Trace Evidence: A Virals Short Story Collection

Kathy Reichs Brendan Reichs

Trace Evidence: A Virals Short Story Collection

Trace Evidence: A Virals Short Story Collection

  • Title: Trace Evidence: A Virals Short Story Collection
  • Author: Kathy Reichs Brendan Reichs
  • ISBN: 9780147519207
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback

A collection of four short stories based on the Virals series from New York Times bestselling authors, Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs Fans of the Virals series will be thrilled with this companion volume that includes three short stories originally published as eSpecials as well as an all new, never before seen Virals adventure Shift, Swipe, Shock and the new story SpikeA collection of four short stories based on the Virals series from New York Times bestselling authors, Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs Fans of the Virals series will be thrilled with this companion volume that includes three short stories originally published as eSpecials as well as an all new, never before seen Virals adventure Shift, Swipe, Shock and the new story Spike give further glimpses of the Virals world as they work with Tory s famous great aunt, Temperance Brennan, to solve mysteries, take look at where it all started before they became Virals, and get to the bottom of an attempted sabatoge at Kit and Whitney s wedding.

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This reminded me why the Virals series is one of my favorites! All stories were just so much fun to read, and it felt like re-reading books the again, but actually not because it was a completely different story. It was just awesome for them to work together again, sleuthing and solving mysteries. Even though, compared to the actual book way less risky and dangerous- it was still nice to read and to see my favorite characters again. I missed Tory, Ben, Shelton, and Hiram; they were such a smart [...]

It’s no secret I love the Virals series. And that I ship the hell out of Tori and Ben. I loved the first and the last story the most, because they added something to the main storyline. Loved that we could see how Tori met the boys for the first time, that was honestly so cute!!Quotes:“…they valued what was inside more than out. They remind me of…me. At least, the me I want to be.”“Great. Round up some old ladies at a wedding and get them to commit vandalism. No problem at all.”

"Trace Evidence" is a Virals short story collection that begins with excerpts from the "Shift, Swipe and Shock" novels and adding a new investigation at the end at the wedding of Tory Brennan's dad Christopher (Kit) Howard to his girlfriend Whitney DeBois.In the first of the three stories Tory Brennan's introduced to her father Kit and new friends on Morris Island while helping to save a turtle in distress. A break-in and stolen equipment at the Loggerhead Island Research Institute prompt the se [...]

This was everything I needed after I finished Terminal (the last book in the Virals series). It was sweet and hilarious. It definitely adds to the overall series.I would recommend that you read this after you read Terminal, but if you just can't wait, here is a reading order recommendation:1st story: can be read any time2nd & 3rd story: after the second book in the series4th story: you should only read this after Terminal, because this takes place after Terminal and contains major spoilers.

TRACE EVIDENCE collects four novellas in the Virals universe. The first is SHOCK which tells the very beginning of the story when a grief-stricken Tory meets Kit, Ben, Hiram, and Sheldon for the first time. I liked the way the kids became fast friends and I liked learning how they discovered their clubhouseIFT and SWIPE tell about other mysteries the kids use their Viral powers to solve. SWIPE is particularly entertaining because it takes place at San Diego ComicCon and also stars Tory's great-a [...]

Wow, just wow! This was an amazing comeback from Kathy Reichs (I was really lucky to meet her in November)! The first story was my second favourite, it made me laugh and cry, i read it really fast. Then, in the second one, we got to see again the detective aspect of the books and the Virals. Even though it's my least favourite, I still enjoyed a lot seeing for the last time the pack solving a crime. Then, oh gosh the Virals at ComicCon! When I started to read it, it just made me so happy. The ge [...]

The stories were cute and it was really fun seeing how the gang got together. It was also interesting getting a chance to read the stories in the other characters perspectives. The final short story was following the final book and I wished there was more to it to be honest.4/5

Of course, I loved these stories. And I liked the way Spike finished the series.

I loved this book! it was amazing my favorite short story has to be swipe because of how funny it was its worth the read now I've officially completed all of the virals books!

This book was amazing. I cannot believe it is over. This is the last virals book I will ever read. I'm not crying at all. The first and last novellas were fantastic! Some of the best I've read and my soul honestly aches to think that it is all over! I can only pray that somehow some way they'll be more! So amazing!!

As some of you may remember, I got to review the Virals series and I completely loved it! I'm still hoping Terminal wasn't the last book and that there will be more because I didn't want to leave the characters or the world behind! So it's just as well that there's this handy novella collection, and I loved delving back in to the world! It's a brilliant collection of stories, each short story fills out the world of the Virals even more, filling things in or wrapping things up. Each is fast paced [...]

This review is by a friend who isn't on GoodReads Trace Evidence brings together three of the Virals short stories previously published in e-book with a new short story which is set after the fifth book in the series – Terminal. I was really pleased that the stories were published again in print as I had not had a chance to read them in e-book form, although having them together makes it a little more difficult to orientate yourself around where they should appear in the original Virals series [...]

great book

A great set of Virals short stories. I liked them all, but especially the first story (Shock) and the last one (Swipe).I think my favourite of all was 'Shock' which takes place not long after Tory's mom dies and she arrives on Morris Island. The story is about how she meets Kit, Whitney, and then Ben, Hi and Shelton for the first time. Although there's no 'Viral stuff' going on as it takes place before the first book, I liked it the most because we get to see Tory at her most vulnerable and, bes [...]

Důstojné zakončení (nebo ne?) série o Virátech ♥ Místy dost přitažené za vlasy, ale přece jen je to dobrodrůžo pro mladší čtenáře, tak se s tímto druhem přitaženosti za vlasy počítábooks-postcards-geocaches

This is a nice collection of short stories to compliment the main series. Shock takes place before the first book when Tory first meets her dad and the boys. It's a good introduction and explains how the characters become fast friends. Shift is a standard story where the group solve a case of theft at LIRI. There's nothing unique about the plot, but the story was told from the perspective of each of the characters, rather than just Tory, which was a nice touch and allowed more insight into them. [...]

Trace Evidence is by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs that is categorized in the Sci-Fi Fantasy genre. Tory and her gang (Ben, Hi, Shelton, and Coop) go on a series of adventures solving mysteries and catching criminals in four short stories.In my opinion, I enjoyed the book a lot and I was excited to finally read the short stories after not being able to because they were online. As I got into the book, I was surprised how quick the stories went by and how some of the chapters were told by diffe [...]

Fantastic! If you were a fan of Reichs' YA Virals Series, you will delight in this set of four short stories about Tory, Ben, Hi, & Shelton. Shock is the origin of how Tory arrives in North Carolina and becomes a Morris Islander. Shift is whodunnit mystery of stolen equipment from LIRI. Swipe has Tory and the virals attending Comic Con in San Diego with her Aunt Tempe. Nerd-alert they have a raucous good time and solve a crime that occurs on the showroom floor. Spike is the wedding of Tory's [...]

A lovely collection of Virals stories. "SHOCK": 4 stars. A quick look at Tory's first day on Morris Island and meeting the guys."SHIFT": 4 stars. A nice insight into the heads of each of the Virals, including Kit & visiting Tempe, as the Virals gang try to solve the theft of some LIRI lab equipment."SWIPE": 5 stars. Comic-con, Virals, a poor excuse for a thief and some good old-fashioned fistfights. What more do I need?"SPIKE": 5 stars. Kit & Whitney's wedding day has arrived, but there' [...]

Is it really over?I stumbled on this series and from the very first line I was hooked. But even more than that, so was my reluctant reader 10yr old son!The writing is extraordinarily engaging without complication. A great combination of factual science and paranormal-ish story! Tory, Hi, Shelton and Ben, all goofy, a-dork-able characters that you can't help but laugh along with! This collection of short stories compliment the series well but still leave a feeling of "what's next!"Awesome work on [...]

This collection of 4 short stories in the Virals series was very enjoyable. 3 of the stories have already been published and the 4th takes place after the final book in the series. The short stories center on when Tory first came to South Carolina and met the other Virals (well before they were Virals); a break in LIRI; a trip to Comic Con; and the wedding of Tory's father. After reading the 4th short story, I hope that the authors continue putting out stories on these characters since they are [...]

This book was interesting because it was a series of short stories based around the Virals world which I love to read. It has the story of Tory meeting the boys and the start of their friendship and other stories of mini mysteries which the pack solve using their enhanced skills. I like that Tempe is in most of the stories because she is one of my favourite characters created by Kathy Reichs. I love how it shows the development of Tory and Ben's relationship and I hope their are more Virals book [...]

I've read the individual stories in general once before and just now got to read Shock and Spike. Personally I found Shock to be interesting. It had ups and downs and telling the story from Tory first arriving there was interesting to read.I especially loved Spike, there was a joy to learning about what happens to the others since the end of Terminal. I still have my theories that are actually still possible given what I read. I especially loved it and the ending was a neat surprise.

CAN THERE PLEASE BE A BOOK 6 BECAUSE THE LAST STORY WAS SOOOO FREAKING GOOD! Also, I was thinking, there should be a perspective change, so that we get to see more viewpoints (and that we finally get to see Tory through Ben's eyes :D), and right then, pop! (might not be good onomatopoeia but ignore it) we get to see it from Shelton's perspective and then Ben's and then not sure anymore but IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE THESE STORIES ARE SOOOO FREAKING GOOD!:)

I read all of the virals books but was never able to read any of the short stories. I was extremely happy, therefore, when I first heard that they were all coming out in a book together. Especially the last one, which wrapped up the series in a one year later story. I also really liked the one that showed Tory meeting the boys for the first time. That was really cool.

I haven't read many of the Virals books, but I enjoyed these short stories. I liked learning how Tory first met her father and friends. The other stories are much more problem-solving mysteries. It is very Scooby-Do and "those meddling kids." It's very good YA with fun setting on the island, at Comic-Con, and a wedding

Wait. Wait. Does this mean no more Virals? Was that last story the conclusion of all things Tory? I am so not okay with that.Great collection though. Short stories are never as good as full novels though.I already miss the gang

This book was amazing! I'm happy knowing what happened to the Virals after Terminal, but I still think we need a second series. I loved the characters in this book, each with their own distinct personality, and I love the way Kathy Reichs writes mystery. I consumed this book.

its really great to have more back story and more after what I assume was the last book. And if not then it was good to have stories that were otherwise left out. It's a magnificent work which this dynamic duo always brings to the table.

Trace Evidence contains 4 short stories (Shock, Shift, Swipe, and Spike). I loved one of the short stories because it came from each Virals point of view. It was nice hearing the story from the others and not from just Tory's point of view. Can't wait for the next book!

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