Interesting Places

Matthew Storm

Interesting Places

Interesting Places

  • Title: Interesting Places
  • Author: Matthew Storm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Oliver Jones, a man who once discovered he had the power to change reality itself, used to be called the most dangerous man in the world Now he s joined The Araneae Group, a team of paranormal investigators under the command of Artemis, a seemingly immortal ten year old girl Things that used to seem fantastical, like vampires and werewolves, are now as commonplace in hisOliver Jones, a man who once discovered he had the power to change reality itself, used to be called the most dangerous man in the world Now he s joined The Araneae Group, a team of paranormal investigators under the command of Artemis, a seemingly immortal ten year old girl Things that used to seem fantastical, like vampires and werewolves, are now as commonplace in his life as getting a cup of coffee in the morning But Oliver s ability to change the world around him is no longer working Even when his life is in the utmost danger, he finds that he s no special than any other man Things take a turn when a cyborg, the lone survivor of a civil war on another world, confronts Oliver s teammate Sally Rain Sally, once a high ranking officer in her army, was responsible for his people s extermination, and he wants revenge While the cyborg is quickly dealt with, Sally is haunted by the terrible memory of what she did at the war s end She wants a chance to set things right, and she knows just the person to help her do it Because Oliver Jones is still the most dangerous man in the world He just doesn t know it yet.

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I kept picturing Artemis as a 10-year-old Hetty (NCIS: LA), which was amusing on my end. Loved Jeffrey as always! I did read this a long time after reading the first book, so the summaries of book one were helpful, but I can see where, if I'd read book one right before, it would have been a little heavy-handed. I got a little confused with the time travel and cyborg wars, but that could have been due to my reading at night, and taking a 5-day break in the middle. Very enjoyable and I look forwar [...]

Non-stop reading marathon and I want MORE!!!Outstanding. Read book one non-stop and had to leave work early because I NEEDED to finish book two. WOW!!!!!!! I am intriguing by the characters and the history. Jeffrey needs a talking girlfriend. If you enjoy a fast paced, slightly quirky story or just need to getaway from it all, this series is for you. Waiting anxiously for the next book.

Great book!Wow. I love the writing and this book was so fast paced and it was hard to put downCan't wait for the next one. Mr. Storms writing is very good,I felt like I was there right along with them. The places he writes about were so descriptive and not one sentence was boring. I will be sure to read more of his books and will be waiting with bated breath for book 3 of Interesting Places.

Love this series. Oliver is a living "Improbability Drive". Too cool.

InterestingI love Jeffrey , a little like warehouse 13 and an interesting twist to boot. Fun reading looking forward to more.

This is the second book in this series that i've read and i enjoyed both of them. This one i found a little more confusing, but that's only because the plot involved time travel and that never fails to confuse me. The talking cat didn't bother me. The vampire didn't. Nor the werewolf or the ancient little girl, but time travel messes with my head. Anyway, the plot was mostly comprehensible and there was enough action that it kept me reading at a pretty good clip. This series of books may end up [...]

good story

A bit less interesting than Interesting TimesThis time I also bought the next book, but I didn't start to read it immediately or write the review immediately either. This book was much grimmer than the last. I missed this off-beat humor which was so much a part of Interesting Times. I don't find reading about genocide and grief for causing it a relaxing bedtime read. Hopefully # 3 will be more like # 1.

Enjoyable readGreat follow up to the first book in the series. Love all the characters Looking forward to the next book.

This story just gets better and betterThe characters return from book one and become more human and more bizarre as the story progresses in that way that truly unique characters do whether you meet them or read about them. These characters live a story that is thought provoking and compelling while retaining that which makes them unique and consistent. This is an intelligent book I feel will enrich and entertain you.

The recurring summaries of the first book ruined this for me slightly. It was still an enjoyable read, but having read first book just before this one I found the constant spelling out of what had previously happened somewhat tiresome. If you are going to read both I'd recommend leaving a gap between the two books for this reason! A fun, quick read that had me laughing throughout, if you liked the first book I don't doubt that you'll enjoy this one too. I wish there were more in the series!

What a great seriesI don't know if it's my sense of humor, style or what but this series has grabbed me and left me wanting tontinue. don't know what else toy other than you have toad it.

A highly entertaining readI very much c h hope Mr Storm continues this imaginative and enjoyable series. He has c created vivid characters, and left me deeply curious as to what further adventures they might find.

I didnt think the 2nd installment would disappoint and i was right. Loved it! The story is so much fun and I'd love to meet Oliver's family! Still, i was getting tired of all the book1 summaries throughout the beginning. No worries though, I had a great time. :)

This series keeps getting better!I enjoyed the first book so much that I got book 2 and read it in one day! It's really hard to put down. Lots of action, twists and turns, and ends with a cliff hanger I can't resist!

What!?! Spectacular endNow I MUST read the next one ! :) Who is Oliver, really?Jeffrey the Cat is fabulous. Hope he gets a companion. And why were Seven and Tyler in that other city? Did they travel there with Artemis, or were they from there?

Lots of fun. This is a good sequel to the first book in the series. There is some character growth and we learn more about the background of some of the characters. But, it ends with a cliffhanger that I hope will be resolved in the next book.

So much fun!!! Can't wait for the next book!Write fast Matthew!!:)

I'm waiting for book three of the series nowah, I'm betting it will be worth the wait too if it's anything like the first two books.

More FunFUN like the first of the series. Paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, mystery--what's not to like? I'm in for the next one.

A nice follow-up. Easy flowing writing style and light and free conversation allow this to be a easy and enjoyable read. I look forward to the third installment.

Laughter, action and intrigue. Wishing I had a Jeffery.

Worth readingI enjoyed these books, hope there are more. My favorite is Jeffrey,he seems to have more sense than anyone else.

HookedLove the concepts and the storyline has me wanting more! Fun with never a boring moment (pun intended, read the 1st book) lol

ExcellentWonderful story. Anyone who enjoys sci/fi, paranormal, etc will have a fun time reading. Can't wait for the next one.

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