Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza

Colin Atrophy Hagendorf

Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza

Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza

  • Title: Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza
  • Author: Colin Atrophy Hagendorf
  • ISBN: 9781476705880
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover

Over the course of two years, a twenty something punk rocker eats a cheese slice from every pizzeria in New York City, gets sober, falls in love, and starts a blog that captures headlines around the world he is the Slice Harvester, and this is his story.Since its arrival on US shores in 1905, pizza has risen from an obscure ethnic food to an iconic symbol of American cultuOver the course of two years, a twenty something punk rocker eats a cheese slice from every pizzeria in New York City, gets sober, falls in love, and starts a blog that captures headlines around the world he is the Slice Harvester, and this is his story.Since its arrival on US shores in 1905, pizza has risen from an obscure ethnic food to an iconic symbol of American culture It has visited us in our dorm rooms and apartments, sometimes before we d even unpacked or painted It has nourished us during our jobs, consoled us during break ups, and celebrated our triumphs right alongside us.In August 2009, Colin Hagendorf set out to review every regular slice of pizza in Manhattan, and his blog, Slice Harvester, was born Two years and nearly 400 slices later, he d been featured in TheWall Street Journal, the Daily News New York , and on radio shows all over the country Suddenly, this self proclaimed punk who was barely making a living doing burrito delivery and selling handmade zines had a following But at the same time Colin was stepping up his game for the masses grabbing slices with Phoebe Cates and her teenage daughter, reviewing kosher pizza so you don t have to , his personal life was falling apart.A problem drinker and chronic bad boyfriend, he started out using the blog as a way to escape the hangovers, the midnight arguments, the hangovers again until finally realizing that by taking steps to reach a goal day by day, he d actually put himself in a place to finally take control of his life for good See at booksmonandschuster Sli

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this is one of those books that feels like you are hanging out with its author engaged in one of those meandering first-date conversations where you're having a good time, and excited about having a good time and sharing every fun anecdote you have in your arsenal and enjoying the company of a like-minded individual. the author is completely unaware of my side of the conversation we had while i was reading his book, and that's fine, but it was indeed a conversation. because we mourn the loss of [...]

I was so looking forward to this one. It combined my childhood dream (to grow up in NYC and wander the streets as a teenager) and my adulthood dream (eat my way around NYC's pizza joints). I picked it up after seeing it on a 'best of' list on NPR. The book is about the author who sets out on a task of eating a slice of pizza from the hundreds of NYC pizza joints and discussing/documenting and rating that pizza. The author doesn't hold back. You hear all about his drinking, doing drugs, being a p [...]

I wrote this

melissa413readsalotThis book did one thing for me, and that was crave pizza. All I have done is crave pizza! I had to get a cheese pizza the other day because of this book. I'm getting one tonight because of this book, but I digress! Colin decided he wanted to write a blog about eating all of the pizza in New York. He started out on a Tues, Aug. 11, 2009, at Grandpa's Brick Oven Pizza. It was good pizza. Through most of the book you get to hear about Colin's life as a punk rocker, his alcoholism [...]

I won this book through a giveaway. Thanks much!This was mostly about his life. The pizza was the backstory. I was disappointed.

Three stars is a bit generous, but two would be unfair - think of this one as "OK, but not worth going out of one's way for" and you'll be on the right track. Target audience would be folks interested in the life story (I really can't deal with "memoir" or "autobiography" for folks much under 40, sorry) of an articulate, alcoholic punk rocker which just wasn't me. I wanted to get into this book as I liked the author, and wish him well, but I just couldn't without a lot of skimming. The pizza an [...]

I'm really glad the editor of this book didn't turn around and say, "Colin, you can't write a book that sounds like this, what are you even saying," (or maybe they did, and then changed their mind, I don't know the intricacies of how this book came to fruit.) Slice Harvester is an unlikely Good Book, written in a run on, vocal fry, crust punk vernacular. The adjective that comes to mind about this book is "relatable," which is subjective, but if you (like me, and the author) grew up in the subur [...]

As someone who (a) lives in New York, (b) listens to punk, and (c) enjoys pizza on occasion, I really liked this book. I honestly don't know if other people will enjoy it as much as I did! But then again, I know a lot of New Yorkers :) I want to buy it for everyone!

I liked the pizza part. The drunken punk part got old.

Slice Harvester started as a drunken idea, something that probably would have just fizzled out if it weren’t for some good friends and a lot of determination. Colin Atrophy Hagendorf decided to eat a ‘regular slice’ at every pizzeria in New York City a feat which took him about 2 years to accomplish, even when Pizza Missions generally involved visiting quite a few locations in an afternoon. Although the book does include some awesome reviews of divine or terrifying places to get pizza in N [...]

I picked this book up in the "sale" section of Green Apple primarily because there was pizza on the cover. I thought "I like pizza." I have also been reading a lot of personal essays/memoirs lately so it seemed to fit into my current reading picks.By about 5 pages in I had a crush on the author (I know I sound 15 saying that but whatever). A tattooed punk rocker that loves pizza and rides his bike around for little to no money and drinks way too much? Sounds about right for me. But my girlish te [...]

This was such a bizarrely enjoyable reading experience. On one hand, pizza. On the other hand, Hagendorf struggled to pull his blog into a full-length book. The transitions from his recycled blog content to new, personal stories are uneven–sometimes awkward, sometimes smooth. Don’t get me wrong: this guy is a creative writer. There are only so many ways to describe pizza, or so I thought, but some of his analogies are truly inspired. (For example: “…the pockmarked texture of the burnt ch [...]

The pizza descriptions were poetic and funny, and Colin was really open about the fuckups in his personal life, which I always appreciate. That part was a little hard for me to read, as it is always hard for me to see alcoholism depicted, but he was honest about it and I really relate to him and the people around him as depicted in the bookd I really want some pizza.

Generally, this was a pretty good book. This cat, a self proclaimed punk rocker, endeavors to eat and rate pizza at every pizza establishment in Manhattan. All the while, he deals with alcoholism and personal issues. Overall, the book was a cool way to tour Manhattan and learn about the underground punk scene in NYC (of which I know almost nothing about. I thought punk died in the 80s). Further, the author's social commentary was surprisingly insightful. The book kind of goes off the rails two t [...]

I'm not usually a fan of memoirs. The details of some poor sap's life aren't any of my business. And yet, I liked this book more than the average memoir that I've read.The best thing about this book is the dive into the mind of someone from a completely different culture from my own. Punk rock culture and the intricacies of living in a big city are completely foreign to me. I enjoyed the opportunity to gain certain glimpses into the thinking of someone so different from myself. Hagendorf at one [...]

I received the book for free through Giveaways. I requested this book originally because I love a book with a gimmick, especially when it’s Non-fiction. I like reading about people deciding to challenge themselves with some sort of goal, it inspires me to want to challenge myself. The author, Colin Atrophy Hagendorf (very cool name by the way!) decides to eat a plain slice of pizza from every pizzeria in New York City. In the two years it takes him to meet his goal so much more happens than j [...]

Received this book from for an honest review!This has to be one of the weirdest memoirs I have ever read and I loved every page of it.Most times, when a "punk rock" person writes a memoir, it's about their so called punk lifestyle, even though they are hipster sellouts who live life by other peoples rules. When I found out Colin was a punk, I rolled my eyes and wasn't expecting anything. But you don't get that from him. Hes true to himself and the Punk community. Oy! Oy! Oy! He's a badass mofo. [...]

I haven't met many people who view pizza on a metaphysical level, but Colin Atrophy Hagendorf is definitely one of pizza's chosen. Not only has he provided snappy reviews for every pizza joint in Manhattan via his blog and fan-zine, but his quest actually helped him reevaluate his own life and get it together.While I didn't love the author's tangents regarding the New York punk scene, homeboy definitely sticks to his convictions and I can respect that. All the same, Slice Harvester is a great bo [...]

I probably wouldn't have finished this book if it weren't for the BookRiot challenge - I stuck with it because it counts toward the "food memoir" category and there's not another book I particularly want to read right now in that genre. So I pushed through, making myself read it while I worked so I could read more enjoyable things at night. I liked the idea (I love weird quixotic quests) but found the author incredibly irritating. It's one thing to have an unlikable narrator in fiction, but in a [...]

I received this book from a giveaway. I struggled getting through the whole book since it was boring. I usually like first-person narrations, but this one was not compelling.

This was mega good

What a nice book about New York City, politics, family, and pizza!!!

I loved it SO MUCH. I actually laughed and cried and the whole thing filled me up so much.

This took me far too long to finishI found very little that I actually liked about this book. As a New Yorker, I was initially excited to read about a pizza quest that spanned Manhattan. It seems like the book would be a lot more about pizza, but it's really the story of the author overcoming drug and alcohol abuse through this blog about pizza he started. I wanted more pizza and less personal, but maybe I should have read the blog for that.He is also part of the punk scene and makes a lot of re [...]

This is really an odd book the cover got me entranced and I was curious enough to buy it at a local bookstore. The entire book is written in a very nonchalant way, like someone explaining the story to you over a beer instead of in a book. It's kind of like a combination of tiny stories that make up something that is a big apology to how much of a jerk the author was to his parents, to his friends, and to his girlfriend who he absolutely adored.I do enjoy this book, I think the author is just a p [...]

Not at all what I was expecting, but a very informative look into the life of a punk who decided to eat all the pizza. Definitely not in the common "food blog" style. Honestly, it's more like a coming of age with pizza playing a character.

Great light read for those pizza lovers and/or Punx at heart. The addition of his journey to sobriety added some much needed depth to the story. Have a good NY slice location ready to visit when you're reading this bookyou'll be craving it the entire read through.

Funny, conversational, memoir with a focus on pizza and punk - I don't know how I could not enjoy this at least a little. There was a fair amount of cross-over with the zines, which I'd read most of, but I can't hold that against it since I liked it all the first time.

light and airy; fun read

435 regular slices and a side of redemption.

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