Love Is My Favorite Thing

Emma Chichester Clark

Love Is My Favorite Thing

Love Is My Favorite Thing

  • Title: Love Is My Favorite Thing
  • Author: Emma Chichester Clark
  • ISBN: 9780399175039
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover

Starring an enthusiastic pooch whose joy, optimism and love know no bounds, this lively picture book is based on Emma Chichester Clark s own dog, and joyfully celebrates unconditional love Plum has lots of favorite things catching sticks, her bear, her bed but really, LOVE is her absolute favorite thing She loves her family and all the things they do together Sometimes,Starring an enthusiastic pooch whose joy, optimism and love know no bounds, this lively picture book is based on Emma Chichester Clark s own dog, and joyfully celebrates unconditional love Plum has lots of favorite things catching sticks, her bear, her bed but really, LOVE is her absolute favorite thing She loves her family and all the things they do together Sometimes, however, Plum s exuberance causes trouble, and she just can t help being naughty But fortunately, love is such a great thing that even when she makes mistakes, Plum s family still adores her.

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The doggie lovers will love this uncritically. On the other hand, I'm a cat person, and like others, I wonder why this dog isn't on a leash and/or being giving some kind of training.Plum, like Eloise, is cute as long as you don't have to deal with her.

This book is my puppy to a T.

As someone who has no children or any contact with them, I have no idea what value this may hold as a kids book. I'm reading it as an adult and review it as such.To say Plum should go on a leash to avoid her issues is like telling Calvin to lock up Hobbes or send him back to the jungle or wherever he came from. Don't even get me started on Snoopy! Seriously, look how that dog treats his master. Outrageous!The pup behind the illustrated Plum might be real (and so are Hobbes & Snoopy, right?), [...]

Als ik werk terwijl het rustig is, ga ik dit soort boekjes lezen. Het is leuk en lief.

Love Is My Favorite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark is a charming children's book starring the adorable dog, Plum. "Plummie" as she is called by her parents, introduces the reader to all of the things that she loves: wind, treats, sticks, etc. But her favorite thing of all is love.On a trip to the park one day, everything goes terribly wrong. Plum soon finds herself torn between causing mischief and wanting to be a good girl. Will Plummie's crazy antics cost her the love of her family and friends [...]

It is frightening how much I identify with this book, given that I am 33 and not 3, but I am always making silly mistakes and getting anxious that this will cause people to stop loving me. Despite its adorable sweetness this book makes me tear up a little bit.

The strong message of unconditional love for the dog can easily be extended to young children, who (like Plum) don't always behave as expected. This book serves as an important reminder for children that their behavior has consequences, but doesn't determine whether or not their family members love them.I'm an ardent dog lover and have owned multiple dogs for many years. I wonder why this dog isn't on a leash. Clearly Plum isn't trained well enough to be off-leash in public. The time-outs are no [...]

Plum loves many things; her bed, her bear, playing catch but her favorite thing of all is LOVE! She loves her neighbors and her family that loves her even when she forgets to be a good girl and makes big mistakes. This is a cute story about a dog that loves love itself more than anything else. I really liked the way the author translated the overly excited 'voice' of the dog. The watercolor-type illustrations are very cute. I especially loved the flying feathers page! My daughter especially love [...]

Not my favoriteI was expecting more from this author. The focus seemed to be on illustrations rather than a solid story. I wouldn't read it again. It was very repetitive. It almost seemed like a reader in a picture book format. It would have made a good easy reader for beginning readers.

I can't wait to read this book to my 2 year old. She's really into talking about the sometimes questionable choices my dog makes, and it'll be a great teachable moment for talking about the sometimes questionable choices she makes, too!

This is so stinking adorable! My husband and I like to narrate the life of our pup Luna (who looks kind of like Plum!) I knew I had to read this picture book because one of Luna's phrases is, "____ is my favorite thing!!!" (____ is interchangeable with practically everything, just like Plum!)

Anyone who's had a naughty doggie (or little child-haha) will relate to Plum the family dog. She can't help but get into mischief sometimes, but she knows because she's loved unconditionally, she'll be given another chance to be good.

This is a gorgeous story about a puppy who adores being loved. However she gets anxious when she has misbehaved that her owners/parents won't love her but of course they do. So cute and awwwwww!

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"Love Is My Favorite Thing," says Plum, who is always happy to be called Plummie. Plum loves just about everything: wind, snow, sun, treats, and sticks. But love itself is the all-time favorite thing! But one morning, everything goes wrong. “When Emma says, “Don’t go in the pond, Plummie!” Plum finds herself torn between listening to Emma and to her dog friend, Rocket. Rocket encourages Plum to come for a swim. “And I just couldn’t help it. I really couldn’t. Water is one of my oth [...]

I can't remember when I read this book, but I just found a slip of paper insisting that I have. The book stars a dog named Plummie (also in my note) who is adored by his owners. He makes mistakes, but they still love him. This is a great lesson for dogs (and children and even adults!) to learn. The illustrations are adorable, with tons of character.

This is absolutely charming and tickled our whole family silly because the dog looks like my naughty dog and the children in the story have the same name as my children!The illustrations are divine and portray Plummie's emotions wonderfully.All you need is love!

Plum, the dog is a dog who loves so many things. Yet, finds it hard to always be good. When Plum disobeys unintentionally, she worries that her owners and friends won't love her. This is a great book for children who can understand the feelings Plum experiences.

Adorable dog book. Plum tries to behave. Plum loves everything, but especially LOVE. Plum misbehaves, is punished, and worries no one will love her again. But then they do, and all is well, even when.mistakes are made.

My son got this book for his 3rd birthday from a good friend and he absolutely adores Plummie. It’s been our favorite bedtime read for 3months in row. I look forward to getting some of Emma Clark’s books to add to my Nutbrown Hares collection ❤️

My 5 year old loves Plum, the sweet dog that tries to be good but still gets herself into trouble. However, no matter what she does her family still loves her! We all make mistakes.

Emma Chichester Clark's Plum illustrations are lovely; she captures sweet, not-always-well-behaved dogs perfectly, especially her beloved Plummie. It's a sweet read for dog lovers.

I love the art in this, and I think the message is wonderful for storytime. Will use this for a future dog theme.

My 4-year old loves this book. Metaphorically strong message about parental love and how it does not fade based on behavior.

An adorable story that demonstrates the unconditional (and occasionally clueless) love people can have for their pets.

I'm a sucker for any dog story, especially one where the doggie is loved so so much. Very sweet - and as a dog person - very accurate in those doggie behaviors!

I love this book. Plummie has the same personality as my dog. Such a cute story!

Since reading Emma's graphic novel, Plumdog, I have found that I can be a little bias when it comes to Plum (Plummie as she is lovingly known by her fans and owners). For me, she is Emma's muse and Plum serves her well: especially in this story. On the surface, Love is My favourite Thing is a simple tale with, at times, a lovely repetitive refrain of: 'but Love is my favourite thing' guiding the story through. It is only when the narrative reaches a peak that the refrain breaks and Plum must und [...]

SummaryThis is the story of a dog named Plum whose favorite thing is love. Plum has many exciting adventures with her family and sometimes she can't help but get into trouble. Plum worries whether her family will still love her even though she's made some big mistakes. This picture book is great for grades K-1.ActivityFirst grade students will design and create their own book about things they love. Student's books should contain a minimum of 8 pages with illustrations and complete sentences des [...]

Plum is too cute! Story ok

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