The Recovery

Suzanne Young

The Recovery

The Recovery

  • Title: The Recovery
  • Author: Suzanne Young
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  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Six months after the fall of The Program, ex handler Michael Realm is struggling with his guilt After all, he was instrumental in erasing the memories of several patients including one he claimed to love With a lifetime of regret stretched before him, Realm vows to set things right Along with his friend, James Murphy, Realm will track down those he s hurt in an attemptSix months after the fall of The Program, ex handler Michael Realm is struggling with his guilt After all, he was instrumental in erasing the memories of several patients including one he claimed to love With a lifetime of regret stretched before him, Realm vows to set things right Along with his friend, James Murphy, Realm will track down those he s hurt in an attempt to give them back their lives starting with Dallas Stone He s not looking for forgiveness or redemption he s not a hero But Realm hopes that with each recovered past, he ll be able to reclaim a small bit of his own.

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This was a short story which basically followed Realm as he went on a little tour of redemption, going around confessing what he had done to the kids who were in the The Program. What was interesting was the little re-cap of book 2 though, as I hadn’t realised that (view spoiler)[ James had taken the Treatment! (hide spoiler)]7 out of 10

Lackluster writing, no pace whatsoever, out-of-the-blue changes in characters, and basically just unnecessary. This could've been an awesome read if it had been longer, but this novella is more The Remedy sneak peek than actual novella.

This was a nice little story that added some character and some perspective to Realm. I liked it!

Even though Realm did some pretty awful things, I couldn't help but like the villainous thug. Okay, that might have been a bit harsh, he did redeem himself after all and if truth be told, I am thrilled that this is his story after The Program was disabled. I really wanted some kind of happily ever after for the guy, after all, he wasn't all bad and he was trying to make up for his past sins, you can't really fault someone for that now can you?Knowing James (and maybe even Sloane) was going to be [...]

Ouch, my heartIS WAS WAY TOO SHORT SUZANNE YOUNG!!This novella came quite unexpected, and focuses on a side character from The Program duology, Realm. I wasn’t particularly fond of this character in the books, but he was an okay character. This short story just gave me everything I wanted. I got to see main characters Sloane and James, the aftermath of The Program, and, of course, how Realm’s doing. The way I remember the duology, which is my favorite duology btw, was with tears and laughter [...]

This will contain spoilers if you haven't read The Program or The Treatment.This wasn't bad. I admit that for me I wasn't interested in really reading a story from the point of Realm but I get it. Regardless, you get to see the turmoil and guilt that Realm carries with him and understand more about what he did. Pretty much this is the story of Realm about 6 months or so after the events of The Treatment. It follows him as he attempts to atone for his involvement in The Program.

The Program is an amazing series, one of my favorites, and this was exactly what I needed!I was happy with how The Treatment ended, but if you're curious about Realm, you don't want to miss this. It's about Realm trying to deal with all the bad things he's done. He's not looking for forgivness, he knows that some people will never forgive him, but he's trying to make things right, to give back the memories he's stolen.He was glad he was facing his problems, but there was one person he could neve [...]

One of those fun few hour reads that really doesn't forward the story but gives it a tad bit of character development.

Lo quiero

This could really be more like THREE AND A HALF STARS than three, but not quite four.The Recovery is the second and a half book in THE PROGRAM series--The Program, The Treatment, The Recovery, The Remedy (coming soon).The Program was about a suicide epidemic affecting teens and how those thought of as potential victims were confiscated and sent away into The Program. It was FANTASTIC as I barely breathed the entire book. The Treatment had me until the end, where it felt rushed and forced to end [...]

"Be kind to yourself, Michael. You're the one who has to live with you."OMG. This was amazing. I started this really ready to hate Realm. I've been mad at him for a long long time - multiple years and books (lol)so I was surprised when I easily slid back into this crazy world and read the banter and easiness between he and James. Through James, I can almost like Realm again READ IT! It's an amazing addition to the series. So worth it!

Very short mid book. Only about 75 pages, but it was a pretty decent addition and look into Realm's life after the program.

Carino anche se un po' ripetitivo

I think I have a better insight to Michael Realm now. This is a good little extra read.

This story centered around Michael Realm after the Program. Not as intense or exciting as the full length novels but still ok. Just nothing that really stood out.

This short story seemed to end very abruptly with very little happening.

Way shorter than expected, I wanted to hear what happened after the last chapter ended. So I'm slightly disappointed. And now I have to wait for my order to get here to continue this journey.

This novella picks up where The Treatment leaves off, and it is all about the guy I love to hate: Michael Realm. Now I’m not so sure about that!Realm is on a mission. He needs to right the wrongs that he did while in The Program. As an imbedded handler, he earned the trust of the “difficult” patients and betrayed them by feeding their secrets to the doctors to ensure that the right memories were targeted for removal. Now, he wants to return those stolen memories to the patients that he fee [...]

The Recovery by Suzanne Young Website: alinemattosreview: /user/show/2Review: On this E-novella, we get to see a POV from Michael Realm, who was a handler in “The Program” series. I remember when I finished “The Treatment” sequel, and final book of the duology (although I was expecting to be a trilogy) , I felt like something was missing at the end. It was a little rushed and even thought there was an epilogue, it didn't provide the closure I needed. With “The Recovery”, we get to se [...]

Returning To Those You WrongedWhat would you do if you helped erased someone's memory? Would you run away from confronting those or chose to chase after those you’ve damaged? Michael Realm was faced with this decision after the Program died. He travels from state to state looking for those he’s hurt as he tries to set his moral compass right again. When faced with a difficult choice, Realm decided to face those whom he has harmed.Out of all the books in this series, I was disappointed in the [...]

This 2.5 novella isn't bad, but it's not necessary. It's not adding anything to the story line or characters, and it's not that much fun to read. If you want to watch a character spend more time feeling like a crappy person for past decisions, then go ahead and read it. By the time book two ended, I had seen and heard enough of that already, so this was just excess that didn't do much for me. My favorite part was probably the exploration of the growing friendship between James and Realm, which w [...]

Letto in poche ore, The Recovery è ambientato subito dopo The Treatment e il protagonista è Realm.Non posso dire di più sulla trama, altrimenri sarebbe spoiler, ma in ogni caso qualcosa da dire ce l'ho.Non ho mai amato Realm come personaggio, e, come Sloane, non riesco proprio a perdonarlo.Apprezzo ciò che fa in questa novella, ma continuo a non sopportare come tratta Dallas quando è chiaro a tutti che quella non è la scelta giusta. Quindi il mio odio è rimasto, nonostante sia riuscita me [...]

Kort verhaal over Realm die vroeger Programmeur is geweest. Dankzij hem zijn veel tieners, waaronder Sloane, hun herinneringen kwijt geraakt. Nu het Programma is afgeschaft gaat Realm op zoek naar de slachtoffers die hij heeft gemaakt om hun herinneringen terug te geven door ze een map met informatie terug te geven.Het is een kort verhaal over een toch wel aanwezige personage in de twee voorgaande boeken. Ik vind het een leuke toevoeging op het verhaal maar natuurlijk erg kort. Wel vind ik het p [...]

Quick Review:First, writing a review using my phone at 2:25 in the morning feels weird. Second, I think this novella is okay. Realm, though I'm not particularly crazy for him, deserves some closure from The Program and it's good to see him taking responsibility from the things he had done. But James as his best friend?!?! Ha! Humor me. But, as I'd said, it's just okay but I don't think this is really necessary. The things in this novella could have just been mentioned in The Treatment.

I didn't like this short story. The only thing I enjoyed was the fact that I got to see James again. This was very short and it didn't really add anything new. I was kind of upset that James and Realm are friends because it seems completely out of the blue (maybe I should re read the second book). This would of been so much better if it was longer and in James' perspective. In other words a book in Realm's point of view was completely unnecessary.

One question comes to mind: "why did she even bother?" There was no point to this short story. Just when I thought she was about to provide some conclusion to Realm's charactere ended the story. Complete waste of time and money, and it was only $1. A dollar-roll of toilet paper would've been more enjoyable, and would've lasted longer.

"It would all be in the pages - their depression and loss, their secrets and hopes." Basically, the novella focuses on Realm admitting to the person he became close with in the Program in order to delete that person's memories. Also give pages that contain the person's past/memories. The Program's pressure fed the epidemic-not the memories.

Per essere una novella molto breve, mi è piaciuto molto più di The Treatment. Ne parlo qua: youtube/watch?v=gfyzV

Amazing! Love this world!


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