Death By Poison

Alathia Paris Morgan

Death By Poison

Death By Poison

  • Title: Death By Poison
  • Author: Alathia Paris Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781495158353
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback

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Surviving an abusive husband, Megan starts fresh with her daughter Sally hoping that her future will be better than her past Offering to clean out an old cabin on the ranch, Megan uncovers a murder that has gone unsolved for 25 years Clues in an old journal, missing money, and blackmail are reasons for poisoning Megan, but will it keep the past from being uncovered MeganSurviving an abusive husband, Megan starts fresh with her daughter Sally hoping that her future will be better than her past Offering to clean out an old cabin on the ranch, Megan uncovers a murder that has gone unsolved for 25 years Clues in an old journal, missing money, and blackmail are reasons for poisoning Megan, but will it keep the past from being uncovered Megan has fallen hard for the attractive lawyer who helped her escape Mark is not only patient, but handsome as well Uncertain that Mark can deal with her self confidence issues, she withdraws from those who love her When Mark walks away leaving Megan and Sally vulnerable to the attentions of a killer, will his love for her overcome their problems in time to save her from Death by Poison

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We pick up right where "Ding Dong Is She Dead?" leaves off. I enjoyed this book a lot more. We had more character development and the backstory on Mark and his mother was very sad. Megan has a lot of issues she's dealing with and I like that the author didn't gloss over them. The mystery aspect of the story held my attention and didn't see that coming at all. I love the secondary characters and how they all made Megan and Sally feel apart of the family. I hope there will be a novella in the futu [...]

Death by Poison left off right where Ding Dong! Is She Dead? ended. Allie and Megan will never have a dull moment in their lives and this round is no different. Megan and Sally are moving forward in their lives only to have Megan disrupt the silence of a murder spree gone cold from over twenty years earlier. The mystery is laid out well and it is not easy to catch the hints of the culprit. There is a sense of creepiness that crawls right in and snuggles up to Megan as she begins to spiral downwa [...]

Death by Poison? picks up where Ding Dong! Is She Dead? ends. Megan has collapsed and the story is told in flashback back to the time where Mike dies up to her Megan's collapse. There is more going on than we knew. Megan becomes part of the family since she and Sally are living on the ranch. Mark is in love with her. She is going through Mark's family's home to clean it out when she comes across Mark's mother's journals. In there is the reason why she died but no one wants to believe her until t [...]

I know it's not supposed to be entertaining but seriously a drunk Mark, "carefully stepping down, he didn’t see the kitten at the bottom. Stepping on it, the poor thing let out a horrible screech. Mark reached down and picked up the little thing, holding it to his chest he stroked it trying to calm it down. “It’s okay kitten. I didn’t mean to step on you. Will you be alright?” He held it cradled in his hand while stroking its fur with his other. “I don’t think anything is broken. [...]

After her abusive husband, Mike, is killed Megan tries to start life anew with her daughter, Sally. But, the past refuses to stay in the past. As she’s cleaning out the house of Anne, the sister of her friend, G.G she finds papers that indicate that Anne might not have committed suicide as everyone thought. When she’s later poisoned and barely survives, it’s certain that there’s a murderer on the loose. The problem: finding him—or her—before someone else dies.I received a free copy o [...]

After reading the first book in the series I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Megan once again is in the thick of it, when, after hoping that all the horrors of her abusive marriage were in the past, she can’t shake off feeling that she’s being watched. Discovering mysterious journals, belonging to her new boyfriend Mark’s mother, Anne, only adds to her doubts that Anne was killed by her secret stalker instead of dying of natural causes, [...]

**SPOILER FREE****WARNING** Can be a sensitive subject!Another well written book by this author. Again, this is an easy to follow book. The story plot and characters are diffidently taking you on a ride. This one picks right up where book one left off so I would strongly recommend that you follow this series in order. Page turner for me as I found that I completed this book quicker than expected. This is a series that I hope to see more from!*Received for an honest review*

I started this book in hopes that it might be better than the first one. After about three chapters, I realized that it was not, and gave up. Again, I can't understand all the ratings of four and five stars, as it was full of grammatical errors which, for me, made it nearly impossible to read.**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.**

What a delightful and entertaining read. I read this book in no time and was satisfied with the humor and the disorder of things but most of all the plot. The characters were easy to understand and follow which made the story more intense as the mystery unfolded. Did you feel the ominous dread that was left hanging in this book, I sure did! Great job. I received a free book that I had won through First Read Giveaway. Thank you, Darlene Cruz

Take a close-knit family of good solid characters, stir in some tension, mystery, humor and romance and you've got an entertaining read that kept me guessing 'til the end.

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