The Dark Army

Joseph Delaney

The Dark Army

The Dark Army

  • Title: The Dark Army
  • Author: Joseph Delaney
  • ISBN: 9780370332239
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover

Newly risen from the dead, Thomas Ward has been tasked with leading an army into battle against the dark, alongside his apprentice, Jenny, and the witch assassin Grimalkin But their battle goes terribly wrong, and Tom s situation seems hopeless until Alice a powerful witch turned to the dark appears The second book in the new trilogy about Tom Ward continues the struggleNewly risen from the dead, Thomas Ward has been tasked with leading an army into battle against the dark, alongside his apprentice, Jenny, and the witch assassin Grimalkin But their battle goes terribly wrong, and Tom s situation seems hopeless until Alice a powerful witch turned to the dark appears The second book in the new trilogy about Tom Ward continues the struggle against encroaching enemies and sweeps longtime fans back into familiar settings, such as the Spook s bleak winter home, and brings back old friends and old enemies The Dark Army is the second book in a three book series that will introduce new readers to Joseph Delaney s deliciously scary imagination and delight his longtime fans Perfect for every reader who loves thrills, chills, action, and adventure no prior knowledge of the Last Apprentice series necessary

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3.5I'm actually dissapointed by this - The Spook's series is one of my all time favourites but I'm just not getting on with this new series and I don't know what it is about it. I'm not enjoying the drastic changes with Tom, I feel that he is way more selfish then he was in the original series and I know a lot of people will just say that it's his character development - which I get - but I don't like the new character development that's happening with Tom. Majorly pissed off about Grimalkin, it [...]

3.5 stars. Following a shocker at the end of the first book in the continuing adventures of now Spook Tom Ward, he is forced to lead the human army against the Kobalos by his ally Grimalkin and the head Prince of the realm. He finds himself outmatched by one of their most powerful mages, and is about the succumb when he is aided by a most unexpected person, who readers will be very glad to see. I think some of the things that made the Apprentice series may return, but the foes in this series are [...]

"I belong to the best bit of the dark I'm an earth-witch who serves Pan. My magic comes from the ground; it comes from the elements; it comes from the Earth itself. The truth is, that's what I was always meant to be."Definitely better than the first part but still this series isn't the same as The Wardstone Chronicles. When I started reading I was afraid that The Dark Army would disappoint me just like A New Darkness did. And honestly I didn't enjoy the first part of this book. I still don't lik [...]

Still easing my way into this series. After so many books with Tom Ward, it's difficult to switch characters. Even though they are swapping perspectives, I am still on the fence. Objectively, this was a good book. Subjectively, it almost feels like the books have gotten too big. Tom defeated the devil. What in the world could be worse than that? Oh, the entire species of monsters and anew devil.

The Spooks: The Dark Army, I seriously don't know where to begin or what to write as I am totally hyped after having read it. So I will write a NON-SPOILER section, however if you have decided to read this review THERE WILL BE SPOILERS [WARNING]! And I insist that anyone who has not read the book yet leave, and read the book!Anyway, in terms of staying in the style of previous books, this particular book had a real edge of darkness, so much however, that I even felt my stomach twist! The Dark Ar [...]

ARC from Young Adult Books Central**Spoiler Alert**Because of the nature of A New Darkness, which includes a plot twist that has made me and most of my students want to fling the book across the room in anger, this review contains spoilers. Do not continue if you haven't read the first book in this trilogy!For many magical reasons, Tom is returned to the realm of the living, and Prince Stanislaw is determined to immediately press him back into action. He decides to attack the kulad (tower) at Va [...]

The County Spook is back! And with Ward's dramatic return, old allies resurface including a particular pointy shoed witch and a skilled haizda mage and more! But of course with the return of old allies, there also comes the return of old foes, as well as the rise of new opponents, and the stakes have never been higher in the next chapter of the Spooks series.Joseph Delaney takes the spot light again with the release of his second book in The Starblade Chronicles, and in my personal opinion does [...]

3.5The new war is leading Tom too far away from the creep and crawl that made these stories so successful. I miss the human element of fear, the spooky unknown, solving riddles, learning about new beasties, crawlies and problems, all the while fearing the dark. Now the story has wandered far from home to fight armies that are overwhelming in number and power. Tom seems to sit back and wring his hands at being outsmarted or used- yet again- instead of finding a way to beat the monsters with the t [...]

Wow. Easy five stars!The Spook's books have been my favorite books since I started reading. They're actually the books that made me become a huge reader! I love all the Spook's so much and I'm a die hard fan of every single one of them.But The Dark Army is quite possibly my favorite.This book was a freaking roller coaster of suspense, shock, wonder, and horror, defiantly meeting and going above my already high expectations. I mean Alice and Lukrasta! Slither! This book was so packed with amazing [...]

I was looking forward to the book, and will look forward to the next as well.However I dissaprove of how the relationship with Alice has turned, as it goes against how I personally feel, and it brings me anger, I am less of a forgiving person, so I suspect that it brings happiness to other readers.

Very engaging read! Such a tangled web of information so far for this second series for Tom Ward, I can hardly wait to read what will happen next. It looks bleak, but that probably only means it will be an extra awesome battle in the end!

I sadly could not get through this book. I really tried to push myself to read it, but I think I'm done with this series, it has dragged on for far too long.

A New Darkness ended with a huge shock. Thankfully said shock is undone within a few pages here and Tom Ward's adventures continue where they left off. Tom has been manipulated by his ally the witch assassin Grimalkin to help fight the kobalas army far North of the county. With his new apprentice Jenny in tow, he is forced to lead an army against them, an army that can only fail. The old god Golgoth has joined the kobalas cause and it's up to Tom and his friends to try and stop him. I was surpri [...]

Rating 4.0 starsI don't know if I like where this story is heading. Tom Ward is a spook and his job is to deal with the dark. His tools are salt, iron, a staff, and being the seventh son of a seventh son gives him some protection from the dark. He deals with witches, boggarts, ghasts and other creatures from the dark. At least, that is what he is supposed to be doing. Now that the Kabolos have arrived, he appears to be more of a sword wielding knight. He has multiple allies that are from the dar [...]

This was a good continuation of the Starblade Chronicles. This is the second book in the Starblade Chronicles; which will be a trilogy. I enjoyed watching as all our old favorites continue to fight a new and threatening fiend from the Dark. This book is aimed at an older audience than The Last Apprentice series, more young adult than middle grade.It always takes me a bit to get back into Delaney’s writing style. His style can come off as a bit stiff or stilted sometimes, but once I get a few c [...]

3/24/16: I just ordered this out of England since it's not out in the USA yet (though it is being sold through the US branch of , so no awkward exchange rates on my end). Really excited!4/15/16: (view spoiler)[Jenny annoyed me in the last volume, I was actually annoyed with Alice in this volume, and she has always been a favorite of mine in the past. She's not only strong when it comes to magic, but she's always been very independent and sure of her abilities. This time around, she was constantl [...]

I am horrible disappointing with the whole story plot. What I did not like is the character of main character Tom Ward. In it he is just 17 years old boy who has a big flaw in his character; he has to big heart to say NO to everyone around him. I tried to come up with some explanations why Joseph Delaney wrote him as he is but I can't see any and to be truthful I don't care anymore.What I did not like:1. Tom Ward is young spook who is to stupid to say what he thinks aloud, he rather stays quite [...]

First off, I used to really love the beautiful black and white illustrations at the start of every chapter. I wish we could still have these in the Spooks Series. Some of the pictures could be quite scary and really set the tone of the chapter. I usually rate the books in this series very highly. However, this story left me wanting more mostly because three quarters of the book was not set in the county and seemed to take place in strange lands. Therefore, it didn't feel like a Spooks tale. I am [...]

How many books is one character good for? This is the 15th Tom Ward book. I am not tired of Tom. I always like his voice as the narrator. I will keep going and finish this trilogy when the next book comes out. The writing didn't seem as good in this book as in the first series, though. It was more telling than showing. Jenny was the other narrator, and I didn't like her voice much. She seemed pretty whiny, and never obeyed Tom when he told her to stay away. Also, she doesn't like Alice. Whaaaat? [...]

Continuing the fight against the dark enemies, most takes place this time in what would seem to be Poland. The Assassin witch Grimalkin, enlists enlists the Spooks help to defeat this new threat to mankind.

I'm not sure how much I like this second series. But the way this book ended I'm not sure it's gonna continue. But I could be wrong. Also very upset about one my favorite characters. But I won't spoil.

Started slowly for me, but the end was very surprising Lots of interesting bits along the way 3.5 stars

The Dark Amy is the second book in the Starblade Chronicles. Most of the story takes place in Polyznia, the principality under the rule of Prince Stanislaw. The story picks up right after book one A New Darkness leaves off. Tom Ward, the new County spook is dead, slain by a Shaiksa assassin.I can’t say that I enjoyed this book, but I didn’t hate it either. I give it a solid three stars, and here is why.There was a lot of talk about the new darkness, but it doesn’t really make an appearance [...]

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have read the Wardstone series, a New Darkness and The Dark Army. During the Wardstone chronicles, there were times I felt the series dragged on, but over all I was happy. Action, developing characters, nice tempo with plenty of suspense. I felt the Last book in the Wardstone was EHHH. After all those books and so much leading up to the Fiends death I expected more than just the spook being seen dead. I expected more from the final death of the Fiend, and I expect [...]

Joseph Delaney did it again! This was such an amazing read that I finished it in a couple hours, then listened to the audiobook. For everyone who has read all 10 of the books in his last series then this book will make sense. However, if you want to start this series without reading the other one then you will find most of this series confusing. It is a great read but the characters, storyline, and plot are not strong enough to stand on their own merit without a great deal of context which he gi [...]

I liked this book, but again I have some minor flaws to point out. I'm really not liking how Thomas has gotten a bit, well, whiny. He feels like he's fighting off the back foot far too often. Even though the odds were stacked against him against the Fiend, I never felt this sense that he should suck it up and deal with things like I have in this book and the last one. Also, (view spoiler)[Alice is back, and it felt a bit gift wrapped. I felt like it could've been a much better lead in and build [...]

This book was very disappointing compared to the last apprentice's series. If you ever read the last apprentice's series you can tell the big difference compared to this book. The book is just so empty I can't feel that feeling, suspense, emotion, and horror compared to the last apprentice series. The Dark army feels like just one of those cliché fantasy books. Then you got these "Kobalas" now what I dislike about these creatures is that I just don't find them scary. Just hearing that they can [...]

A strong addition to the world of Tom Ward and the spooks. A lot of good things happened​ in the book and features some returning characters from the original series. The beginning​ is enticing and ramps up the tension as we move and of course having Grimalkin my favourite in the book helps greatly.The Kobalos are an interesting threat as they are little more than beasts who are vindictive and cruel which begs the question how far the characters go to stop them. The small downside with the b [...]

I’m so torn with this series. I loved Delaney’s first series and was pleased to see he wrote another one in the same world with some of the same characters. I read the first in the new series and it was fine then I read this one. I didn’t love it, primarily because of the character Jenny. I find her whiny and a bit annoying. She never listens, does what she wants, and as a result creates more problems. She isn’t helpful and complains about everything. I like Delaney’s girl characters A [...]

Pathetic !!The first book was passable but this one is just plain ridiculous !! The pace from the start gives the story line a silly look at the main characters and in no way feel like hero's in any sense of the worde world the author puts together lacks details needed for a reader to make the story pop to life !! Their are many villains the author could've of pick from but a monster that looked like a Squirrel really a freaking squirrel come man !!! Not worth the money or the time !!!

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