir inside of him. As Tad convinces himself to go over to Scott's and work on a f [...]

5 Stars!!!Tad can't stop thinking about his night with Scott. In an effort to prove his attraction was a fluke, he uses Scott's invitation to make an exercise video as a way to see him again. But when his "Thank you" is a massage by Scott, will Tad be able to resist him?This series has a bit of a serial format. Questions regarding Scott and the circumstances surrounding the events of book 1, Loser Takes All, are addressed in this installment. I love Scott all the more now. As for Tad, his strugg [...]

Great, hot mm series. Although the books are mainly sex-based, there's a lot going on behind the scenes, and I'm looking forward to an emotional connection between Scott and Tad. Love it!

I started skimming. Just bored. Sadly everyone loved this but me.

***** 5 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stars *****If you're wondering what the heck that means, read below. LOLThis read was:I enjoyed the heck out of this books, as I did #1 Loser Takes All. Check out my updates below!Thanks, Kora! And when can I read #3?? Goddammit ;)for my review click here. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤Reading updates:1%Bring on the porn!2%After all, it wasn't a secret that guys were horn dogs.Oi! *cough*wasn't a secret that [...]

4.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.This picks up right where Loser Takes All left off. Tad is trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to put his experience with Scott behind him. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done with so many reminders, not to mention the video Scott gave him. He decides to take up Scott’s offer of assisting with a weight training video to show himself, once and for all, that what happened with Scott was a fluke.When Tad arrives at Scott’s house, we get to meet Scott’s [...]

Dessert island sexy book pick right here. Nobody does it like Kora. Not even close.

I love these boys !!! On to the next one. I'll write a review when I've finished all of them ;) AgainThank you Susan xoxox

****4.5 BABE Stars****Just a little less intense, but still hot! And then you add in the sweetness, humor, a slow burn, anticipation, and it's just as good!!

Loving this series! Not only was this another incredibly well written hot and sexy scene, the emotion from both Tad and Scott was tangible. A few weeks after their first encounter, Tad finds himself back at Scott's only to prove to himself it was a once only thing. But, it's not only his feelings and attraction he has to overcome to ensure it doesn't happen again.While we have constant insight into Tad's back and forth thoughts on his situation with Scott, we don't hear what Scott is thinking or [...]

These are getting even better! And it was nice to have the dub-con explained.

Good sex. Good feels. An actual plot showing up Moving on to the next one.

OMG. This series. Scorching hot.

Original Blog Post: gaymediareviews.weebly/bloTest Of Endurance-Book 2 in the Up Ending Tad series by Kora Knight! Ever since Tad saw the hot physical trainer Scott last, it's all he can think about. Scott gave Tad one of the best flogging sessions of his life, thanks to the three jocks that more or less forced Tad into it. Now since Tad can't get that night out of his head, he seeks Scott out but this time with his own free will. Since this will be under different circumstances, Tad is wonderin [...]

This story continues where the first one leaves off. Tad is still confused about his reaction to Scott. He can't understand whether it was a normal reaction, or if there really is something to his attraction to Scott.Before leaving the scene in the last section, Scott offers to pay Tad for staring in some instructional work out videos. Tad doesn't really seem to take this suggestion seriously. But, Tad begins to wonder if it was simply the circumstances that he was reacting to, so he takes a cha [...]

Great way to start this month!“Think if it as a test,” Scott breathed, nuzzling his hair. “A test of your endurance.”Scott is just this sex god, but human. So like a sex-human god. The way he talks, and moves, and justis, that’s what makes him sexy. Let’s not forget his innovative ideas in a bed, okay there’s been no bed (maybe in book three), so in his playroom, and table. “Holy crap, dude. You just rammed my tonsils.” Scott barked out another dark, rich laugh. “Again with t [...]

Loser Takes All left us with the feeling that Tad was unsure about what just had happened to him. Scott left him quite satisfied and confused. Test Of Endurance leads us through Tad's private thoughts about Scott. I so enjoyed the humor and conflict that was going on in Tad. He truly started to question why he just couldn't quite feel why his relationships had no zing, spark or anything to rock his socks he chalks it up to "maybe he hasn't found the right one." Kora Knight lets us feel what Tad [...]

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