Space Hostages

Sophia McDougall

Space Hostages

Space Hostages

  • Title: Space Hostages
  • Author: Sophia McDougall
  • ISBN: 9781405268684
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

The second book in this interstellar adventure series, perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl You can t cry in space But I was giving it a good go After all, I d just been Thrown Out Of An Airlock by a horde of Aliens and had about three minutes left to live So you can t blame me for trying But as it turned out, that was just the start of my adventuresBThe second book in this interstellar adventure series, perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl You can t cry in space But I was giving it a good go After all, I d just been Thrown Out Of An Airlock by a horde of Aliens and had about three minutes left to live So you can t blame me for trying But as it turned out, that was just the start of my adventuresBecause very soon it became clear that if I was ever going to get back home, not only would I have to Not Die, but me, my friends and our floating robot goldfish would have to Save The World No, scrap that Three Worlds All at the same time Easy, right Praise for Mars Evacuees Read this book If the gods of publishing are at all fair it will be popular and well known, discussed and debated and re enacted well, some bits of it up and down the country The Book Bag Written with a deft and light hand, it is awesomely funny, and detailed, and Hilarious The Book Smugglers A fresh, fast paced space romp Mr Ripley s Enchanted Books.

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I really, REALLY enjoyed the first book in this series - but this one, I absolutely *LOVED.* It's just wickedly smart and funny and awesome, from the beginning straight through to the end - and it made me want to re-read Book 1, MARS EVACUEES, all over again after I finished, just to get to spend more time with the fabulous main characters and savor them even more!This time, Alice and Josephine and all the rest are out way beyond Mars, visiting totally new worlds, and the science fictional world [...]

Outstanding. A great follow-up on the first also outstanding book. (I ordered this from the UK because I was that eager to read it.)

A Well-Balanced, Modern, Old-School Space AdventureBack in the 1960's when I was a middle grader reading middle grade sci-fi, (they called it "juvenile fiction" then, which seems a bit dismissive), one of my favorite authors was Robert Heinlein. "Have Space Suit - Will Travel", "Tunnel in the Sky", "Citizen of the Galaxy", "Between Planets", "Farmer in the Sky" - books like this melded space adventure, alien contact, exploration and settlement of other worlds, teamwork and community, space techn [...]

A worthy successor to Mars Evacuees! I was worried that I might not enjoy this one as much. I'm always kind of weird about middle grade books, which is why I don't tend to read a ton of them. But no worries! I loved this! I made it about 40% of the way through and then decided that I just really needed to finish the book in one fell swoop. So, I did, and it was totally worth it. I think that my favorite part of these books is the aliens. McDougall manages to write them as simultaneously differen [...]

Okay. I think this is going to be a fairly long review for me. In retrospect, it's probably not, but anyway.I want to begin with talking about the first book, Mars Evacuees. That was one of my FAVORITE BOOKS EVER. I loved the witty humor and the characters and everything. It was such a charming read. I picked up Space Hostages with excitement. I loved the first, so I had to read the second. I knew it wasn't going to be as good. I knew that.So really, I wasn't disappointed.I want to begin with wh [...]

Our most recent bedtime story. It's a SF adventure in which the heroes are a bunch of kids, and both my daughter and I much enjoyed it. The aliens are alien enough to be interesting and human enough to be approachable, and the conflict and chaos resolve well despite a few scary "can we have another chapter tonight?" moments. My daughter is mad at the author for not having written another in the series yet though.

This was a fun, quirky little book. I would certainly start with the first book in the series, though (Mars Evacuees), otherwise I expect you'll be lost.

Another good romp of fast plot, sharp characters, and resonant emotions.

ARC from Young Adult Books Central and reviewed there.Alice Dare, having survived Mars Evacuees, has written a book about her experiences and has gained some renown as a "plucky kid from Mars". When she has an opportunity to visit her friend Thsaaa's home planet (The Morrors have an Earth colony in the Swiss Alps, where it is nice and cold!) with her friends Carl, Noel and Josephine, she's very excited, but her parents aren't. Her father doesn't want her traipsing around the galaxy, and her moth [...]

I can't even.Oh boy, this is SO full of problems.(I am pretty sure this review is rather a disorganised mess)To start with : Author, I do NOT need Girl Power at the expense of male characters. And once again everybody actually Doing Something Worthwhile is of the female persuasion. What even? This is so much more in the face than in Mars Evacuees that it made me re-examine my feelings on that one as well, and put some things for me in perspective. I went all the way to enlightenment of "Ah, so t [...]

This book is funny with cliffhangers on every page!

Fantastic sequel to Mars Evacuees! Alice Dare and the other "plucky kids from Mars" (Carl, Noel, Josephine, Thysaa, and of course Goldfish) have been invited to go back into space to celebrate the opening of a new home planet for the Morrors. This time they are traveling on a somewhat sentient ship called the Helen of Troy out into deep space when things start to go terribly wrong. Full of the same humor, science, and adventure as the first, fans of science fiction will not want to miss this ser [...]

So much fun.The first book was also fun, and moved along quickly from crisis to crisis, but ultimately wasn't huge on plot. This book feels much more mature, with emotional resonance and even some relationship ramifications from the events in the first book. Plus Goldfish is great fun.For an adult reader, there is a late revelation which I felt was very telegraphed earlier. I'm not sure if I would have noticed as a MG reader or not. It didn't hurt the story for me, but it was a fairly obvious gu [...]

Lots of fun in middle-grade space opera-land. This time around, our heroine starts out by defying her parents (not good form, young lady), but soon pays for it by getting caught in a hostage situation. Also, there are aliens who are only willing to talk to married couples which doesn't work so well when your main characters are barely aged into double digits.

A very entertaining, intelligent, and imaginative sequel to Mars Evacuees, but, though satisfying, is just not quite as good as the first book. See my full review here.Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss for the digital review copy.

Excellent second edition in this series. Not sure if it will keep going or not, but I think McDougall does a fabulous job of writing action packed science fiction that also makes you think. And the kids are truly the heroes, because most of the adults keep messing things up. The Goldfish still rocks!

This sequel to Mars Evacuees was the same delightful blend of action-packed space-based science fiction and humor, but this one had a bit more of a serious tone. Still, fans of the first book should definitely pick it up.

Like others I loved the first book and ordered the second from Britain. What a great fun series, full of diversity, humor, some science and a several complex worlds represented. Lots of stuff to enjoy and lots to think about.

Just as cute as the first one!

Asher (10yo) read. "Alice and her friends are going to Aushalawa-Moraaa, but they are captured. I really liked how they survived on an alien planet."

Another winner from the brilliant Sophia McDougall. New aliens, new adventures and just as much humour and character building.

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