The Pistol Poets

Victor Gischler

The Pistol Poets

The Pistol Poets

  • Title: The Pistol Poets
  • Author: Victor Gischler
  • ISBN: 9780440241690
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback

The Edgar nominated author of Gun Monkeys is back with a thrill a minute suspense novel that mixes crime and academia with hilarious results Here Victor Gischler draws us into a wild and wicked world, where tenured professors are busy burying bodies, cash up front P.I s hunt for missing coeds and one desperate street tough has to decide which he d rather be a live poetThe Edgar nominated author of Gun Monkeys is back with a thrill a minute suspense novel that mixes crime and academia with hilarious results Here Victor Gischler draws us into a wild and wicked world, where tenured professors are busy burying bodies, cash up front P.I s hunt for missing coeds and one desperate street tough has to decide which he d rather be a live poet or a dead criminal.An unlucky grad student just got himself killed in a robbery gone bad And as lowly drug lieutenant Harold Jenks races with the killer out of the alley, a light goes off in his head He ll steal the dead kid s identity Now Jenks, who once lorded it over seven square blocks in East St Louis, is headed due west With a.32 in his pocket, a 9mm Glock taped across his back, and a rap sheet nearly as long as Finnegans Wake, he s cruising the halls of academia as Eastern Oklahoma U s newest grad student, looking for action and hoping he can stay one couplet ahead of his violent past While this new bad boy on campus makes mincemeat of his metaphors, across campus visiting professor Jay Morgan has a pressing problem What to do about the dead coed in his bed The professor s no killer, but try telling that to private eye Deke Stubbs With the professor on the lam and Stubbs hot on his trail, trouble blows into town Now, as St Louis drug boss Red Zach and his minions converge on Fumbee, Oklahoma, looking for a consignment of missing cocaine, the bullets start flying faster than the zingers at a faculty hate fest For Morgan and Jenks, now desperate fugitives from poetic justice, survival means learning new skills and learning fast Because if they find out they re bottom of the class, that means they re already dead Featuring the sleaziest, sorriest, and most captivating group of criminal lowlifes, sexed up academics, poets, and rappers ever to collide in one crime novel, The Pistol Poets speeds deliriously to its electrifying payoff.From the Hardcover edition.

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Victor Geishel does it again. Rollicking good noir. Morgan, a visiting professor at a Midwestern university (Geishel assures his colleagues it certainly NOT the one where he teaches creative literature,) wakes up naked next to a young coed he bonked the night before. Problem is she's not waking up having been given some pills by her weed dealer that should really not have been taken with all that alcohol. Morgan's also teaching poetry to some grad students, one paper he is forced to read and gra [...]

Questo libro è un "reduce" di anni e anni (e anni) di permanenza nella mia wishlist, superstite di un periodo in cui romanzi pulp "alla Lansdale", con situazioni impreviste e assurde, personaggi bislacchi, dialoghi paradossali, tanto sesso e tanta violenza, mi piacevano molto. Ora, non più tanto. Probabilmente ha fatto il suo tempo (per quanto mi riguarda).Tutto comincia con un poeta, ovviamente in crisi creativa, professore a contratto di poesia (?) presso un'università di provincia american [...]

This idyllic hardboiled crime novel set in the halls of academia coasts along breezily, but some genuine laugh-out-loud moments make it a worthwhile, if luridly pulpy, read. Whether you've spent time as an English major or not, the idiosyncrasies of the Creative Writing department are pretty much exactly what you'd imagine, so Jay Morgan's reactions to his students strained poetry or bureaucratic department heads will ring true for most readers. However, Morgan's general lack of agency throughou [...]

Who would've thought the hallways of academia would hold secrets and scars of murder, deception and manipulation. For this lighter side of a darker subject, Victor Gischler thrusts his characters unwillingly into situations they are ill prepared. Professor Jay Morgan just wants to put another notch on his belt by bedding a young coed but when said coed od's he finds sanctum in the most of unlikely places. Meanwhile, ying to Morgan's yang Harold Jenks trades his gun for a stolen education, impers [...]

I've got kind of a rule never to read novels set in academia where the main character is a writer as I've found most have a "hothouse fiction" flavor to them. But rules are made to be broken and I made an exception with The Pistol Poets. Alas, I almost didn't make it past the first chapter. A quick search of Google maps would have shown Victor that East St. Louis is in Illinois, not Missouri. Other distractions included "automatic" pistols, clips and cordite, making this seem more a poorly resea [...]

Pistol Poets was good, but not as good as Gischler's Gun Monkeys. It's set at a college and features an English department, which I suspect was inspired by his "day job", which isn't a bad thing, but seemed a little trite and cliched. Still, it was an enjoyable read, with fun characters and enough action to keep me interested. A nice twist on "modern noir pulp".

Strange moral code in who got to survive. moderately funny in a twisted sort of way.

A wickedly entertaining and at times funny novel, this is sort of an American equivalent of Trainspotting set in the world of a college campus.When Harold Jenks and his friend Spoon do a hold up in an alley that goes wrong, Jenks thinks he can take over the victim's life and attend college and maybe make something of himself and escape the street lifestyle but he doesn't bargain on so many obstacles in his way, namely his boss Red Zach, getting caught up in murder, drug busts and many other comp [...]

So, who do you root for when everyone is morally bankrupt? I guess the least bankrupt guy. That was the dilemma I faced while reading the Pistol Poets. What I was hoping for was one of those books where different groups of interesting people converge at the climax of the book and somehow it all works out for a few of them. Luckily, I got that.Living in Green Country Oklahoma, where the book is set, does make me more likely to enjoy the book and the wackiness of the small town university life tha [...]

Il libro è molto scorrevole. Ho trovato la presentazione dei personaggi forse un po' troppo confusionaria, fino a circa metà faticavo ancora ad inquadrare i vari protagonisti. La storia si svolge quasi completamene alla Estern Oklahoma University, narrando la storia di Jay Morgan, un professore con ormai poche aspirazioni ed una carriera già quasi al tramonto. Le sue vicende finiranno per mischiarsi a quelle di Harold Jenks, ragazzo nero proveniente da un quartiere malfamato dove sparatorie e [...]

The Pistol Poets is a screwball noir with a healthy dose of mayhem and madness. As with all books in this sub-genre, plausibility is thin on the ground, but that’s hardly the point. Instead, the plot skates the edges of credibility with a series of twists and turns, double-crosses, dead ends, and violent clashes, acted out with a weird and wonderful set of characters who are all slightly larger than life or are kooky in some way. Moreover, the book is written in nice, tight, expressive prose, [...]

Gischler's first novel, 'Gun Monkeys' had consistently vivid characters and a plot that reads like a lit fuse. 'Pistol Poets', his second is an odd disjointed novel, set in an Oklahoma college and mixes, ineffectively, a feckless itinerant teacher of poetry, a young black drug dealer who assumes the identity of a poetry student, several drug bosses, a sleezy private investigator and a handful of meaningless background characters. There are sufficient bright spots to keep reading - Gischler is a [...]

I grabbed this book when I was deep in the midst of a crime novel binge. It was a very interesting contrast to the Chandler, LaSalle and Hammett books I'd been reading. The characters hold some twisted motivations and some of the more macabre elements seem to not phase them. It was a terrific change of pace to read a contemporary novel with some obvious influence of great past works that wasn't overburdened with "wink, wink" references. Good book from a great writer. Well worth the time. Noir wi [...]

Picked it up in a hostel because it wasn't in German, or one of the MANY pulp soldier of fortune novels.The first third was pretty funny, about a poetry professor who wakes up with a dead student in his bead, and an ex-mafia don that gets rid of the body so that the professor will edit his poetry.But then once the drug deal goes wrong it just degrades into standard shoot em up snoozcore, the kind that there's way too much of already and isn't particualy interesting for any reason.Still, if you'r [...]

This is Victor Gischler's second book, and it follows a graduate student as he enrolls at a university in Eastern Oklahoma. You might be saying to yourself--didn't Ken work with Victor at such a place--and I know what you're thinking. But we were located in Northeastern Oklahoma. And we didn't have a graduate program. And our dean did not wear women's underpants.

Fast pacing kept me reading, but mediocre characterization made for an ultimately unsatisfying read. Also, the body count is VERY high and often pointlessly so. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. At the same time, I'm not a great audience for comic novels so if you like them, you might like it more that I did.

THREE AND A HALF STARSHardened (and not so hardened) criminals, a bag of drugs, poetry. What's not to like? Definately fits into my current "crime in small towns" reading kick. But this one brings chuckles and some off-beat characters. RecommendedTrigger warning: (view spoiler)[hate speach, violence, attempted rape, drugs (use and presence), kidnapping, torture. (hide spoiler)]

from James:If you like Elmore Leonard, Gischler will satisfy you. Slightly more rough-edged perhaps and a less developed plot (really just a comedy of errors), but I enjoyed it. I laughed out loud a couple of times. It's a quick story and exactly the type of distraction reading I was looking for.

Read Gischler's "Go Go Girls" and thought I would go back and read some of his older stuff. The book starts off slow and never really picks up from there. The mix of gritty urban life and small college town just never really clicked for me. Somewhat predictable. Not his best effort.

Unlike The Gun Monkeys", this time Gischler didn't make it In a screwball comedy plausibility is always on thin ground. With this book he couldn't keep it in check.The 2 stars go all for the hilarious one-liners"

Cliche ridden, relatively predictable but enjoyable. Would probably work well as an HBO mini-series staring Channing TatumI think if I'd read this when I was 13 years old I'd proclaim it "really great" alas I'm not 13, and potentially never will be again. Who knows.

Poets as gangsters? Gangsters as poets? Stolen coke, dead co-eds and racists? I have to hope that there's a new sub-sub genre out there: The Southeastern Oklahoma Wacko Genre. If you like Hiaasen, Barry or Dorsey, take a drive out to the plains and give this a try.

This could have been a good book. The premise was fun, the characters interesting, the first 40 pages rocked and rolled, but then the characters never developed further and became less interesting and more devices of plot. By the time I got to the end, I didn't care anymore.

This book was great. Lot's of action, funny, kind of like Pulp Fiction

I didn't think this was "hilarious". I thought it was a weak attempt to spin enough of s story to make gratuitous vulgarity and violence palatable. It didn't work for me.

Very silly, but entertaining.

The writing reminded me of Carl Hiaasen. Stupid humor. Lots of dumb bad guys. Many dead bodies. Too much vomit.

I love mysteries. I love academic novels, especially those centered on creative writing and adjunct profs. I hated this one.

3 and a half stars.It's an okay book to read. Not that thrilling and you mostly know what's up next. Still so I enjoyed reading it. You float along with the story and that's basically it.

2013 book 10.Murder, mayhem, and debauchery in the English department. Wait, did I just write that?

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