Cooking as Fast as I Can: A Chef’s Story of Family, Food, and Forgiveness

Cat Cora

Cooking as Fast as I Can: A Chef’s Story of Family, Food, and Forgiveness

Cooking as Fast as I Can: A Chef’s Story of Family, Food, and Forgiveness

  • Title: Cooking as Fast as I Can: A Chef’s Story of Family, Food, and Forgiveness
  • Author: Cat Cora
  • ISBN: 9781476766140
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

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Remarkably candid, compulsively readable, renowned chef Cat Cora s no holds barred memoir on Southern life, Greek heritage, same sex marriage, and the meals that have shaped her memories.Before she became a celebrated chef, Cathy Cora was just a girl from Jackson, Mississippi, where days were slow and every meal was made from scratch Her passion for the kitchen started inRemarkably candid, compulsively readable, renowned chef Cat Cora s no holds barred memoir on Southern life, Greek heritage, same sex marriage, and the meals that have shaped her memories.Before she became a celebrated chef, Cathy Cora was just a girl from Jackson, Mississippi, where days were slow and every meal was made from scratch Her passion for the kitchen started in her home, where she spent her days internalizing the dishes that would form the cornerstone of her cooking philosophy incorporating her Greek heritage and Southern upbringing from crispy fried chicken and honey drenched biscuits to spanakopita But outside the kitchen, Cat s life was volatile.In Cooking as Fast as I Can, Cat Cora reveals, for the first time, coming of age experiences from early childhood sexual abuse to the realities of life as a lesbian in the deep South She shares how she found her passion in the kitchen and went on to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and apprentice under Michelin star chefs in France After her big break as a co host on the Food Network s Melting Pot, Cat broke barriers by becoming the first ever female Iron Chef.Cooking as Fast as I Can chronicles the difficulties and triumphs Cora experienced on the path to becoming a chef She writes movingly about how she found courage and redemption in the dark truths of her past and about how she found solace in the kitchen and work, how her passion for cooking helped her to overcome hardships and ultimately find happiness at home and became a wife and a mother to four boys Above all, this is an utterly engrossing story about the grit and grace it takes to achieve your dreams.

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(3.5) Despite her various Food Network appearances and restaurants, I had never heard of Cat Cora. I don’t generally read ghostwritten celebrity autobiographies, but I really enjoyed this. A sharp, sassy voice comes through as Cora narrates her Mississippi upbringing in a half-Greek adoptive family and the challenges of being gay in the conservative South. The highlights for me were Cora’s two stages (apprenticeships) in France and her menu development for restaurants from upstate New York t [...]

Of all the chefs I watched on television growing up, Cat Cora was always a bit of a mystery to me. She didn't prepare meals for her husband as Ina Garten did, nor did she cook alongside her sons like Paula Deen. Compared to her Food Network contemporaries, her life seemed a bit more private and less of an act. Cora's unlikely path to celebrity chef and bittersweet coming of age story is one all too many women can relate to and one I am grateful she shared with us. Her memoir deserves to be place [...]

SoI'm not a foodie in any way, shape, or form. I'd never heard of Cat Cora prior to reading this book and had to look up Iron Chef to figure out exactly what it meant that she'd been an Iron Chef. Still, I like food memoirs and queer memoirs and so on, so on paper (pun totally intended) this works well for me.There's a reason, though, that I have a shelf called 'fame first, book second': celebrity memoirs (and occasionally fiction) are a whole different ballgame. I've read some legitimately good [...]

2.5-2.75? Not bad. It was entertaining and interesting, but it felt a little self aggrandizing at times with a lot of name dropping and what not, and she glossed over a lot of really deep issues making it seem as though she hasn't quite worked them out yet, which is fine of course, we're all works in progress, but it was maybe a little uncomfortable. Real life is so messy, I guess maybe I'm just looking for something a little tidier in my reading? Not totally sure. Something about it just felt a [...]

I'm glad I stuck with this book. I originally bought it to preview for my AP Language class but quickly discovered that it was ghostwritten, and that didn't work for my assignment. Anyway, there's a slow part near the beginning that almost made me put it down but I kept going because I want to send it to my sister, and it did indeed get better. What I liked most about this book was Cat Cora's emphasis that success and fame is not linear, that there are ups and downs, that reality TV is so fake a [...]

I've long been intrigued by Cat Cora. She always seemed sassy and fun whenever I saw her on Iron Chef America, super petite but packing tons of energy. When I saw she had written a memoir, I knew hers was a life I wanted to know more about.And what a life she has led so far. I got winded just reading about it—all the cross-country flights for TV appearances, countless restaurant openings, stints in culinary school and internships abroad. Cora has worked unbelievably hard to become one of the b [...]

Renowned chef Cat Cora’s candid memoir on Southern life, Greek heritage, same sex marriage, and the meals that have shaped her memories. The book takes us from her childhood in Jackson, Mississippi to her current status as a successful chef and television personality.Although she skirts around the topic, I would have liked to have known more of the specifics of her challenges as a female chef in a male dominated career. An open and honest story of a Chef Cora's life experience and how she got [...]

Her story was interesting. The book itself could have used a lot more editing though. She didn't seem to have a focus and would start and stop stories suddenly. The ending in particular felt unfinished. But still, it was interesting to read about her life.


Entertaining anecdotes from Cat's early life, culinary life and romantic life. Very frank, and fast-moving.

I chose to read Cat Cora's memoir mainly because I hadn't yet formed an opinion on her which was the perfect basis for eliminating basis upon reading a book. Despite my affinity for The Food Network, I never caught Cora on a show. About as much as I knew about her--her height, her hair color, and her cooking style--I could learn on her page. The more intimate details about her--her childhood, her education, her relationships--were mere questions in my mind before reading her memoir, Cooking As [...]

Remarkably candid, compulsively readable, renowned chef Cat Cora’s no-holds-barred memoir on Southern life, Greek heritage, same sex marriage, and the meals that have shaped her memories.Before she became a celebrated chef, Cathy Cora was just a girl from Jackson, Mississippi, where days were slow and every meal was made from scratch. Her passion for the kitchen started in her home, where she spent her days internalizing the dishes that would form the cornerstone of her cooking philosophy inco [...]

There is so much about Cat Cora's memoir that grabbed me. It's sass, its vivid descriptions of her southern childhood and her determination to make it in the hard-driving world of celebrity cooks. You can see her boldness, her grit early on and when she decides to become a chef she brings it right with her. She lived hard and fast and she liked it that way (and it was fun to read) and yet, it got tricky. Alcohol got in her way (and maybe, still does) as does the impact of being sexually abused b [...]

Iron Chef, mother, wife, and friend – while Cat Cora may be all of these, she has spent most of her life defying labels. Her gritty and candid memoir hops from Mississippi to California to France, all the while unearthing the things—and food—closest to her heart.Cora is a true Southern girl, complete with a slight twang and penchant for no-nonsense axioms. After a horrifying incident when she was six years old, Cora grapples with feelings of betrayal, loneliness, and shame until she realiz [...]

Cat Cora has always struck me as sassy and slightly larger than life. As a fellow southerner and feminine feminist I find her beguiling and her autobiography is one of the most refreshingly honest portrayals that I have ever read. Her struggles and triumphs are told with candor and you can hear her voice loud and clear in the telling of her story. From beginning to end Cat Cora is genuine and her blend of brashness and heart are super endearing. I hope she and her family thrive and that all of t [...]

I won a copy from a Giveaway.I remember when the only reality show on Food Network was Iron Chef. Oh, how times have changed.I remember Cat Cora from the show because she was the only female Iron Chef to ever win the competition. I did not know anything about her but I could tell, just from watching her, she was a no nonsense, straight forward, take charge attitude person. In other words, she kind of scared me, but in a good way.Her memoir is short and brief but no less an eye opener, which jus [...]

I stumbled upon this book at the library. There were two things about the book jacket that drew me in - one, that Cat Cora is a chef and I tend to really like chefs' memoirs; two, the 'about the author' section mentioned that she lives in California with her wife. So a queer chef memoir is totally my speed. This book was ghostwritten, which is fine, maybe even preferable. If someone isn't a good writer but has a compelling story, I'd much rather read that story as written by someone who knows wh [...]

Cat Cora’s memoir is brutally forthright. I enjoyed learning about her as the chances of us becoming besties is slim to none so this was my shot at an up close and personal glimpse into the daughter, woman, chef, wife, mother.Cat takes you through her childhood in Mississippi through her current days in lovely Santa Barbara California. Reflecting on her early years in the kitchen, Iron Chef to current status we are privy to her well-earned and deserved accomplishments. No doubt her admitted st [...]

This book checked the box for the "Read a food memoir" category in the 2016 Book Riot Read Harder challenge. However, I had it on my "to read" list prior to embarking on the challenge. While I've enjoyed watching Cat Cora on various cooking shows, I didn't know much about her or her upbringing aside from the fact that she was a southern chef with Greek roots and thought it'd be interesting to learn more about the first-ever female Iron Chef. The memoir is a raw, unflinching look at Cora's life a [...]

I always enjoy Cat Cora when I see her on the Food Network. She seems to be genuine, direct, and personable. Those same attributes come through in her memoir. I enjoyed reading more about who she is as a person, what her story has been thus far, and where she has struggled.One sentiment that I found particularly relevant to my own thinking about how life twists and turns: "I was well into my thirties now, grateful for all of the opportunities I'd had and proud of my accomplishments, but that min [...]

Full disclosure: I knew nothing about Cat Cora prior to picking up this book. However, I've long been interested in chef's memoirs, so I knew I wanted to read it all the same.As many memoirs it was a bit slow to start, but after about 50 pages, it quickly made up for it and I found it difficult to put down. Cat's journey from cooking at home with her grandmother to being the first female Iron Chef and opening her own restaurants was absolutely fascinating, and certainly made me try my hand at co [...]

This was a fast, easy and compelling read, although I felt like the details were sparse at times. Cat Cora is the first woman to win Iron Chef. This book describes her life and how she made it to become an incredibly successful chef. I actually hadn't even heard of her before picking up this book. It's gotten great reviews from lots of big shots in the culinary world. The thing that stuck out to me the most in this book is the way that being sexually abused as a child impacted her life.The autho [...]

*I received a copy of this book through Netgallery from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*Cat Cora's memoir is remarkably candid and heart-felt. Having known very little about her previously, I enjoyed learning not only about her years as an Iron Chef and making it in the world of celebrity chef culture but also about how her life has changed from growing up in Mississippi to her present day life as a California mother/wife/chef. Readers who enjoy culinary memoirs might be [...]

Cat Cora grew up in Mississippi enjoying Southern and Greek food since her father's family was Greek. It was nothing unique to her to eat grits with feta cheese. Her parents were both hard-working and loving and taught Cat that working hard is how you'll get far in life. In this memoir you see how Cat worked hard to overcome some serious challenges - she was molested by a family friend, she was gay in a time when it was still illegal in her home state, and once she knew she wanted to cook she st [...]

Cat Cora's voice is clear as a bell, and her story completely engaging. Food drifts in and around the events of her life, from her adoption into a Greek American to her family life with her sons and wife, always there but not distracting from the events that shaped her path.Cora tells the difficult stories of abuse in childhood at the hands of a son of a family friend, to her struggle with her sexuality in the deep south, to her struggle against alcoholism in such an uncompromising manner as to [...]

I received this as an ARC at a library conference I attended. I picked it up because I recognized Cat Cora from the food network but wasn't really familiar with her personal life at all. I wasn't sure what to expect beyond another celebrity memoir (which to be fair I do love as a genre in general). I was immediately drawn in by her fresh, casual voice and language style. I won't get too much into the content of the book, but I'll just say I was really impressed by her honesty and the depth of de [...]

Cooking as Fast as I Can by Cat Cora is a free NetGalley ebook that I began during bowling alley kareoke and finished during a dozeless morning in August. Always a sucker for the discipline and savor of chef biographies, I thought I'd lend an ear to Ms. Cat Cora.Where the synopsis of the book calls her literary voice "clarion," I instead see it as "border collie," because it's firstwegooverhere and theni'moverheredoingthis and lookatthisfoodimade and abuse. I'matschool! Lookihaveagirlfriend! An [...]

It is a candid account of her life, her happy Mississippi childhood with her adoptive parents, her sexual abuse by a neighboring youth, her wild times as a young woman discovering her sexuality. The descriptions of her years of training and starting off as a serious chef, the obstacles she faced as a woman in the field, and her early years as a professional are very interesting.After a time though, it becomes more of chronology of how too busy she was, and the strain of trying to juggle too much [...]

I'll be completely honest. I had NO idea who Cat Cora was when I started this book. I have never watched iron chef or any other show she has been featured on. I don't even recognize her from the tabloid news that slips through onto my newsfeed all too often. I more just thought that this was a book abut cooking and that was enough for me to dive right in. With that being said, you know it's an amazing story when you are completely sucked in and anticipating what is going to happen next even thou [...]

Cat Cora's memoir was interesting from the start. From her adoption to southern childhood and her determination to make it in a male dominated field of cooking! You come to understand her determination and grit based on her life experiences. As the book progresses you sense she is holding back as she starts to unveil her relationship to alcohol and how this impacts her relationships particularly with her wife. Felt as if this book was written a year too soon especially with her relationship now [...]

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