Cameron's Contract

Vanessa Fewings

Cameron's Contract

Cameron's Contract

  • Title: Cameron's Contract
  • Author: Vanessa Fewings
  • ISBN: 9780991204663
  • Page: 377
  • Format: ebook

From USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Fewings of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS comes the mesmerizing conclusion to CAMERON S CONTROL, the thrilling duet featuring the enigmatic Cole, founder and director of the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles Enemies swirl Boundaries break Love shatters The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his poFrom USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Fewings of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS comes the mesmerizing conclusion to CAMERON S CONTROL, the thrilling duet featuring the enigmatic Cole, founder and director of the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles Enemies swirl Boundaries break Love shatters The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his possessions will feel his wrath Billionaire Cameron Cole is a man without equal For his true wealth is his intellect.Words bind, and once ink soaks paper, lives change.With Cameron s Contract, the second novella in the bestselling Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings raises the stakes and deepens the passion for a world renowned psychiatrist and his beloved submissive.With this stunning conclusion to CAMERON S CONTROL, Fewings continues to expand the seductive world that has captivated readers around the globe, a collection that includes the three novels Enthrall, Enthrall Her, and Enthrall HimE ENTHRALL SESSIONS TRILOGY now available in box set is Mia Lauren s awakening set against the backdrop of the exclusive Enthrall BDSM club in Los AngelesE BEYOND ENTHRALL DUET is founder of Enthrall, Cameron Cole s story, picking up after Enthrall Him, book 3 s ending, but can be read as a stand alone duet.WITHIN ENTHRALL are stand alone novellas featuring characters from the Enthrall Sessions trilogy and Beyond Enthrall duet.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Cameron’s Contract, book 2 of 2. Master-manipulator Dr. Cameron Cole has met the person he is willing to give up control for!“Our fight was not for supremacy but to prove to each other how deep our love went, as though words failed us. The only truth was this, my mouth taking hers in a desperate fucking of souls.”Books in the Enthrall Sessions series should be read in order:Book 1: EnthrallBook 2: Enthrall HerBook 3: Enthrall HimOR Book 1-3:Enthrall Sessions [...]

Another fantastic book in a highly recommended series!In my world, our self-inflicted bondage with chains, cuffs, and ropes was never about containment, but freedom, a letting go.An allowing.Finding freedom through another and proving without a doubt we are not islands of being, but needful of each other.And God how I needed her. This novella was amazing! I'm so in love with these characters, and I finished this book with a huge grin on my face.Note to the reader: I recommend reading the Enthral [...]

He's going to share everything. The conflict. The love. The decisions. Being a billionaire gets the adrenaline going.

Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.Cameron’s Contract is the second novella and book five in the Enthrall Sessions series and is an Adult, Erotic Romance written by Vanessa Fewings. I was gifted an ecopy from the author in exchange for an honest review through Literati Author Services.5 “Cameron is God-Like” Stars!Gently Suspenseful, Wistfully Romantic and Unquestionably Provocative! An Insta-add To My Re-Read Pile!The Review:I have to admit, my heart soared when I saw this on [...]

I've constantly put off writing this review. I felt that, once I wrote it, it would really be the end. Cameron's Control is the second of the Enthrall Sessions Novellas, and the end of Cameron's story. Of course that could always change, but it ended in such a way, that it felt complete, and resolved.Almost like closure. When Enthrall Him finished, we didn't really get to see what became of Cameron and Mia. Yes the ending was perfection, but there was no epilogue, so we could see what happened a [...]

Cameron’s Contract, the second novella in the bestselling Enthrall Sessions.Chrysalis: A transitional state, evolving into a butterfly.Cameron Cole lived a life of privilege, and never looked back when he had chosen his profession, along with his unusual methods of treatment. Now he had everything he could possibly want. Mia was his, and they cocooned themselves in their love.But Duty called, he would be confronted with challenges out of his expertise. The risk were high and his family looked [...]

#EnthrallSessions #romance #CameronsContract @VanessaFewingsCameron's ContractQueenZany 5 Star ReviewCameron's ContractBy Vanessa Fewings I have to say that I own everyone of these books from this series!Plus now I also own the audio books as well!You have to hand it to David Steele!!! For mastering the narration in the Camerons Contract and as well as in Cameron's Control!If you're a fan of BDSM / Erotica then this is the series for you. Vanessa Fewings wrote an exsotic tale of sex, lust and lo [...]

Satisfying conclusion to Cameron and Mia's journeyBrava Vanessa Fewings for a satisfying conclusion to the Enthrall series. Nearly all the loose ends were tied neatly and our lovers got their HEA after a hand-wring, knuckle biting journey to get there.

What can I say about these books? They are absolutely brilliant!!! They only get better as they go. Love Cameron & Mia!!! Would love to readMore of their future together, possibly a family.

Oh, how I LOVE Cameron Cole!He is such a well-written and well-conceived character. Cameron is very complex, very controlled and VERY swoon-worthy. I love that he is not only a Dom but he is also a psychiatrist, so he definitely knows what he’s doing. And it was great to see the master manipulator baring his soul and falling in love. Another great installment to the series.

This book leads further into Cameron's and Mia's relationship also looks more into his relationship with his brother and even a little into how he first met Richard. I love how Cameron fights for his father's business and how he is very protective of those he love, Henry and Mia. Another great novel!

Oh yeahThis series gives us all of it. Each section can be read by itself, with the catch-up parts to fill the story in. But nothing beats reading the group in its entirety. One book has drawn me into the next. Really great writing!

Okay so I've found my new favorite series! I've finished it and I'm at a loss for words about this book, I'm in love with Cameron Cole! And I can't wait to see what's in store next! I'm speechless, my brain is fried in the best way, I couldn't put these books down! Intrigue, suspense, erotica, angst, etc Simply DELICIOUS!

Cameron and Mia’s feelings have only intensified in the second installment of the Enthrall novella. Cameron is determined to bind Mia to him with a contract. Silly boy, doesn’t he know they're already bound in all the ways that matter?I liked how author Vanessa Fewing wraps up Cameron and Mia’s story. It was just as thrilling and exciting as the entire Enthrall series, which is by far the best erotica series out there bar none.Sebastian York narrates once again in this fully voiced product [...]

“Mia is my woman”, “I know you love her”, “If anything happens to her. . . . ”! All confirmation that Cameron will doing anything to get Mia out of the danger she has put herself in all because she wanted to save any embarrassment to Cameron and his family. The cliffhanger gets resolved, and with it a closure to some of the demons in Mia’s past that has always haunted her. This book is a wrap up of everything that has happened in the last four books. We learn exactly what happened [...]

I am utterly Enthralled!This series had me enslaved from page one, the writing was elegant, witty, and smooth. The story so very refreshing. As having read many BDSM novels Enthralled surprised me with an original storyline, it’s slow build up had me turning pages throughout the night. The characters are all unique and intriguing and had my mind wondering which direction this book would lead. I'm keeping this review short because I spent waaaay too much time making the images for this review, [...]

This is the fifth book in the enthrall series and the second in the novella series. You should really read all the books in order to truly understand what is happening. Cameron and Mia are together now and they are both truly happy. Cameron hasn’t been in a relationship like this in a long time. She has begun working at Charlie’s and loves it. Cameron learns that the brother of the man who killed Mia’s mother has found and contacted Mia. Cameron must find Mia and protect her. Meanwhile som [...]

Getting to pick up where the first novella left off the action and suspense of this relationship doesn't end. Cameron is faced even more with pressures of the Tea Empire. I was very excited to have this waiting for me just days after reading Cameron's Control. This one didn't disappoint either, we dive even deeper into Cameron's life especially with his family and his friendships. I especially liked knowing more about the mysterious Shay and his fondness for Cameron. This book shows even more of [...]

I loved this novella. I am really happy with Cameron and Mia together. Their love is so strong, and he really motivates her to follow her passions and be a strong woman. I love reading the open dialog they have with each other, how honest and open he is with her is very refreshing. I thought I wouldn't, but I actually did like how passionate Cam became towards his father's company. I do feel like most of these books have a sudden ending. Something happens that you guess is going to happen, then [...]

If this is it in this series with Cameron, then I'm kind of disappointed in how it ended. It left way too many unanswered questions. What I couldn't understand was why did Richard want her back when she was not the sub for him? Was he just messing with Cameron's mind or did he really want her? Who was trying to take over Cole Tea? There were a couple of twists that happened that I was not expecting. The deal with Shay was the main one that I was not expecting. It would be nice if Shay got his ow [...]

Marvellous! I treasure this opportunity to be able to view things from Cameron's perspective. It was very fulfilling to experience his profound love for Mia, and to witness Mia's strength and intuition amidst all the chaos and being able to truly support and stand by Cameron as his equal. I admire the author's ability to portray these complex characters and gave them such depth. I hope to finish the other novellas soon.

"There's a mind fuck." "Of which you're the expert."--------------Cameron Cole. If only I could Google your meaning like what I did with the word "Magnum Opus". Your perspective is hard to understand but I love seeing how they unraveled because of Mia. Everything is simple with her and I'm happy that you got what you were looking for. I envy Vanessa that she could consult with you anytime she wants. Awesome novella!

Cameron, Cameron, CAMERON Simply Wonderful, I honestly can say I struggle through Full Male POV Novels/Novellas. But this writing and story is too good not to Love. Cameron's Contract gives us what we all want! No loose ends and a Kick Ass Happily Ever After. Can't wait for Richard's Reign!

BrilliantA perfect ending to Cameron and Mia's story. Told from Cameron's point of view, we're taken through the trials and tribulations of his family, obligations, loyalty, and betrayal. Still wondering about Richard and so surprised by Shay. Interesting indeed perhaps there's more to come.

Cameron's Contract - (Enthrall novella #2,Enthrall Sessions #5) -Vanessa FewingsContract , Signed , Sealed & Deliveredd I Loved every minute of it .My amazon Link Belowon/review/R3TV3Q3

Urgh, this book bothered me I don't know why we needed all that Cole Tea takeover drama It was very out of the blue And while I'm happy their was a HEA(ish) I needed more For 3 books and 2 novellas, I should have had a WELL ROUNDED/IN DEPTH conclusion *bothered*

Speechless amazing.

AwesomeSo glad at how this series ended. It definitely was a wild ride and kept me reading and I wasn't able to put it down

Disappointed and disastrousThe storyline was not believable with the character development in t h e previous Enthralled books of Dr. Cole and the immaturity of Mia became annoying.

I love love loved this!! The ending was perfect!!

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