Fake Fruit Factory

Patrick Wensink

Fake Fruit Factory

Fake Fruit Factory

  • Title: Fake Fruit Factory
  • Author: Patrick Wensink
  • ISBN: 9781940430560
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback

Fake Fruit Factory is a stick slapping, gut punching comedic novel about the eccentric small town of Dyson, Ohio When NASA determines an errant satellite will crash there, the town s young mayor uses the ensuing media circus to attract tourism and save his bankrupt rust belt community Unless, of course, the satellite completely wipes it from the map.In Fake Fruit FactoryFake Fruit Factory is a stick slapping, gut punching comedic novel about the eccentric small town of Dyson, Ohio When NASA determines an errant satellite will crash there, the town s young mayor uses the ensuing media circus to attract tourism and save his bankrupt rust belt community Unless, of course, the satellite completely wipes it from the map.In Fake Fruit Factory, Wensink s motley cast of characters are the heart of America s Boringest City Bo Rutili is Dyson s 26 year old mayor, who relieves stress with copious doses of hand sanitizer Donna Urinating Bear Queen uses her recent lottery spoils to convince the town she s the only one who can save it And Old Man Packwicz, Dyson s aging ex mayor, might finally save the town via a filet mignon wielding, toilet paper clad mummy.Fake Fruit Factory hilariously captures the peculiarities of small town life through the story of a wacky community finding its place in contemporary America.

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Read 7/6/15 - 7/30/153 Stars - Recommended to readers who've already read books by the author and the publisherPages: 350Publisher: Curbside SplendorReleasing: Sept 2015Oh man. This is gonna be hard. I was reeeeeally excited about the Wensink/Curbside collaboration when I first learned of it. I'd been a fan of Wensink's for a long time, starting back in his early days when he was strictly a bizarro boy - releasing books like Sex Dungeon For Sale! and Black Hole Blues with Eraserhead. And I could [...]

I wanted to love this book.In the beginning, it reminded me of Vonnegut and Brock Clarke wrapped into one. The plot is bizarre -- a pre-apocalyptic look at a small town on the brink of disaster -- with a huge cast of characters, wrapped in sharp humor.But somewhere along the lines, it loses its steam and starts to feel disjointed and a little, well, boring. The humor starts to fall flat and the frenetic style gets tiresome. In the beginning, I couldn't put it down, and at the end i could only ge [...]

Ya baby

Small towns are the thrift stores of the civic world. Everything in them seems a bit dated in a pleasant way, most people view them as novelties, and there are fewer and fewer of them around. In a small town, everything is amplified; toss a rock into the ocean and it doesn’t even cause a discernible ripple, toss it in a teacup and everything goes to hell. But what if it wasn’t just a rock you were tossing into that teacup, but a massive boulder (or, say, a satellite)? Well, that is the exact [...]

Unique idea for a novel that goes off the rails a few times. I enjoyed the format and a few of the characters though. Worth a read if you’re looking for a change of pace. It also wins the award for the first book I had to purchase in 2017 since the local library did not own it.

The best way to sum up this book is that it is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Ludacris, even. And that’s a good thing. It’s the story of the Ohio town, Dyson, which is fighting for its survival against decline and decay that has happened to small towns through America over the last fifty years. Lead by Mayor Bo Rutili, the fourth youngest mayor in America we are told multiple times, Dyson and it’s impassioned citizens hatch a plan to revive their sagging town, only to learn that NASA i [...]

This 21 minute short film is from "American Film Treasures/Avant Garde Film: Disc 1"--a compilation of mostly forgotten art films of the 20th century. This DVD set is NOT for the casual viewer and sometimes I wonder why I watched the films--as some of them were VERY artsy and weird!Chick Strand made this film about women who worked at a company that made papier-mâché fruit. It's less about the fruit and more about the women themselves that the film explores. At times, it consists of LOTS of ve [...]

NOTE: This is a review not a book report. If you want to find out about the book in a play by play I am sure you can read one of the other reviews.I love humor books. Novels, specifically. I wanted to love this. It has such a great premise. It's a small town that's going to be wiped out by a satellite returning to earth. No one cares outside of the town because the town is the size of a speck of pepper on a map. The mayor is young, the main industry is plastic fruit, and the antagonist (besides [...]

This was a bizarre story that made me laugh. Have a small town in rural America which is dying. It's only factory made fake fruit and has now been closed for years. Enter the possibility of a satellite crashing into the town and that the owner of the fake fruit factory created some golden fruit worth millions that is buried somewhere with clues in an old coded diary. Then throw all these dysfunctional, egotistical, money driven people and see what happens! That in a nutshell is the story. I thou [...]

I tried to like this book. I really tried. It has a very good premise and all the elements needed, but the writing falls flat fast like a bad pancake. Or week old root beer. Anyway, the many sub plots bouncing around back and forth get tiresome fast and I wound up just skipping the last chapter. I enjoyed the mummy element and some of the quirkiness. But beyond that, I just felt the story got lost and the further I got along, the less interested I became. Perhaps this would make a better movie w [...]

As outlandish of some of the twists and turns in this wonderful story may be, the primary driving forces are the characters and their fully realized relationships. Small town political drama runs right up against a wall of Doctor Strangelovian surrealism. You've never read anything like this before and unless you read more of Wensink's writing, you never will. He is a genius all on his own. I loved this book and cannot wait to dive in and read it all over again.

I received this book free from giveaways in exchange for an honest opinion.I liked this book because the characters were fun and unpredictable. No one in this town is how you think they are at the beginning of the story. I liked the twists in the story and all the fake fruit.There were however, some points I was a little confused on- who was the mummy, and what was his purpose in the story? Why did the mourners briefly become zombies? I guess I may never know

I think that this book had a lot of promise in the first two-thirds, but like many other reviewers stated, the last third really fizzled out. I think between a weird, non-sequitur-for-randomness'-sake ending and way too many cuts between scenes, I just stopped caring about all of the characters. Having a cast of flawed, unlikeable people was surprisingly fun for the opening and middle sections, but at the end they just got tired and I got bored. Three stars, but just barely.

In this quirky read, the down of Dyson Ohio is at risk of a satellite crashing down there. The mayor comes up with a plan to attract attention to his small town. I don’t want to give away too much in this review. However, if you enjoy a light funny read about small towns, you will enjoy this one. The plot is light hearted and keeps you reading all the way to the end. While I was awarded this book on Good Reads, all opinions are my own.

It was zany and "madcap" as advertised, but character development was limited and I don't feel like he handled the large cast of characters well enough to differentiate them. Also, the big sense of mystery just sort of flopped/deflated at the end. All that, not to mention the distractingly poor copy-editing.

Not at all what I expected, and thus it read a little slow for me, but overall I enjoyed it. Lots of character study and how greed can change a person, and if they can step back from that brink. NPR recommended this book, and if you enjoy quirky characters, give it a whirl. The tone and characters reminded me a lot of Terry Pratchett.

Wow. I finished this book last night and am still a bit shellshocked. The zany cast of characters takes dysfunction to a new level. I expected satire, but was not expecting some of the gruesome twists in the story. Funny in parts, sad at times, but hard to put down. Thank you to for the free early reviewer copy of this book.

There is something very comfortable about the stoic and embarrassing and humiliating logical life of mid westerners. At times, the writing is very funny. Most times, the story balances an underlying social tragedy with a town that has outlived it's usefulness. If nothing else, it's not the same old read.

This was reminding me of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World for a while -- and that's a good thing. However, I did feel it fell apart somewhere near the end and so it didn't have that charm that "It's a Mad." did. Still, I was grateful for the book and I do recommend it for a few good chuckles and some neat characters.

a waste of timeI didn't like it from the startbut there was something that pulled me all the way through to the end. a hope perhaps that it would get better and questions would be answered. nope.

Kind of a wacky story.

Meh. Good potential; not executed.

I didn't finish this book. It took quirky a little too far and just became silly.

I thought this was going to get fun, but it never did. I kept reading because I never hated it. Until the end. I really hated the end. Stupid book.

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