When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House

Patricia O'Toole

When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House

When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House

  • Title: When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House
  • Author: Patricia O'Toole
  • ISBN: 9780684864785
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback

From the author of the acclaimed Five of Hearts, this highly praised, spell binding biography is the definitive account of TR s final decade, the most poignant and in some ways, the most heroic years of his extraordinary life Drawn from a wealth of new materials, this is a remarkable portrait of a remarkable man.

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This is a really wonderful book: O'Toole captures the essence of Theodore Roosevelt in his final decade of life. This reads like fiction as there are so many different phases to the years that the book covers. Of course it helps that Roosevelt was such a larger-than-life figure, with no shortage of drama or controversy. O'Toole engages in some scene-setting at the beginning, just as Roosevelt is leaving the presidency, but otherwise follows a chronological trajectory straight through to the end. [...]

bestpresidentialbios/2015/“When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt after the White House” by Patricia O’Toole was published in 2005. She teaches writing at the Columbia University School of the Arts and is the author of a biography of Henry Adams (a 1991 Pulitzer Prize finalist) as well as “Money and Morals in America: A History.”As its title suggests, this book covers the last decade of Roosevelt’s life – the restive post-presidential years of a man unable to really relax or retire [...]

O'Toole, a 1991 Pulitzer finalist for The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends 1880-1918, wrote this biography of Roosevelt's later years in the shadow of Edmund Morris, who has already written two volumes on this President and will reportedly cover the same period as O'Toole did in his final installment. Many critics think that O'Toole fills an important historical gap by telling a complicated story with flair and wisely avoiding too much detail on the dramatic 19 [...]

A guide to my rating system*********************************************************************5 Stars: This book is a timeless classic and undisputed member of the literary canon. I read and loved it.4 Stars: This book is a personal classic. A book I am happy to read again and again and think you would enjoy it too.3 Stars: This is a book I read and thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend only if you are interested in the subject matter.I do not list books that I would not eagerly pick up and read aga [...]

"When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the Whitehouse" by Patricia O'Toole. I did not like this book much - not memorable. I was probably more frustrated with the subject rather than the author, but not a memorable author. The old man gave up power and he regretted it, rather than be a support for Taft, he went to the and nearly killed himself. Roosevelt made a lot of noise and loved, absolutely loved the sound of his own voice, he was always in a hurry to start the next project, not ful [...]

Another pretty good book about Teddy, this one after he leaves the office of the presidency. Amazing, but this lion could just not stay still, much to the dismay of wife Edith. Teddy had to be involved, needed and loved. This book covers the misguided attempts at his re-election, the sadness of his failures and finally, WWI and the personal, unbearable losses he suffered. As with just about every book about Roosevelt I've read, completely compelling. He was one of the greats in American history! [...]

I really enjoyed this book, but I can't get over the bitterness the author showed towards TR during the 1912 election. The tone of the book was very negative towards TR in that period, and brightened up afterwards.That shouldn't turn you away from the book though, it is very well done. The section on the Roosevelt's involvement in WWI was probably my favorite part of the book. I would consider this essential TR reading.

To paraphrase Douglas MacArthur, 'Presidents don't die, they just fade away.' Have to imagine how hard it was for Teddy Roosevelt to hold to his pledge not to run for a 'third' term. The author does a terrific job of illustrating his trials and tribulations on that score. Learned a lot about the work he did in his post-Presidency travels as well.

A good placeholder for TR's post presidency years until Edmund Morris comes out with his third installment of the Roosevelt trilogy. The first half has a lot of Taft, the second half much Woodrow Wilson. The middle, when TR was fighting with Taft and creating a new Progressive party, was slow. Not many pages devoted to his Brazilian travels either.

If you asked me, I would say I am not a Theodore Roosevelt buff.but somehow I've read four biographies. So I guess I am. He's an amazing man with an interesting life. The better books would be the two volume set by Edmund Morris. But since those books end in the White House, you'll want to know what happened next.which is how I got to this book.

"The trumpet call is the most inspiring of all sounds, because it summons men to spurn ease and self-indulgence and timidity, and bids them forth to the field where they must dare and do and die at ease"

Excellent biography - really like O'Toole's choice of words - very unique but accurate. Probably best read after reading a book focusing on his pre-White House and White House years as gives better context to the post-presidency man.

O'Toole deftly spins a balanced narrative out of TR's last decade. Her presentation of her subject's strengths and failings are spot-on, and her treatment of the Roosevelt children at war was highly engaging.

An interesting but sad book. T.R. could never realize or admit when time had passed him by, and he had a very difficult time dealing with the fact that the American people had put him in their past. Still, what a life he had!

Fascinating look at the huge personality that was Theodore Roosevelt -- inspiring and at the same time exasperating. He never really accepted his role as former president. This engrossing account is made all the more attractive by O'Toole's elegant style. A wonderful book.

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I am reading "Colonel Roosevelt" at the present, so i was thinking of this book. While it is not as detailed as "Colonel Roosevelt," it is a good book about TR's life after the White House.

If you are a teddyrooseveltophileis is a good one.

I have always loved Teddy Roosevelt. This is a wonderful look at the last years of his life, after he left the White House. It is a nice "bookend" to "Mornings on Horseback" by David McCullough.

So far so good, but it reads too much like a text book. The content is good and interesting.

Excellent bio of the last years of TR's life and his frustration at the loss of power. I look forward to a bio from Edmund Morris on this same period of TR's life to complete his triology.

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