Small Town Secrets

Molly Kate Gray

Small Town Secrets

Small Town Secrets

  • Title: Small Town Secrets
  • Author: Molly Kate Gray
  • ISBN: 9781942239031
  • Page: 315
  • Format: None

Re edited and released with a new cover 12 7 14 Near death experiences do have a way of bringing people together Miller s Grove s most eligible bachelor, Josh Owens, could have a different date every night of the week, so he doesn t understand why he s drawn to the only woman in town who s not interested in him Tara Sullivan is angry that Josh has stolen the prime time Re edited and released with a new cover 12 7 14 Near death experiences do have a way of bringing people together Miller s Grove s most eligible bachelor, Josh Owens, could have a different date every night of the week, so he doesn t understand why he s drawn to the only woman in town who s not interested in him Tara Sullivan is angry that Josh has stolen the prime time anchor position she d been promised A stranger begins preying on the single young women in Miller s Grove, and the story lands in Tara s hands As they realize the town is dealing with a serial rapist, Tara reluctantly accepts help with the story from Josh As they research their top suspect in the assaults, they unearth past events that than one resident of Miller s Grove wants to keep buried.

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Molly Kate Gray has created a small town universe in which very believable characters reside. From the starstruck high school girls to the town gossips to the established members of the community - it all rings true. There's small town corruption, nepotism, traditions, and family bonds. There's also love, loyalty, and some good ol' fashioned banter to keep the reader entertained and flipping pages. I especially enjoyed the details, from the initial description of an airport faced with a hurrican [...]

A romance novel with a surprising amount of depth, this was an enjoyable read from start to finish. The story is well written and fast paced with several unexpected twists and turns.The characters are charming; Josh, for example, is the quintessential 'bad boy with a good heart' and Tara manages to be sweet, vulnerable and dignified all at once. Their romance is built up well throughout the story, moving naturally from friendship to something more. It never feels forced.Probably one of my favour [...]

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, and in the case of "Small Town Secrets," that's a good thing! Just like the beautiful cover, this story interweaves the magic of falling with the dark mysteries that lurk in a sleepy southern town.Tara Sullivan faces a hurricane, fends off a sleazy ex-boyfriend, and hunts down a serial rapist, but she never becomes a victim. As she comes to terms with her painful past, she slowly opens herself up to friendship -- and love -- with a most unlikely hero, [...]

A BOOK TO BE READ AND NOT TOSSED ASIDE, review by Sharon Lee FernbergMolly Kate Gray, the author, captivated me as I began to read her novel "Small Town Secrets". This is a story of love with a touch of suspense that brings our heroine, Tara Sullivan, and the hero, Josh Owens, two newscasters, together because of a hurricane that has hit Orlando, and supposedly downgrades to a storm that follows the couple by car. This story takes us to the town of Miller's Grove where this actual story takes pl [...]

3.5 stars. -----I have to admit before I go on that this isn't a genre I would normally read. I prefer YA, MG or UF, so this was out of my comfort zone. That said, I ended up really enjoying it so I'm glad I gave it a try!This book is split up into chapters, and also into months. At the beginning of some chapters the name of the month shows where the reader is in the story, and I thought this was a really nice addition. It helped me to keep track of the timeline, because a lot of stuff went on d [...]

Captivating Romantic Suspense! Intrigue, suspense, adventure and romance all make SMALL TOWN SECRETS a solid fast-paced read. The story starts off with a bang when a natural disaster leaves Tara injured and the door open to the start of a relationship with Josh. It then proceeds with a lively slice of small town life as a mystery unfolds which tosses Tara and Josh together as they use their solid investigative skills to solve a string of assaults and uncover lies and secret agendas.Excellent cha [...]

Really enjoyed Molly Kate Gray's Small Town Secrets. All secrets were unraveled and justice administered in the end, and the hero and heroine were likable, complex people. Plus, the story began with a hurricane. After going through both Rita and Ike, I could relate to that in a big way.Beautiful Tara Sullivan, angry at losing a coveted anchor position at her small town TV station to nationally known Josh Owens, heads for the airport when a hurricane bears down on the town, only to find herself s [...]

This is a must read for anyone looking for some solid summer reading. The characters are very well developed, with so much depth and back stories that manage to be told throughout the story, so as not to seem overwhelming. The pacing of the story is excellent, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. This novel is so much more than a romance as the narrative is woven through layers of character growth and action that allow the reader to not only empathize with the heroine, but to cheer her [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was drawn into it immediately by Tara's desperate need to fly out of Florida before a dangerous hurricane hits. I felt I was right there in line of the storm with Tara. Very descriptive writing, Ms. Gray! When Josh offers to help Tara vacate the area, I knew he was a great guy, even if he did manage to snag her possible promotion at the TV station. When a serial rapist targets her small town, Tara and Josh team together to do a little investigative reporting and [...]

I spent many summers of my childhood in a small town and this novel captures the atmosphere I felt during that time in my life. Misconceptions and drawing conclusions are concepts I experienced and are touched upon in this novel. Tara thinks that Josh is a spoiled and conceited "pretty boy" until she gets to know him. In turn, Josh doesn't understand Tara's past and how it impacts her relationships and him. The town hero, who is idolized, isn't who he seems. They are drawn together and their sec [...]

Loved the imagery from the start. Ms. Gray brings us into Tara's world, just as it's falling apart, and gives us a hero we can cheer for, even though Tara's not so sure. The banter and play between the two convinces the reader that no storm, or job, or problem will be too big, eventually, to stop a happy ever after for this couple. Kept me reading page after page. Looking forward to this author's next release.Note: I was provided an ARC for review as a professional courtesy. No monetary or other [...]

I loved this book! Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. The villain was a man I loved to hate, and his foil in every way, the book’s hero, Josh, was a man I easily fell in love with. Readers often love a wounded hero, but Small Town Secrets’ wounded heroine stole my heart. I was rooting for Tara from page one, and when she got her happily ever after, I cheered. Gray has a gift for suspense, and I will definitely be looking for her next installment.

I enjoyed this book. It was a nice debut for the author and I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I laughed a few times, and I liked the relationship of Tara and her brother David. Josh is hot, that never hurts a story! I look forward to the next book, and I hope we learn more about these characters, and meet new ones!

Enjoyed this one very much. Read it.

Tara is in the news business. Her goal is to be the primetime news reporter in the town she is living in. The job was promised to her by the owner; only when it comes time to be promoted he brings his handsome son in from another station to take the job. Tara either has to learn to live with this guy or find another job, and she really doesn't want to do that. Then an old boyfriend comes back to town to live. He was in pro football and he injured his knee and can't play anymore. He is a big star [...]

The writing was fine on this, but I thought a lot of the story was too easy/too swept over. For instance, what did her fear of storms have to do with her life and what was the source? How did it relate to her experiences with Wyatt? Then the whole issue of overcoming her sexual/intimacy issues seemed to go a little easy by the end (in the book I thought they were well done). Then the business with her parents and the elder Miller/the trial/the seizure of stuff--all that went too fast. It needed, [...]


Enjoyable and you feel the characters all get what they deserve.

A love story with no secrets!!! A storm, a rapist, past, and babies!!

Cute fast read more.

This book was good, not one of the best.

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