Forbidden Passion

Jodie Sloan

Forbidden Passion

Forbidden Passion

  • Title: Forbidden Passion
  • Author: Jodie Sloan
  • ISBN: 9781503185616
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback

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Tom Langley Sharpe III is a teenager who probably has it all He is an only child in a wealthy family that owns a ranch that trains race horses When he was still a teenager, he discovered that he had a thing for other men, at one point even making a hit on Valerie, a man of French decent who worked for them Valerie works as an all rounder, valet, chauffeur, right hand maTom Langley Sharpe III is a teenager who probably has it all He is an only child in a wealthy family that owns a ranch that trains race horses When he was still a teenager, he discovered that he had a thing for other men, at one point even making a hit on Valerie, a man of French decent who worked for them Valerie works as an all rounder, valet, chauffeur, right hand man for the family, and especially for Thomas Langley Sharpe III, Tom s father Valerie is very close to the family and knows how the family businesses are run He informs Thomas of his sons gay trend Daniel Peters is an African American guy who has worked on the ranch from a young tender age He began working on the ranch when he was barely 10 after his parents passed away, and they immediately hit it off with Tom, becoming friends, most especially since they were almost the same age and the only young people on the ranch at the time Since they become good friends, Tom s father invites him to come and move closer to the ranch house, and when Thomas sees how in love the two young men are, he decides to bring them even closer and asks Daniel to move into the mansion with them He treats him as his son and affords him all of the luxuries that he gives to his son, Tom Tom Langley realizes his intense attraction towards Daniel when he finishes school and comes home By then Daniel is his horse s trainer and as Tom tries to get closer to the horse, he and Daniel become even closer, at some point even almost making out in a stream Tom decides that he cannot keep his feelings a secret and tells Daniel exactly how he feels while they are out camping on the prairie, only to discover that Daniel also has the same feelings At around the same time, Tom s parents are involved in an accident and pass away Will Tom continue having the same feelings for Daniel, or will he blame their gay relationship for his parent s death Tom Langley Sharpe III and Daniel Peters make the perfect couple ever, but someone else comes into their lives, the determined Shania, who had initially been in love with Tom alone As she checks them out making love on the river bank, she gets attracted to Daniel too she sneaks up on them and tempts both men into making love to her a new intense sort of love forms between them, as Tom and Daniel also realize that they too have this strange sort of attraction to her, an attraction that comes right down to their hearts and makes them realize that they are both in love with her and with each other Tom becomes a popular jockey, and Valerie notices the way that he and Shania eye each other he advises Tom that it would be a good thing for the trio, Tom, Daniel and Shania to get into a relationship, since fireworks are flying between them Tom marries Shania officially, but she is married to both he and Daniel unofficially, and their love blossoms when she realizes that she is pregnant.

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Omg, where to start. Crappy writing?!? Yes. Logical Mistakes?!? Definitively. Entering a third name in a two guys relationship/sex scene?!? Priceless. I read a couple of scenes more than one time because I thought I must have read it wrong. Is his horse a mare or a stallion?

School is finally over and Tom is ready to start learning the daily operations of the ranch and getting closer to his family and the horses. He's always been friends with his father's hired hand, Daniel, but now he can add intense attraction to the mix. He doesn't know how Daniel would take it if he professed his feelings so he lives in agony hoping things will progress in the future. Daniel has always been gay, but he thinks Tom as a girlfriend hidden out there somewhere. He can't tell Tom how [...]

This dull story is wrongly titled: there are no shifters. I skimmed after getting bored but what I read needs serious editing. The wrong things are capitalized and contain apostrophes where they don't belong. For example, a pair of pants are called Jean's but in the next sentence they are jeans. Some proper names are not capitalized nor are some sentence beginnings. Friends also gets a wrongly-placed apostrophe. Hang is written for hung. Dom is written for down. Oh, and one of the boys has a hym [...]

So, the beginning wasn't so bad and obviously the author has enthusiasm, but this story just fell apart. Also, the part where Daniel calls Tom master was weird to me, given that this is a contemporary story.I also checked put the blurbs for the next parts and have to say, (view spoiler)[that a menage including a female character isn't in my opinion a gay romance (hide spoiler)]

Umm someone needs spell checkOk the premise for the book is good but the continuity was horrible. At one point the characters name changed f poo m Tom to Mike, didn't anyone proof read this book? Hope the next book is better.

A sexy story with a good cast of characters and a good storyline--to be continued.The loss of Thomas and Pricilla takes us into the next book-which I will be looking forward to.

Not really recommendable

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