Decode: Legacy Code Prequel Story

Autumn Kalquist

Decode: Legacy Code Prequel Story

Decode: Legacy Code Prequel Story

  • Title: Decode: Legacy Code Prequel Story
  • Author: Autumn Kalquist
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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A Defect and Legacy Code Prequel Novelette Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series Disease ravages humanity, killing millions across the globe Haunted by the loss of her son to the deadly illness, geneticist Avia Sherman must find the strength to keep going To find a cure It s caA Defect and Legacy Code Prequel Novelette Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series Disease ravages humanity, killing millions across the globe Haunted by the loss of her son to the deadly illness, geneticist Avia Sherman must find the strength to keep going To find a cure It s called The Protected Project To save mankind, Avia must find the missing key to create superimmunity in unborn children before the world plunges into desolation This is a short story 40 pages and originally appeared in The Telepath Chronicles anthology.

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OK. I love the Fractured Era series. love love love it. I love reading all the short stories associated with Fractured Era too. These books and stories are so easy to read and yet so engaging. I love the world building and the characters. This one is no different. The main characters- Avia, Lizzy, and Dalton - feel very real for characters we have a limited time to get to know. While we don't get a ton of world building we start to understand a little more about Infinitek and the world within it [...]

This the 4th book I have read in the "Defect" series. I should say novella/short short stories. But I like them just the same. I cannot wait until the full-length Defect novel is published.Each story adds to what we readers know about the Fractured Era. Each one is different and I will enjoy seeing where this storyline goes.Still waiting in the wings is (which I have on my Kindle).YA? Not sure, but good sci-fi for sure.

Decode by Autumn Kalquist is a short story which takes place in her Legacy Code series. There are a few novels, novelettes, and short stories in this series and Decode is currently the first chronologically. This story follows Avia, a geneticist who is trying to discover a cure for diseases which have endangered humanity.I liked this book. The story was short, but it was well written and told a great story. A lot of valuable history was revealed from the Legacy Code world. The only bad part abou [...]

This series is just so good. I can't wait to read the full novel of Defect, because I love the point of the series that takes place on Earth, but as of now I have run out of those stories, so now I'm starting Legacy Code. I loved this story and I wish that it had been longer because I thought the characters were all very well developed despite them only being around for this short story.

This short story was a cool glimpse into the start of the Infinitek projects. It's beneficial to have read the other books out in this series, but not necessary. Avia is a recluse of society, by choice; when a new problem arises from a past experiment, Avia gets involved begrudgingly, but ends up learning more than she had expected.

Swift. Intelligent. Sci-fi Storytelling.

The short version first . . .Dystopian fiction is a subgenre of which I am perhaps too avid a reader. Looking at things falling part, vaporizing in atomic debris clouds, and washing away in a climate gone mad has always fascinated me while at the same time scaring me to the point of death. While the topic of plagues, exobiological "invasions" and rampant releases from someone's biological warfare plants are entertained in many circles, a new author (at least new to me) has created a series of wo [...]

Very short book where just one single event happens. Despite the 64 pages, it's just a glimpse at a character and it does not even have a proper ending. As an editor I would have rejected it "as is" until it has more to offer.I will read the next full length-novel, but this is a major disappointment.

What I expected: With this book I had no pre-conceived ideas as by now I am used to Autumn producing books that are totally unexpected and original. What it was: Avia Sherman is a scientist and Doctor Phan has control of her 'Protected Project' funding. Doctor Phan wants Avia to join his team on a new case, but Avia just wants to work on her project, to try and complete it before Infinitek cut her funding. There is a lot of story packed into this short novella. It took me about an hour to read i [...]

Me encantó. La historia te enternece demasiado, te acerca al dolor de Avia, al de Lizzy, la confusión que sienten ambas ante su situación, y te hace ver todo desde un punto de vista muy realista hacia el futuro.I loved it. The story softens you too much, it makes you feel Avia's pain, Lizzy's, the confusion felt by both to their situation, and makes you see things from a very realistic forward POV.Comparto la opinión de Autumn, coincido en que todo viene con un precio, y si bien cada quién [...]

Spectacular Story, They're so Many Variables, and Each Person Brings Along Their Own Hopes and Expectations.The future is what we make of it. There must be a commonality for events, and expectations to meet a common criteria, across many different types of people from all over the world. The cooperation between nations and religions, will most likely be the pivotal point that defines what is important for everyone across the globe. Without this, it leaves each culture and /or country in a race t [...]

Decode is a fascinating look at humanity from multiple different angles, and none of them are particularly pretty. This is set in Autumn's 'Fractured' series future, and as with most of her books, paints a very bleak look for the future of humanity. The story follows a Dr Avia Sherman, as she tries to help a young patient in the care of some other Dr's (I use the term loosely), who would use the patient more as a lab rat, than see her get better. This is a captivating and clever story, with a we [...]

This book is a short story that complements the other two series of this author, Legacy Code and Defect. It is set in a future world in which the planet was swept by disease, bacteria and viruses increasingly resistant, that makes the existing medication completely useless.When I started reading I was not expecting to be so rendered the writing of this author. It's a simple writing but it grabbed me from the first paragraph.The characters, in this case geneticist Avia, are written with fantastic [...]

Disappointing shortGives minimal early back ground to time before book 1 not really a short story more a long abstract. Having read Legacy book 1in the Fractured Era Series found this Decide as a prequel to the prequel a nonsense. It should have been an intro to the full prequel Defective. Disappointing after reading book 1 Legacy and I am wondering why it is number 2 in series and not book one, but then there is the other book 1 a Better World. They all day they are part of the Fractured Era Se [...]

I'm not normally a Sci-Fic reader but this isn't a typical Sci-Fic story. It's really an prequel short story. I went out & purchased this story between books #2 & #3 in the Fractured Era Series because the series is that good! Autumn Kalquist really gets into character development, I found tears in my eyes at times as I read this story. No spoilers here though, buy the books, read the books, get int a very good new author!

Like 318: Fractured Era Prequel Story this is a really nice short sciFi story - emotional and a even little dark (dystopian!?).Knowing about the Fractured Era universe is no prerequisite; the story stands on its own.

Very short prequel to the Fractured Era seriesAnother fast read, giving a few more hints at how life on earth ended, setting the stage for the fractured era. Nice character development for such a short story, and the plot moves right along. A couple more prequels, and we will have the whole story!

This is a short story prequel to the Fractured Era series. Humanity has been suffering from various plagues and a doctor is trying desperately to find a cure using gene therapy. She receives help from an unexpected source .This clearly explains how the Protecteds got to be that way. Very satisfying.

Emotional and raw. The feelings of a mother after losing a child and still trying to carry on with life and work amid hidden agendas and smug male superiority. I can't wait to read how this merges with the entire Fractured Era story. Well written. Bring me more.

This is a short story prequel to Legacy Code. Avia is a scientist who is looking for a way to enhance human immunity while mourning the death of her son. She meets Lizzy, a girl with exceptional giftedness who may be the key.

Another good short, probably her best. It tells a good story in a short space, longer than the others, which really helps. I like where all these disparate stories seem to be going and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Short but sweetGenerally I'm not a big fan of short stories. This story was interesting as far as it went, on its own however it is not complete. So, If it blends into a future part of the series remains to be seen (I guess).

A very interesting and imaginative Book. It fit perfectly into the Telepath anthology as well. My only disappointment was that it was over so soon. Once I got a chance to really sit down with the book I finished it the same day.

A tale of grief and hope, this story pulled me in but was over too quickly. I enjoyed reading it, the characters were well described, and the story itself was decently paced and emotional. It did make me want to know where the series will go.

Intense and engagingAutumn Kalquist very quickly creates an all too believable world and puts you in the center of it. You can't help but be immediately pulled in. I look forward to reading more from this gifted author.

I enjoyed this story. The story grabbed you and kept you interested all the way through. This is a prequel short story for the Fractured series, but was very easy to get into and follow without knowing the series. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Dystopian stories.

Short but sweetThis short story sets the stage for the fractured era series perfectly. I've read the first three books in the series and this story is yet another wonderful piece of the puzzle that makes up the infinitek saga.

ExcitingEnjoyed the story and the characters. I am waiting to see, what happens next now that, Avia, found her formula for her project. Ready to read her next book and see what the future holds.

While the start felt slightly stifled, it quickly grew into a rather interesting short story that left me curious about the series itself. Autumn was able to weave a sense of human warmth into the story without saturating it towards the cliché side. Well done.

Loved all the Fractured Era storiesI have enjoyed all the Fractured Era stories so far! I Can't wait to read more! Hurry and finish please.

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