The Kiss

G.A. Hauser

The Kiss

The Kiss

  • Title: The Kiss
  • Author: G.A. Hauser
  • ISBN: 9781602020566
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback

Twenty five year old actor Scott Epstein is no stranger to the modeling industry Hes done it himself between acting jobs So when his sister, Claire, casts him in a chewing gum commercial with the famous British model, Ian Sullivan, he doesnt ask any questions Hes a professional Hell show up, hit his mark, say his lines, and collect his paycheck Right Ian Sullivan isTwenty five year old actor Scott Epstein is no stranger to the modeling industry Hes done it himself between acting jobs So when his sister, Claire, casts him in a chewing gum commercial with the famous British model, Ian Sullivan, he doesnt ask any questions Hes a professional Hell show up, hit his mark, say his lines, and collect his paycheck Right Ian Sullivan is used to making heads turn Stunningly handsome, hes accustomed to provocative photo shoots where sex sells eveything from perfume to laundry soap Ian was thrilled when Claire Epstein cast him in the new Minty gum commercial He has to kiss his co star on screen No problem Until he finds out Scott is the one he has to kiss Never before has a commercial featured two men kissing on screen Claire knows that the advertisement will be ground breakng, and Scott knows that his sister needs his performance to be perfect As the filming progresses and the media circus begins around the controversial advertisement, the chemistry between Ian and Scott heats up and the two men quite simply burn up the screen Is it all an act Or, have Ian and Scott entered into a clandestine affair that will lead them to love

Recent Comments "The Kiss"

I have no idea how this book got on a "Best of" list. It was mediocre at best. The main point of view is from the sister of one of the guysew Both leading men have serious issues. Scott is so angry all the time I'd suggest therapy and Ian is so wishy washy I'dwell I'd suggest therapy. They both get very angry when anyone even suggests they are gay, all the while greasing each other up with Vaseline. UghI feel like I need an after a bad book mint.

I was tempted to put aside this book several times, but usually if I want to vote for a story I try to finish it. Especially if the vote is negative, maybe the story needs time or a chapter will surprise me more than others.It did not happen with this story.First of all I really hated the protagonist's sister, Claire.A part of the story, unfortunately, is told from her point of view. Her character is shallow, childish and annoying: at the beginning she wants to play matchmaker for her brother an [...]

Really 3.5 stars, but I bumped it up to 4 stars.Claire is an agent that has helped her clients achieve success in the entertainment industry. At 32, she has taken her much younger brother (21) under her wing she is on a mission to help him achieve success as an actor or model. With Scott's All American good looks, he works but she hasn't been able to find that one job that will make him recognizable or a household name. Scott and Claire have a deep bond. He helps her with her work, often giving [...]

The story itself wasn't badly written and I can see how it would appeal to some but, for me, there were just too many instances that I disagreed with to truly enjoy the story.One of my biggest issues was Claire, the sister, who was supposed to be the loving, maternal influence for both the guys, but especially her brother, and yet she would do some mean things knowing how her brother felt. Then there was the focus made about how Scott had emotional issues that was never addressed or had any impa [...]

The premise for this romance was very fresh and contemporary - two young male models appear in the first ever television commercial to show men kissing. Since they're models, both characters are absolutely gorgeous, and absolutely in the closet. It was a wonderful set-up. What I didn't like, and which nearly ruined the book, was the narrator.Scott Epstein is signed with his sister Claire's very successful modeling agency. Scott is living with Claire while he tries to make it in acting. Ian Sulli [...]

This is the second book I read by G.A. Hauser and it's a confirmation of her ability to enthral me. I really try to finish it in one night but it's impossible, fortunately you have a lot to read and I have to put down the book at 2.00 a.m. but as soon as I can I finish it. This is the story of Scott, 25 years old unsuccessful model and actor: it's the typical american male, muscalar and tanned, with a boy next door face. He is an average guy in a world where you have plenty of average guys who t [...]

Scott Epstein is a 25 year old actor/model representing by his sister's agency. He also lives with his sister, Claire. Claire is pushy, annoying, mean and weird. She also represents Ian Sullivan a 21 year old model from London who is also attending Juilliard.This story is told primarily through Claire's POV, and it is set up as someone interviewing her sometime after the main story in the book. I can see where this might be a fresh take on the subject, except as a narrator she had major issues. [...]

I liked this book more than I expected to. Its mainly about two guys that meet while mutually trying to start a career in modeling. Ian has come from Britain to give it a good try, while Scott's sister is part owner in the agency they work for. Ian is one of those characters you cant help but like, hes very open, very sweet, just a great guy. Scott is so frustrated by how long its taking to get his career going he comes off as bitter at times. Claire, Scott's sister gets them a job on a commerci [...]

[4.5 stars, I think.:]The only aspect of this story I didn't much care for was the POV being largely that of the sister. Then again, even seeing the story through her perspective, I didn't much like her -- so I'm willing to admit that if I hadn't seen things from that angle, I likely would've thoroughly loathed her character.When one disregards the sister's bouts of unprofessional behavior, jealousy, and excessive nosiness, this gay-for-you romance between an amateur American actor and a British [...]

Between the dysfunctional 'romance' between Scott and Ian and how the story was told through Scott's older sister Claire's perspective, I was amazed I even bothered finishing this one.Claire is someone I'd avoid like the plague in real life so choosing to have her narrate things cheapens the romance the writer is trying to sell and makes for a pretty jarring and awful read. This story wasn't worth the money I spent on it OR the space it would have take up on my computer/e-reader.Steer clear peep [...]

Incredibly disappointing as I have picked it up due to a 4 star rating. It was written mainly from the sisters point of view, not 1st person as such, but it made for very odd and kinda squick reading. The editing was terrible due to repeated word use and actual grammatical errors. The plot did not flow and it was stilted and difficult to read. Not an enjoyable read.

25 pages in and loving it!!!! OMG! Does this book have potential OR what?!!!! I am actually giddy over Ian and Scott's first meeting. Also, love that its from Clair's perspective so far. What an intriguing idea! I really liked this book. I think it deserves 4.5 stars. It dragged a bit in the middle but other than that it was pretty great!!! One of G A Hauser's better books.

Aw! Barely any sex in this (none, actually. M rated at most) but I loved it. The romance is surprisingly sweet and satisfying. The heroes are equally moronic about their gayness for each other and equally in denial, which means you can't get annoyed at either. The gay problem quickly (anticlimactically) gets solved. Pfft. Still, a very entertaining, amusing, and satisfying story. Loved it!

This had the potential to be a sweet, gay-for-you story. Unfortunately, both Ian and Scott were so adamant that they weren't gay that they couldn't even force themselves to buy lube. Plus, I'm sure that the author was trying to add in some realistic vernacular, but phrases like "glitter-shitter" and "arse bandits" really turn me off.

Told from the perspective of the heroes' employer, Claire. Both Scott and Ian are sweet guys so this is a feel-good gay romance. Enough character development to enable me to like both men and root for their HEA.

The Kiss by G. A. Hauser (2007)

Love, Love, Love, Love this book I read it so many times that I can say the words with out reading it.

This was almost a DNF.Question: When is a free book not a gift?Answer: When the reader should be compensated for finishing it.

My only complaints are that I did not like the sister or the story being told from her POV. The story could have worked better minus her large part in it.

I want to see the commercial that is in this book badly!!!! Fabulous! Very sweet story!

Nice set-up, but whip-saw characterization shifts, a skeevy incestuous overtone and one character's utterly imcomprehensible and ludicrous 'British' dialogue ruined it for me. Bleh.

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