Yummy Addictions


Yummy Addictions

Yummy Addictions

  • Title: Yummy Addictions
  • Author: BelleDavis
  • ISBN: 9781507885802
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

Valentina Vale Zamora is a twenty eight year old executive with a global travel wholesaler and fresh out of a contentious and unfulfilling marriage in which her ex husband left her for a stripper Slowly piecing her shattered self esteem back together, she jets off to Paris in search of some retail therapy and, if she s lucky, a steamy distraction to bring her some sexuaValentina Vale Zamora is a twenty eight year old executive with a global travel wholesaler and fresh out of a contentious and unfulfilling marriage in which her ex husband left her for a stripper Slowly piecing her shattered self esteem back together, she jets off to Paris in search of some retail therapy and, if she s lucky, a steamy distraction to bring her some sexual excitement and maybe even some life insight Sex is definitely on her mind, but a relationship is not So when she finds herself sitting on the flight next to a mysterious and sultry self made millionaire, her heart races and her body tingles like never before A mutual attraction quickly emerges, and after a steamy in flight make out session, Vale decides to pursue him as her sexual tutor.An erotic escapade unfolds against the backdrop of Paris, but will their unbridled lust be a tragic error in judgment, or will it be the beginning of a deep and lasting love Yummy Addictions is a contemporary erotic romance about one woman s sexual exploration, experimentation, and awakening.

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ARC received for reviewwarningiffy ahead.Vale first met him three years ago when she was married to the ba$tard, and now she's single and ready to have a fling. Jase is some serious yumminessI'd want to sit next to him on a plane. This book had hot sex and a great tour of Paris that makes me want to go. Now what happens that they are back in Miami? What does he do for a living I think I know but we'll have to wait and see

***I was provided with a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through netgalley, in exchange for honest feedback.***Sometimes you start a book and you know right away that it just isn't going to work for you. That was how I felt about this book. Early on, I knew that I wasn't ever going to get into it. I didn't connect with the characters and the storyline seemed forced and unbelievable. Nonetheless, I forced myself to read on, albeit with a LOT of skimming.The heroine is on the re [...]

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!Belle Davis aptly titled this book. Vale is celebrating her newly divorced status with a trip to Paris in hopes to have a casual fling when fate intervenes. Sitting next to her on her flight to Paris is a man she met three years prior. A man she had a connection with but was unable to act on it due to already being in a relationship. The sparks are immediate and oh so addicting! While struggling to keeping the relationship a no-strings fling, Jason is trying to show Vale it co [...]

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was hot and fast paced. Vale is running from a betrayal and Paris is the perfect destination. She is a curvaceous girl but not confident after what she had to deal with. When she meets Jason she is intrigued. He is mysterious and handsome and obviously attracted to her. Their relationship is passionate and sizzling but who is Jason really??I liked the story but some of the characters' actions seemed a bit over the top at times. Like t [...]

Arc graciously provided via Ntegalley for a honest review. Honestly , the first book hooked me in, I had to go purchase the next two in the trilogy; why because the cliffhanger ending caught me! I neede to know what happened so be prepared .Valentina"Vale" Zamora is out of a. Bad marriage to a man who did not appreciate what he had leaving Vale A bit self conscious about herself but determined to move on. Vale decides to get away and travel to her favorite place, Paris, for s one shopping and fo [...]

I was giving this book as a recommendation from my friend Nadine and I have to thank her for such a Hot plane ride. This book hooks you right from the beginning. Even though there is the little issue of a cliffhanger, it's still worth the read. I'll definitely purchase the next books because I need to know what happens. Valentina aka "Vale" Zamora was going on a vacation to have a fresh start from a bad marriage to a man that has belittled her and left her self conscious of her sexuality. So to [...]

Val is on her way to Paris after more than a year of therapy and recuperating from a bad marriage and a bad divorce. Paris is her happy place and she's looking to go there to be very, very happy. So, who does she bump into on the flight? Jace, the sexy guy she danced with while on a previous vacation. A bit older with definite sex appeal, Jace may be exactly what Val has been looking but not looking for. Jace has his own secrets as well but will they be enough to keep them a part?I like this fir [...]

ARC provided by Netgalley for honest review. This is the type of book I needed, it sucks you right in, and you instantly fall in love with both characters. Vale is a recently divorced 28 yr old, heading out on a romantic vacation for one in Paris. Along the way she runs into the intoxicating Jason Copper, who had a dash of mystery to him. They have a whirlwind romance in the city of love. This is a good quick read, and will have you take multiple cold showers along the way. Forewarning, it does [...]

Aww! How sweet!-that is what I thought after reading this :)Great read. It's quick, but not to quick. It's definitely a romance, no ifs, ands, or buts. And it's rather enjoyable read.One thing I did not like was the fact that Valentina talked on and on and on! I mean, yes, I understand the author is trying to set a scene, but (sorry to be so blunt) one does not have to name everything on ones mind to create a great story.I give this a 3.98 stars. Oh so close to a four!**ARC provided by Netgalley [...]

"A copy of this book has been provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review "

4 Yummy ★This book is like a chemistry lesson. A sexual chemistry lesson. You have a Cuban girl and a Yummy man who meet (again) in an airport, both going from Miami to Paris. She’s recently divorced and wants a luxury vacation by herself and he’s taking another flight from Paris to Barcelona to get on a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.Long story short we have: a hot flight where the two of them turn each other on as much as they can, a 5★ vacation in Paris (she takes us everywhere, from [...]

Well, that was a trip I would love to take. Paris, the city of lights, it's the perfect setting for this steamy romance, we get love, fashion and cuisine. Jason is a hot alpha male with a mysterious past. He remembered Vale from a nightclub in Nassau three years ago and hasn't forgotten her.Valentine is planning to enjoy her favorite city after a long divorce with a self-righteous bastard. And what a yummy coincidence that Jase is in the same plane to Paris.I'm dying to know more about Jason, ca [...]

To be honest, the title threw me off a little. I was expecting either something food related or a little lacking on the maturity but this was neither and I was pleasantly surprised. Vale reconnects with Jason, whom she had a previous encounter and attraction and they make her vacation quite memorable. This story is HAWT. I'm STILL fanning myself.*ARC received in exchange for an honest review**

3 "I need you" Stars ***A copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***This was a quick, easy no thinking kind of read. One that you can pick up and not have to invest a whole lot of yourself into it. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes those are just the type of books you need. Overall I did enjoy reading this one, there was some great descriptions, some steamy parts and overall decently written.With that being said I hated the ending. Seriously that was some crap. [...]

Vale is taking a trip to Paris. When she boards the plane she finds herself being seated next to the a very sexy man. But this man is no stranger to Vale, while she doesn't recognize him at first, he certainly remembers her. They met a year prior while she was on girls only trip with her friends. They hit off then, but Vale was still married to the bastard. Vale isn't looking for a relationship, her marriage wasn't good and her ex was demeaning, emotionally abusive and a cheater but that doesn't [...]

Wow! Super Hot! "Vale" and "Jase" are so great together. Vale is so great and doesn't even realize it. Her ex really did a number on her. Jase is just a "sex god", but oh so sweet. However, there are a lot of things that he is holding back on. I can't wait to read book two. I really want to know how their story continues. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book is extremely hot!!Its a lusty romance story between Vale and Jason.They meet by chance and the chemistry they share is off the charts.Which leads to a week affair with lots of intensive lustful sex. Then yes there's a cliffhangerC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a fast read with a lot of sexy hot sex scenes to keep the pages turning. Val is on her way to Paris after divorcing her husband and she figures that shopping will help her over that part of her life. When sitting next to her is Jason and wonders if anything could happen between them. Oh I would so. Between many places, and she is enjoying forgetting her troubles away. She is now later wondering if maybe she literately jump in to soon with someone without knowing more about them and towar [...]

At A Glance Nothing special but I still enjoyed it. The Good I have to be honest, if I wasn't in the mood I am right now, this would have been a 3 starer. But I am into easy, no-thinking kind of stories. Yummy Addiction was a good ol' erotic romance.After getting divorced, Vale goes on a trip to Paris to get it on with a random, hot French dude. But before she get's her groove back, she meets a hottie on the plane and they spend an erotic and luxurious few days together. At the end of the tri [...]

It is not my first time to read a romantic novel but it is definitely my first time to read an erotic one. And I have to skip some certain scenes because it's definitely not for me and for matured readers only. But got to read mostly of course. No doubt Belle Davis nailed those erotic scenes.The story is written in Vale's POV. Vale got divorced almost a year ago because her marriage with The Bastard just didn't worked out. And because of the failed marriage, Vale somehow got lost in herself and [...]

Rating: 2/5(I received a free ecopy from the publisher, BD Books, Inc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)***Spoilers***Valentina "Vale" Zamora is on her way to Paris for a week of relaxation and escape. She's still getting over the insecurity of her husband leaving her for a young, skinny blonde after years of him telling her that she's too fat, too this, too that. On the flight there, she finds herself sitting beside an old friend, Jason, who she met a couple years ago. They're mad [...]

Yummy Addictions and Temptations by Belle Davis ReviewsYummy Addictions (The Yummy Trilogy #1)Yummy Temptations (The Yummy Trilogy #2)I have 2 reviews in 1. I received both books for an honest review. Reviews done by Cassandra Brookerbellacassandra facebook/pages/CassanYummy Addictions review 5 Sexy, Tantalizing, Hot stars!!!Love, Love, Love this series!!!!! This is the first book in the trilogy and it is non stop action with a lot of sex! It’s a wonderful story and how to people reconnect on [...]

Well, well, well First part of the book was a big tease, I’ll say that! A very well built tease! I enjoyed every part of it, my only regret being I did not have the chance to know Jason better.The story centers on Valentina’s post marriage life, after her divorce, trying to taste the life her husband denied and to regain her self-esteem. As an employer of a travel agency, she flies on a week trip to Paris where she intends to have a one night stand or at least to enjoy herself in the company [...]

After finally getting out of a bad marriage, Valentina decides to treat herself by taking a trip to Paris. While at the airport she sees a glimpse of a man who is “delicious and sexy”. When she finally boards her plane, she is thrilled to see she is sitting by the man that caught her eye. Come to find out, they met three years earlier while in Nassau. At that time, nothing happened between them because Valentina was married. But now that she is divorced, anything goes. In fact her goal while [...]

Valentina Zamora is a woman who works in the travel industry, who recently got out of a marriage. Her ex-husband left her for a much younger stripper, which has left her feeling very down and self-conscious about herself. She decides to have some “me” time and fly to one of her favorite places in the world, Paris. She plans on doing the typical retail therapy while she is there, but her secret desire in Paris is for some hot male distractions from life. She’s definitely not in to the whole [...]

Yummy Addictions 2 starsDidn’t work for me at all!Sometimes you read the synopsis of a book and think, “Oh, this looks good!” But then you already know after barely getting into that it’s not good but you keep hoping that it will better. Well for me, this was one of those books. I honestly barely got through it and then when I did I was so thankful that it was over that I didn’t even care that it ended on a cliffhanger. I was that happy to be finished with it.A brief rundown is this… [...]

This is my first time reading a book by this author and let me say that I will definitely be reading more. Yummy Addictions was a sexy read and it pulled you right in. The author made me feel like I was right there in Paris. I want to go down to Paris and go shopping now, lol.In this 1st installment to the Yummy trilogy, we meet Vale and Jason. Vale is a pretty Cuban girl, with curves and all. Her ex-husband did not appreciate her, which left her feeling very self-conscious about herself. Physic [...]

So only 2% in and I already hate the heroine:I move to the side, stealthily trying to check out the people toward the front of the line, but Fake Naomi, or Ms. Birkin, as I have now named her, is doing a good job view -blocking me. Bitch.And only 2% in and I was already hit by a wave of insta lust. Hmm fine:I open my eyes, zero in on him, and instinctively lick my lips, noticing his strong back and muscular, jeans-clad legs. I’m thrown off balance by the sudden image of his powerful thighs bet [...]

I rated this book 2 stars. Let me tell you why. First of all, this book is not so badly written, which is rather rare by these times It's simple and a little quick but nice. You don't have to think too much when you are reading it, and I'm not saying this in a bad way. Sometimes you just want to relax and of course READ and this book is a nice pick for a relaxing time. (Relaxing BUT steamy time) ;) I also tought as a french girl that Paris was well described and you could really feel the city. I [...]

Yummy Addictions - Book 1Captivating, provocative, intriguing and very steamy. Yummy Trilogy by Belle Davis is a fun read, and super-hot. Is a well-written story with likable character and an excellent backdrop description, which makes me visualize all those places, and feel as one of the characters. Mainly what I love the most is how Jason and Valentina have great chemistry which makes this story more enjoyable.However, the one things I really dislike is that there was excessive advertisement o [...]

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