A'dab's Gift

Talia Haven

A'dab's Gift

A'dab's Gift

  • Title: A'dab's Gift
  • Author: Talia Haven
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: ebook

The caravan god is given camels as a gift by A dab s father But the god refuses to let her father make another pair to set loose in the mortal world.Mid grade short story.

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A’dab lives in the world of the magical, just a thin curtain away from the realm of humans. Her father is a creator of animals, which he gives to the god of caravans at every festive occasion. At one such event, he offers the gift of two camels. The god is pleased, and sends the new creatures to his menagerie. This is a gesture that doesn’t sit well with A’dab. She decides to do something about it in order to better the lives of the mortals she so loves, thus putting her own existence in p [...]

Given To Me For An Honest ReviewA'dab's Gift by Talia Haven is a good read for ages 6 - 18 and grades 4 - 12. This is a good read aloud or read alone. The caravan God is given camels as a gift from A'dab's father. But, God refuses to allow the father to make more camels to let loose for the mortal world. A'dab decides to steal the camels from God to give to the people. Because of what she has done, she is put in a lamp to serve men. After she grants a mortal three wishes, she is to return to the [...]

A'dab's Gift is a middle grade short story for ages 6-12. It is fast and easy read and I think can be read in one sitting by most readers. This was a very interesting short story about a god and a family that gives him gifts in the world of the gods but when one of this family defies him to help mortals she is punished.The story itself is very interesting - you question many things like religion, death, punishment, purpose though this short installment. I think I would like to find out what happ [...]

Magical ParableThis is the second story I've read by Talia Haven and the work still impresses me. Short stories are often harder to write as the writer must write a complete story, and this is one of those stories. It's magical and festive, and the writer expresses the story and culture very well. It does come across as a folk tale or parable and does seem to provide a lesson, not just to A'dab but the reader as well. The story does feel like it's just the beginning and lets hope there is more t [...]

This is a quick easy read for middle-grade children. It's a unique look at the first "genie in a bottle." Some of it is a bit violent and dark, so parents might want to read it first before handing it to a child. While it a great short story as it is, I can see a novel or even a series of novels written from this idea. I think it would be fascinating to learn more about A'dab and her adventures.**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my o [...]

This is another version of the story of the lamp. It is quite well done, nicely written, beautiful story, enjoyable read, and I really liked the illustrations.The child really got into this story and asked for it on several occasions. Encouraged by this story was several pieces of artwork, as well as looking at other stories based on the same subject and making up our own.

A FUN READOKlots of sand, Quick read, wind, sandstorm, theft of camels, once caught the punishment for the crime willSurprise youOH MY enjoy

The story of how humans got camels and the genie in a bottle came to be.Okay.

I received this eBook in exchange for an honest review.To be completely honest, I was completely unsure as to what I should expect when I was contacted in regards to receiving this for review. But, upon starting it, I was surprised to find just how fast I fell into the story.Haven has such an easy-going writing style that you can't help but race through the words that're on the page in front of you.Overall, I found A'dab's Gift to be a quirky short read, and I am looking forward to more things t [...]

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