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  • Title: Resilient
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This is a book of 90 readings tracing the theme of resilience through the Sermon on the Mount. Some might call it a devotional or simply a book of meditations but how one defines it doesn’t really matter. It is a book that challenges the reader to invest time in Jesus words to gain understanding and with the Spirit’s help move from head knowledge to action.The book came about as a result of Sheridan walking through a season when he read the Sermon on the Mount every day. He began journaling [...]

This is a collection of devotions on the Sermon on the Mount. Sheridan is a master writer of devotions: his tone is pastoral without being sentimental; his illustrations are rooted in real life, and he digs deep into the word without being over-intellectual. It is the classic devotional style: a verse at the beginning to reflect upon, with a short but meaty commentary, and questions or quotes at the end. It doesn’t simply go through the Sermon on the Mount, but dots around using several themes [...]

WOW - this book is incredible - this author is honorable and is intelligent and interesting. I cannot tell you how moved I was. I found myself crying and didn't realize it until I needed a Kleenex. I felt what he had to say was mammoth to those who read it and life changing. He talked to about a mighty GOD and how we can come to HIM and why we should. He talked about JESUS and the beatitudes and the great commission. How this changed peoples lives including some prisoners lives in "The Rock" - i [...]

Resilient-your invitation to a Jesus-shaped life is one of those devotional books that you actually can't put down and end up reading continuously within one sitting. Every ‘chapter' pulls you in and either has you raising your hand in agreement or finally making sense of what you've been feeling/thinking and reading in the past.Based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount; Resilient takes you on a journey of 90 readings with stories, scripture, insights from the sermon and life pondering questions. To [...]

I was given this book as part of my Christmas gift by my daughter and son-in-law. It happens that they attend the same church as, and know as a friend the author, Sheridan Voysey. They felt certain that I would both enjoy and be challenged by "resilient". The book, focusing on The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 - 7), takes the form of 90 short chapters, ideal as a daily devotional for three months or so I thought. I have finished it in 39 days and feel I must return to the beginning.On the back [...]

‘Resilient’ is a book of short devotionals, but don’t let that fool you: rather than being self-contained pockets of thought, these short sections go on a journey and build up a picture of a Jesus-shaped life in today’s world. And because it’s Sheridan Voysey writing it - erstwhile radio show host, popular podcaster and speaker - the book is also an invitation to an ongoing conversation on what the Sermon on the Mount is really saying about life in the 21st century, and it pops with id [...]

“We don’t develop resilience only by hearing or reading about it. We develop resilience through action.” Sheridan Voysey, from the chapter entitled: From Words to Deeds I found Sheridan Voysey’s book “Resilient” arrived among my study resources at just the right time for me. It has been while living through a challenging season in my personal life that God has been using Resilient to deepen the resilience I hadn’t realised I had… or needed! The short devotional chapters are easy [...]

What ever your beliefs in life, this book will take you further, and will challenge your thinking. You will gain a new perspective on life. History proves that Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth, and whatever status we give him, we know he spoke words of power - and I am thankful that some can "interpret" his words into our culture, relevant for 2015, better than I can. I appreciate good books, like this one, to expand His teachings into my life. I often think that radio and TV interviewers (li [...]

The newest and freshest devotional around!!This book is a great devotional based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. It is split up into 90 "chapters" or devotionals, each starting with a scripture verse, then followed by Sheridan's commentary, and finishes up with a couple of questions to get you thinking and digging deeper into the Word.Sheridan's style of writing makes this book easy to read, whilst providing great insight and food for thought. You can read it straight through like a book, but I f [...]

Sheridan is an exceptional writer, commentator and thought leader. His latest book is no exception. His practical and thoughtful insights from Jesus' teachings in the Sermon on the Mount offer a daily feast for the soul. 'Resilient' crafts them beautifully into a devotional format, making them accessible to all of us. Sheridan VoyseyResilient: Your Invitation to a Jesus-Shaped Life

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