318: Fractured Era Prequel Story

Autumn Kalquist

318: Fractured Era Prequel Story

318: Fractured Era Prequel Story

  • Title: 318: Fractured Era Prequel Story
  • Author: Autumn Kalquist
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A Defect and Legacy Code Prequel Short Story Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series No one knows what really goes on in the Protected Camps except the Protecteds It s a secret that can t get out Test Subject 318 wants to die But if she dies, she s taking him with her ThisA Defect and Legacy Code Prequel Short Story Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series No one knows what really goes on in the Protected Camps except the Protecteds It s a secret that can t get out Test Subject 318 wants to die But if she dies, she s taking him with her This is a short story 20 pages and originally appeared in The Alien Chronicles anthology.

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318 by Autumn Kalquist is a prequel short story which reveals more history behind the core books in the science-fiction series it is a part of. At the time of this review, there are two prequel short stories, two prequel novelettes, and two novels. A third novel is due to come out soon. 318 tells the first-person story of a medical prisoner known as “318”, after having been dehumanized by her captors. It reveals backstory about the series’ world events leading up to the novels.The story wa [...]

OK. That was very short but very good. I love how we learn secrets of this world but each short story but I want a whole book!

Getting a backstory to a character is always cool. Such an awesome one to boot is just mindblowing. Great going Autumn!

The short version first. . .In my reading history, I have developed a desire to read certain styles of books by certain authors. I think it comes from the opportunity to establish a personal connection with the writer of the book I am reading. This connection is usually one-way, me to them via the shelves in the bookstore or on-line Shop, and the payment link for either method of contact. Occasionally, a reader even gets to asks a favorite author a question or (on , especially) the reader can ev [...]

Age range: 16+This review covers both 318 and Better World, prequel stories to Autumn Kalquist’s Legacy Code.318 is very short novel (or a long short story) by Autumn Kalquist and is a glimpse into the past for the world imagined in her Legacy Code series (in which admittedly I’ve read only Better World). It is gritty, appropriately disturbing, and somewhat vulgar in language and content. Like Better World, it is reminiscent of the dystopian Hunger Games and in the way the author successfull [...]

Siempre dije que la Ciencia Ficción no era de mis géneros favoritos. Crecí viendo las propagandas de Star Wars en la televisión y jamás me llamó la atención, pero ahora con Autumn, la cosa cambia bastante.I always said Sci-Fi was not my favorite genre. I grew up watching Star Wars commercials on television and never caught my attention, but now with Autumn, things change a lot.Esta saga me encanta en todos los sentidos porque la siento muy humana. Es un trabajo de ficción, obvio, pero to [...]

As always, love reading anything from the Fractured Era series. This is a short novella but adds additional value yo the world building in both the Legacy Code and Defect series books that make up Fractured Era. While being short (which means not a ton of time for character or world building) this novella actually does a great job with both. We may not know a ton about "328" but what we get to see paints a very good picture of who she was and has become, and she is a real and sympathetic charact [...]

Mesmerizing Story, I Couldn't Put It Down! Humans Stand Up for What Really Matters in This World, and Do the Right Thing!This is an intriguing story, with an incredibly powerful warning to all of mankind embodied throughout the whole story. This is what happens when humans play God--and lose all of the better traits of being human, the ability to empathize and sympathize, and care for others, whether they're human, or animal. It's a terrifying look at what mankind's future holds, if we don't tak [...]

Another tale in the 'Fractured' series, this one follows a person, referred to sometimes as 'it' or more often as '318'. They are never referred to by name, or even by gender. 318 is strapped down, or locked inside a transparent coffin, type like tube and has experiments conducted on them. The story is told from 318s perspective, causing a whole range of emotions in the reader, from anger and horror, to sadness, and sympathy. Again, this is just how good Autumn Kalquist is. She makes you want to [...]

"Humans destroy what they can’t control and are terrified of what they don’t understand." What an insightful opening to a short story.    Then the main character "318" tells us how much hate she has for them! 318 is a "Protected"  and has super-immunity, which is what got her to where she is now. And once she meets Monroe, she wants out. But there is something else for her to do first!The author packs a lot into a short story and I'd certainly like to know more about what happens to 318 [...]

Another amazing story from this author, it's very small only 19 pages but when I read it I didn't notice the time pass. Also I thought that because it was so small, things were going to happen very fast, I was wrong.This book tells the history of the patient 318 that was taken to the laboratory to be studied because she has an immune system capable of surviving all diseases. So she spent the last years being injected with various doses of disease and always survived but with great pain. She cont [...]

A very short story that is part of the Fractured Era storyline. See also and. These stories set up the background for series (I have the 1st Legacy book, but I am reading the Defect stories first). YA oriented, but a good sci-f / dark future story nonetheless. There is another prequel Fracture Era short story: that I will probably knock out this weekend.

A short but exciting story. This is my first time reading anything by Autumn Kalquist. I just bought her "Fractured Era Series" box set stories 1-3. As a bonus I got this story for free. The beginning of the story is initially confusing to me, maybe because I've never read any of the other books, but it quickly dawns on me what is happening. They are testing super viruses on this being to find antibodies for regular humans. As it turns out 318 is a human with super immunity and the regular human [...]

I read this book as part of The Alien Chronicles anthology. This book is a projection into our future of genetic manipulation and potential treatment of the early successes. It is realistically scary given the behavior of governments across the globe in the past. It is short and intense making you want to see more of 318's world. You are in luck. The author has several other books related to this story. Defect books 1&2, Legacy Code & Paragon, with more in the future. Unlike a lot of aut [...]

Intense, disturbing, compellingI'm about to go on a book buying binge. I read Kalquist's short story in the Dark Beyond The Stars anthology and her writing style spoke to me. I went to her site, saw that I could get this for free and jumped right on it.The concepts hinted at and then revealed are super disturbing but the writing style and characterization made it impossible to stop reading. And then it was over and I nearly yelled in frustration with the need to know more. So, I recommend this s [...]

This is a short story that asks us to think about how we treat those that are different. It doesn't matter if we're talking about race or gender or aliens, do we treat those different from us with fear, with acceptance, or do we exploit them because we are the majority and believe we can do what we want? I think this story is prescient, especially as we look at the changing demographics of this country and the turmoil it is causing. I think history has shown that humans do not handle change well [...]

This short story is more of a character study than a short story. You get the background of a character that you feel great pity for, but want to have put down. I cannot help but feel like Travis Coates after the fight with the wolf. It feels like it is an interesting world that we get just a glimpse of through a dirty window, but it does not feel like a place you want to raise children.The writing is very good, and I really wanted to give it more than three stars, but the brevity makes it unabl [...]

No one knows what really goes on in the Protected Camps except the Protecteds. It's a secret that can't get out. Test Subject 318 wants to die. But if she dies, she's taking him with her This is quite obviously a prologue story. It gives a great introduction to Alexia "Lex" Drago and her seeming rescuer, Monroe.I am looking forward to reading more - and something a little longer as well. If the quality is the same as this, I think I am really going to enjoy it.PaulARH

A good short storyThis is not a book, it's a very short story. Apparently it's part of a larger storyline, but it's fine as a stand-alone short.It starts with a torture scene, and I wasn't sure I wanted to read it, but then you get the backstory, and understand. It was very original, and the characterization of 318 was quite powerful.Results: a fine science fiction short, and a very quick read. Several reviewers were upset about the length, so please note that you are only getting a few pages he [...]

318 is a short tale about how humanity treats something that is different from the norm. The story reveals just enough of the world it is in to make us question about it, and ask for more. With an ending that leaves one wondering whether they should feel vindication or be ashamed for a certain character's actions.Well written and placed in an interesting world, this short story is a good read for those looking to get into this universe.

Having been 316 for two years only to live each day in agony, being tested on like an animal 316 wants out.Will she get her chance?This was a very short story and I knew that when I started reading but still I was disappointed I wanted more. I love the writing and the world building, from the first sentence I’m dragged to another world. Can’t wait to read more.

318: Fractured Ear Archives by Autumn Kalquist is a thrilling and terrifying short story of a girl treated like a foreign object who dreams of killing the man responsible for her pain before she dies. She is in a prison being tested because she has different immunities. This is a great short story, about 19 pages long. Definitely worth the read!!

Very nice quick read. Interesting plot, I received this short free in exchange for an honest review, I just finished reading Fractured World which is the first in the series. I must say the two books do not come together yet, but I am told they will. I Liked both books even though I do like my series to flow better from one to another. This series is definitely worth the read.

An excellent short story. Dark. In a few well-written pages of tight dialogue and descriptive sentences Ms. Kalquist shows us how out of fear we dehumanize those who may be different and justify atrocities. In the tradition of good science fiction the story raises ethical questions we should all consider. A great read for your own contemplation or for discussion in a bookclub or classroom.

I really liked how the book elevated the thrill factor at the end. Other than that, it didnt give me too many details about the book, nor what was happening. In that sense, it kept up my curiosity levels. Also this was a breezy and quick read which meant I could absorb the details about the world quickly.I will be reading more from the author soon.

Finally some insight into the mystery of what Infinitek does with the Protected. 318 has been a lab rat for so long that she believes the lies that she's not human. As she gets tortured daily in the name of science, she's given up on feelings and hope. But someone comes along that just might remind her of what she's missing in life.

Well, now i have to wait for how long to get addicted to this story?! :O You, you Autumn, you with your awesome storys, and your way to write them. You did this to me!!! So, I NEED THE NEXT ONE! Like, pronto. ♥

HuhGreat little short story to get some background. But why the heck isn't book one "Defective" available for kindle? Books 2&3 are, as well as the legacy series. Serious bummer. No point in reading any more.

Just a free short story I read after reading about The Fractured Era Series. I wanted to give Autumn Kalquist a try and see if her writing was any good and I liked the idea set forth in this prequel short story. It wasn't something that blew me away but it has me interested in her other work.

Will leave you wanting moreI really enjoyed 318, who discovered she was Alexia, a human after all and then remembers and takes an opportunity for a little revenge.I would love to know where and what she does from here. A great teaser.

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