The M-Team

Kate Danley

The M-Team

The M-Team

  • Title: The M-Team
  • Author: Kate Danley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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When Maggie and Killian torched Hollywood, the World Walker Association was not happy and decided to pull Maggie s license This is just the opportunity the bad guys were looking for When Maggie decides to do what is right vs what is legal, the Association puts a bounty hunter on her tail to haul her off to prison Unfortunately, it comes to light that all of the World WWhen Maggie and Killian torched Hollywood, the World Walker Association was not happy and decided to pull Maggie s license This is just the opportunity the bad guys were looking for When Maggie decides to do what is right vs what is legal, the Association puts a bounty hunter on her tail to haul her off to prison Unfortunately, it comes to light that all of the World Walkers are being hauled off to prison and once there, meeting an untimely end Have the vampires infiltrated the World Walkers Association Or is an even greater evil now at work Or is it just another lousy day at MK Tracking WARNING This book contains cussing, brawling, and unlady like behavior Proceed with caution.

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Maggie has stumbled upon a conspiracy that lands her in pretty deep waters. She doesn't know how deep it goes, but it has definitely reached the World Walkers Association, which is the people with the authority to take away her licence - which they do!Unwilling to surrender without a fight, she tries to fight back with the help of her trusted partner Killian of the elves and a couple of old and new allies, some more trustworthy than others, with various degrees of success.Bad news, betrayal and [...]

It took me a while to get into it, but the last 25% was a riproaring good read. Graham was a cracking addition and once I understood what was going on I was on board. More Father Killarney and Maggie's dad please

Good ReadI'm addicted to Maggie and Killian. If you like urban fantasy I'm positive you'll enjoy this series. Have a Happy Reading!

LOL - Oh Maggie, you are my soul sister.

Poor Maggie. After saving the worlds (yet again) one would expect a little gratitude? Exposing a dragons and torching a few neighborhoods shouldn't be a biggie, right?Unfortunately, Maggie finds herself in a shitstorm of trouble, that include vengeful politicians, bringers of light (or darkness) and a winged -not quite angelic - bounty hunter hot on her heels. Luckily, her trusted sidekick, Killian is always faithful. I'm glad this particular story features the queen of the elves. I've waited a [...]

I have such a book hangover from this one. I knew eventually I would catch up to the latest release in the series, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. What am I supposed to do without new Maggie and Killian stories to read? This book had a lot of important stuff jammed in there. With the expected action-packed mayhem, we also had to face some issues that might have been slightly avoidable (in retrospect). The first of these things is that Maggie’s license is in jeopardy because she kin [...]

Just when you deserve to bask in a little downtime after saving the world, again, the bureaucracy governing World Walkers takes a sharp turn from same old, same old into a dangerous new administration intent on arresting Maggie on trumped up charges. When she learns that World Walkers are being incarcerated, left and right, she and Killian become very worried about the reason why. Who has plans in motion that only a truly gifted Walker like Maggie Macakay could handle, albeit with help from her [...]

"The M-Team" by Kate Danley is another awesome adventure for Maggie Mckay and Killian. If having saved the world wasn't enough, in the previous book, Maggie and Killian are finding that the World Walkers Association is dragging their feet with their paperwork. When they finally catch a break they learn that they were taken off the case. Called into a meeting with the World Walkers Association should be nothing to be worried about, but with a track record that Maggie has anything could be possibl [...]

This series is so great, I went through the complete released novels in less than a week and can't wait until the next one is published. With the signature humor that marks this series as being great escape reading and the paranormal action we have come to love, Maggie and Killian charge forth to once again save the worlds. Having lost her world walking license due to the problems in Hollywood in the previous book, Maggie desires to follow her father's footsteps and give snuggling a try. Lots of [...]

If you have not started reading this series, then you need to start! The characters that Kate created with Maggie and Killian are great. This book has action and banter between the characters that leaves you wanting more. If you have read any of the other Maggie MacKay books, then you know that Maggie's first and last name should really have been TROUBLE. It just follows her around, even when she is not looking for it.

I like this series so much! Maggie kicks a** and makes me laugh. Every. Time.High marks for plot progression. There have been hints that there was an evil mastermind behind the obvious villain of the last books and we start to learn about who that might be in this one. There was some really nice character development and a clear indication that Maggie and friends will be operating differently going forward.I am fervently looking forward to the next book.

I love this series. How it escaped my notice this book had been out for two months already, i will never know. This instalment didn't bring as many laughs as the previous ones did but i think that suits the tone of this book better. Things are getter darker and more serious now, Maggie can't just back-chat her way out of this badness. But it's working for the series. I look forward to seeing how it all ends. I really hope there's some Maggie/Killian too.

Another Great Maggie Mackey Book!Poor Maggie! No matter how good her intentions or how hard she works, trouble just seems to find her. Once again, she & Killian have to save the world from annihilation. Of course, nothing goes as planned. Lots of action & a great cliffhanger. Can't wait for book 6 due out in August.

A real twister This book really twisted mystery, mahan, lot of spencer and great action intoa great exciting addition to this series. It is will written and keeps you and melocked in from start to finish. I am ready for the next book in the series an I haven't put this book down yet.

Waiting impatiently for book 6I really like this series. It is a fun, quick, but not to quick read. They were so good, I finished all 5 this weekend. I love all the characters who have enough flaws to make them seem like a person you would know. Reminds me of Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series.

I Can't Get Enough!The characters are endearing and have depth. There is balance of seriousness with humor. The storyline is good and seamless from one book to the next. I hate when the book ends and always want more.

I need moreI can't handle there not being another book waiting for me. This is going to be pure torture. This has been my favorite book in the series so far- great job Kate Danley

Best one out of all of them. The first three were kind of meh, 2.5 stars at the most for me, the fourth was a 3 star and this one was a 4 star. Now I can officially say that I cannot wait for the next one.

Great plot twistsDanley has a good story line, interesting characters and great plot twists. The only thing lacking is romance for the heroine which is why I give it a 4 instead of a 5.

Awesome!Another awesome story!! I can't wait for book 6!! I don't want to give any this series you will not regret it!

Great Maggie MacKay bookAnother great Maggie MacKay book. I enjoyed it as much as all of the others in the series. Truly a great author.

I may have teared up a bit at the end. would be 5 stars if it was just a bit longer. loved the way she set the reader up and then crushes it. heeheheeehee

I was good but felt like half a story not like the other books in the series. It started kinda slow but picked up at about half way

I liked the storyline, but it ended very abruptly. I wish the story would have been finished instead of making it a cliffhanger. All in all, this is a light, fun series.

Felt like this book was super short. Wasnt as good as the past ones and maybe give maggie a little guy action lol

Short story, preparing for great adventure to come. Maggie has lost her license. Maggie is without Killian but realizes she needs help and wants to develop a team.

InterestingThis is a good start on this series. The story is very good and easy to follow. I can hardly wait for next one.

Hurry up with book six.Talk about cliff hangers. The fate of Jillian and all the elves now rests completely on Maggie. Not fair to keep us hanging!

I got so into Maggie's kickass multiverse saving adventures I read books one through five with little thought to sleep. :-D I am extremely looking forward to reading about her future adventures.

I don't know what happened here - how such an awful book can be #5 in a series. Maggie was just obnoxious and rude and stupid - a lot of that at the expense of all her friends and family.

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