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  • Title: April
  • Author: Audrey Carlan
  • ISBN: 9780990914396
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook

Baseball, beer, and a hot boy Nothing can beat that Until I meet Mason Mace Murphy the next it pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and my client He s immature, arrogant, sexy as sin, and the last man that s going to get into my panties He s not used to hearing the word no from women, so I m going to spell it out for him N Not going to happen O Out of your league bBaseball, beer, and a hot boy Nothing can beat that Until I meet Mason Mace Murphy the next it pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and my client He s immature, arrogant, sexy as sin, and the last man that s going to get into my panties He s not used to hearing the word no from women, so I m going to spell it out for him N Not going to happen O Out of your league buddy I was hired to cuddle up to the annoying, beautiful athlete, and give prospective advertisers and fans a different view of this hot shot professional baller Only he s everything I detest in a man all wrapped into a dream package Baseball player, talented, athletic body, sculpted face, and ass you can bounce quarters off of Unfortunately, he also believes he s God s gift to women, a man whore, throws money around like it grows on trees, and conceited The challenge for him, to break down my defenses and get in there My challenge, avoid hopping in the sack with him at all costs Mia Saunders continues her mission to save her comatose father from her dangerous, loan shark ex boyfriend This month, she serves as a high priced escort to a professional baseball player named Mace Murphy in Boston, MA Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015 The stories will feature Mia s journey as an escort to twelve clients in twelve different locations Warning This book is designed for audiences 18 due to language and graphic sexual content.

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. and that's book 4 done!Loved it. Off to Hawaii now!

These are not books, they're short stories. All 12 of them together would be a book. And I really wish authors would hire editors that actually know the difference between to and too and who's and whose.

Ho lasciato passare svariati mesi dal volume precedente della serie perché leggere questa roba tutta insieme… no, sarebbe davvero troppo, del tipo “Oh no, mi è venuta l’ulcera!”.Sono andata a rileggermi le recensioni dei mesi precedenti perché, per fortuna, avevo completamente cancellato ogni dettaglio di questa insulsa serie.Ahimè… il livello continua a essere penoso a voler essere buona.Ci saranno spoiler, ma alla fin della fiera non succede nulla in queste paginette, a parte var [...]

This book wasn't the worst one in the series. I kinda liked Mia at some point, she is developing as a character, which I like. The story in this book wasn't all about her and the steamy sex she has as well. Next to that, she is doing something good for society, so it was pretty okay.This review was first posted on BiteIntoBooks BlogProsMia: At some point in this book I could relate to Mia. I understood the choices she made and she felt more like a real person.Think Pink: The fact that there is b [...]

Translation widget on the blog!!!O poveste care mi-a plăcut foarte mult. Cred ca este cea mai frumoasa de pana acum. Este capabilă sa facă sacrificii pentru doua persoane care se iubesc cu adevărat.Recenzia completa aici: justreadingmybooks.wordpress.

This month Mia is the pretend girlfriend of baseball player Mason. It's another great book in this series, although I did enjoy it a bit less than the previous ones, not quite sure why. It was pretty hard to like Mason at first, he was rude, a player, treated women badly, drank too much, arrogant and immature. Mia is there to help his image by being his pretend girlfriend and it was great to see the change in Mason. I think the change went a bit fast, but it was believable. He slowly started cha [...]

I definitely enjoyed reading this book, but I liked March better. I liked the fact that Mia, again, tries to something good for her client. The reason why I liked March better was because (view spoiler)[Alec came by to have sex, because Mia felt lonely. I didn't really think their kind of intimacy was necessary in April. It didn't really add up on the story if you ask me. (hide spoiler)] I'm curious for what May will bring me though.

This was a book without great emotions or a great story, I did not really sympathize with Mason nor do I think it added something new to Mia's life. Except the lesson she draws from each of the clients. And it was a disappointment to Wes's situation, though I could understand, my romantic side was hoping for better.

3.5 starsAvec le résumé de ce 4e tome de la série Calendar Girl, j'avais de grandes attentes. Je suis une grande fan de romance sportive et j'étais sincèrement très excitée que Mia puisse passer un mois avec un joueur de baseball professionnel. Malheureusement pour moi, ce n'est pas là-dessus que l'auteure a mis l'emphase.Cette fois, Mia s'envole pour Boston où elle fera la connaissance de Mason, un joueur de baseball de l'équipe des Red Sox dont elle est fan. Elle qui croyait passer u [...]

Wat was dit nou? Het Maart deel was best aardig en dit vierde deel was zelfs minder goed dan februari! Mia wordt neergezet als een 'engel' die in iedereen het beste en juiste naar boven brengt, de reddende engel , de koppelaarster, het meisje met de levenswijsheid van een bejaarde. Zo irritant. Ook het benefiet gebeuren voor borstkanker stoorde me. Gewoon te simpel verzonnen. Vond dit deel in zijn geheel te simpel verzonnen. Ga nu zwaar twijfelen aan deze serie.

Dit deel van de serie vond ik iets minder. Totaal niet geloofwaardig en ik vond Mace ook maar een eikel. En dan dat benefietgala dat ze organiseren, neh, dat vond ik ook helemaal niks. Wel vind ik het leuk dat Wes weer even genoemd werd in dit verhaal, maar ook dat viel me een beetje tegen. Ondanks dat lees ik volgende maand wel weer mee, want ik vind het zo leuk om bij BooksEverAfter erover te praten.


Nouja, niet helemaal "finished". Op driekwart van het boek trok ik het echt niet meer.Het oogrollen begon op de eerste pagina al:"Hij had roodbruin haar en een zelfverzekerd lachje dat al zijn vrouwelijke fans waarschijnlijk een nat slipje bezorgde, maar ik was minder snel onder de indruk."Minder snel onder de indruk? Pardon? Hebben we het nog steeds over dezelfde Mia? De Mia die alleen bij het zíén van een gast al door kamers glibbert? RightEn toen, slechts een pagina verder, kreeg ik dit te [...]

As Mia's year continues, she finds herself in Boston, Massachusetts. When she meets Mason Murphy, star starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, she finds herself wondering if she'll be able to make it through the month. Mason seems to be a cocky, self-centered jock, but as Mia gets to know him more, she comes to realize that he really has a heart of gold. As they spend the month together, Mia helps Mason realize that what he may be looking for in a girl might be right under his nose, and Mason t [...]

Mia's journey takes her to Boston where she is hired to be the girlfriend of hot shot Red Sox baseball pitcher Mason Murphy. Mace is a womanizer who treats woman as if they are expendable. When he sees Mia he can't wait to lay her down and get his money's worth. Only problem is Mia's a hard ass. There's no way she's letting this sexy as sin douchecanoe get between her thighs. It all becomes moot when Mia learns what type of man Mason really is. That's when the entire game changes. Once again the [...]

April takes Mia to Boston to be with a baseball bad boy. What she doesn’t anticipate is his full of himself attitude!This month’s journey has a lot of special, deeper meaning (that I very well could be making up!) hidden in the story. Friendship, forgiveness, and acceptance stood out to me. I love watching Mia bloom as this road leads her across the country.Oh, and did I say anything about the heat level yet? NO!? Well, let me correct that. This book, and Mia’s encounters, are hot enough t [...]

J'apprécie de plus en plus cette petite saga qui se déroule sur une année !Le mois débutant difficilement avec un Mason qui se comportait comme un vrai connard. Au fil du mois, j'ai pu apprécié un mec sympa, adorable et très attachant.De ce mois, Mia retiendra qu'elle doit vivre chaque instant et ne pas s'empêcher de faire des choses pour être heureuse dans la vie."Taking chances toward your special happiness is important, and far too often people stuck in the daily grind, or think the [...]

Mia'nın yolculuğu Nisan ayında da hız kesmeden devam ediyorBaşrollerde bir İrlandalı olunca çok şey beklemiştim ben ama ümitlerim suya düştü :( :D Ama olsun Mason 'Mace' Murphy ile tanışmak bile yetti Canım yaa Çok sevdim İlerleyen aylarda kendisiyle tekrar karşılaşmayı umuyorum :)Biricik Fransız'ım Alec de şöyle bir kendini gösterdi, kitap tadından yenmez oldu Darısı Wes'in başına diyorum Ama pek umudum yok :(Mayıs ayına geçiyoruz artık Mia için her şey ç [...]

Doce meses de aventuras por fin llego a su final, muy entretenida y con escenas algo subidas de tono, cada mes con diferentes personas se forjaban amistades duraderas, Mia y wes son unos personajes muy amorosos y me agrado mucho que confiaron en el viaje de sus vidas.

recensie volgt op mijn blog!

Ce n est pas comme si j avais 6 mois de retard lol j ai donc dévoré ce mois d avril et j ai bien ri avec Mason Murphy , quel numéro celui là J aime vraiment les choix que Mia va faire dans ce tome car elle va nous montrer une autre facette d elle même et quel plaisir de retrouver un personnage présent précédemment Chronique complète à venir .

Kesinlikle Mart kitabından iyiydi. Yine de hala Wes ile ilgili durumlar sinirimi bozuyor. Sinir ola ola bitireceğim bu gidişle seriyi :D

Dit was wel weer een leuk deel van de serie. Net zoals maart ging het dit keer ook niet puur om de seks maar was er ook echt nog een verhaal omheen

Histoire moins intéressante ou émouvante que les autres, et trop vulgaire.

[laura-passage/calendar-gir]Calendar Girl Avril est un mois qui m'a beaucoup plu, mêlant encore une fois les dérives et les morales de cette histoire, tout en faisant avancer Mia, et Audrey Carlan arrive une nouvelle fois à nuancer les deux aspects complètement opposés avec brio. Vivement le tome de Mai !

The installments are getting better. If each one was a chapter in a book it would have been a better series, but then again I wouldn’t have to wait each month to continue reading and the discussions at our book club would have been more dull.

Drama in a handbasket!LOVED IT!This story had so much going on in such a short story! I swear shes helping everyone shes with and I hope in the end they come to her aid after all shes done in such a short time. Life Changing stuff for some of her clients.Mace is a sexy Irish Baseball player who needs Mia to help clean up his image but ends up helping him with alot more then he paid for.Save the TA TAs!

This month, I’m going to dedicate a song to Mia Big Girls’Don't Cry by Fergie.Going into the 4th installment of Mia’s “escort” job, she finds herself in Boston and surrounded by all things baseball as she’s hired to help change the public's view on one Mason Murphy, the Red Sox latest bad boy pitcher. Mia’s time and the whirlwind of activities range from learning about Masons family and jumping on the PR bandwagon for him. but she also plays matchmaker. From her own perspective, sh [...]

Bloody hell Mia, I am so disappointed in you. You are making bad choices and I can't believe who you called.Mia does seem to be a bit of an agony aunt and is able to read people pretty well. She also plays a big part in their lives for the month and they are all upset when she leaves.This is a strange series because the outcome is feeling predictable and yet I can't see that being the right ending. Every sexcapade makes me die a little inside at the way Mia is behaving despite her heart saying d [...]

5 steamy heartfelt stars!!Book 4 April Calendar Girl Series by Audrey Carlan is a Home Run!!!One sexy arrogant pro ball player strikes out hard with the gorgeous Mia in this month's adventure. Lessons in love,heartbreak, trust, truth and reaffirmation combined with scorching hot sex (as only Audrey can write it) combine to make this an absolute must read!!!I love this series! Audrey writes so you feel it, can relate to it and you want to be a part of it!Find out for yourself! Join Team Mia!!!Wri [...]

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