This Charming Man

Ajax Bell

This Charming Man

This Charming Man

  • Title: This Charming Man
  • Author: Ajax Bell
  • ISBN: 9781939423252
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook

Will Seattle Make a Man of Him Yet On a night out in Seattle s gay club scene, a chance encounter with an intriguing older man inspires Steven Frazier with visions of a rewarding life But when Steven abandons drugs and one night stands, his loyal but venomous best friend won t set him free without a fight Must Steven sacrifice friendship and forsake an unrequited lWill Seattle Make a Man of Him Yet On a night out in Seattle s gay club scene, a chance encounter with an intriguing older man inspires Steven Frazier with visions of a rewarding life But when Steven abandons drugs and one night stands, his loyal but venomous best friend won t set him free without a fight Must Steven sacrifice friendship and forsake an unrequited love to follow his dreams As Steven s horizons expand, his friends now include eclectic new arrivals, helping to keep his quest on track Working to reinvent himself, Steven seeks to prove his worth, driven by exquisite longing for a charming man just out of his reach.Both reflective and intensely sexy, This Charming Man is a novel about friendship, hope, and personal growth This story captures the drama of coming into one s own as an adult and creates a vibrant snapshot of Seattle in the early 1990s.

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the first 30 percent of this was spectacularly good. honestly, some of the most lovely and balanced and sensitive writing i've read in motherfucking ages good i went into raptures on twitter for a couple hoursd if the book had continued on in that way, i'd have rated it a five-star stunneras! things kinda got out of hande hero basically spends the rest of the book explaining the story to date to a friend, asking the friend's advice, and then promptly ignoring itd then he'd do it all over again, [...]

I was in the middle of writing a review about how much I loved this book and then lost it while looking for a gif. :/Needless to say, I'm a bit annoyed. Anyway, I LOVED THIS BOOK! Read it ASAP! You won't regret it. Warnings: this is more LGBTQ lit than your typical m/m. There's quite a bit of drug use and casual sex not between the main love interests in the beginning, and a long wait for the love interests to get together (aka farrrr from insta-love) so if that bothers you I'd skip this one. I' [...]

This was a really interesting book, and one I enjoyed for its rich sense of setting. Though I've never been to Seattle, I was coming of age and discovering my own sense of self in the nineties, and there is a certain nostalgia to this story that really spoke to me. You can tell the author has a deep affection for both the city and the time in which the story was set. It's appealing, even charming.There is also a definite sense of queerness--this is not a heteronormative story, this is not a stor [...]

Bueno, esta valoración me resulta muy difícil, porque me ha gustado mucho el estilo de la escritora, pero me he quedado con la sensación de que ha sido muy largo el viaje sólo para ver cómo Steven agarra coraje y hace lo que tiene que hacer.¿Pérdida de tiempo? Para nada, se lee muy fluido y mi atención ha conseguido mantenerla, pero siento que se ha desperdiciado una buena oportunidad de hacer algo interesante, la primera parte con Steven y Adrian ha estado muy bien, su estilo de vida, s [...]

Delightful & charming!It's more than a romance. This Charming Man is mostly about Steven and his journey to better himself. He finally realizes that the person who is most important to him is also the most hurtful. He tries to break his bad habits and break away from the toxic person that used to mean the most to him.The book is split into three parts, all different stages of the road Steven is taking to become a person he can be proud of. In the first part, we meet him and his best friend, [...]

A lovely, very slow burn romance that is all about growth and character, full of the flavor of gay life in Seattle in the 1990s. Steven begins the book as a student who has found a course of study he enjoys, but still spends more time out partying, hooking up and doing drugs than homework. He has a fairly toxic relationship with his narcissistic best friend Adrian. Steven's the kind of guy who yearns for more connection, a lover not just a fuck buddy, but he's been willing to settle for whatever [...]

This Charming Man is about Steven’s battle against self-sabotage. He decides to stay away from drugs and destructive people not only to achieve something in life, but also to impress John. Don’t let the blurb fool you - this is not a romance. And the lack of chemistry between the MCs is proof of that.This story could have been told in less than 300 pages. I was tempted to skip whole chapters because nothing ever happens. Steven’s life is uneventful. His friends are boring. John flirts with [...]

This charming book is chock full of interesting, lovable, and, at times, hate-able characters. First is Steven, the narrator and main protag, who has come to adulthood but hasn't really found his footing as an adult. For the past five years he's been happily lost in that place familiar to most readers--somewhere between dependant adolescence and independent adulthood. Sure, he's not living at home with his parents, but he's holding a retail job during the day and clubbing the night away with his [...]

4.5 starsFantastic read to start the New Year!! This didn't read like a typical book romance, but more like a real-life romance of a guy in his 20s. Steven and John just meet in brief spurts over a one-year period but this is a good thing as Steven needed time to develop on his own before starting a relationship with the older, more successful man. Steven was a wonderful, believable character. He was passionate about his school work and computers in general, but also loved languages. He also spe [...]

DNF'd at 81% I tried, I really did. But by 40% I knew it wasn't for me, at 60% I rationalized I had come this far & by 80% I just wasn't interested enough to see it through.

This Charming Man, Queen City Boys, Book One, Ajax BellReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: Gay and Lesbian, RomanceThis isn’t a typical romance, the A meets B type, where they fall in love, something bad happens, cue sadness and then – hurrah, all’s resolved. No, its more a voyage of self discovery, with a possible romance emerging along the way. Its set back in 1991 where the world was a different place. Steven is a likeable boy/man? I’m not sure how old he is, he’s a stude [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsWhat a really captivating book with many captivating characters. The book is broken into three parts and at times reads almost as three connecting stories as Steven changes and grows throughout his journey. And, that’s what this is, Steven’s journey. We first meet him high and taking drugs from strangers in a club restroom. I will easily admit that public restroom sex is one of my least favorite venues to read about. But, Bell sets the scene of the relationsh [...]

Well this was delightful! I loved Steven and his journey into adulthood. The angst wasn't over the top and didn't feel contrived and while this is the slowest burn to ever burn, I loved it because it allowed Steven to become a better, more whole person while standing on his own two feet. Can't wait for the next book! I'm hoping for Adrian but would love Ryan just as much.

To say this was a slow burn was an understatement. It was the slowest of the slow but by god was it good! The passion and tension built up perfectly throughout the book. It wasn't what I expected, much more about self discovery and building a solid foundation for yourself in love. Really enjoyed it - full of slow-burn satisfaction :)

Fantastic. I loved the slow burn on this one. Anticipation is everything, just like my review, which I will write once I have a spare moment. But seriously, fantastic. I can't wait to read more. Like, maybe Marcus needs his story? Or?

1.5 starsI just can't. Honestly, I already wanted to put this down at 15% and go on with another book. But since I requested this title on netgalley and the publisher approved it. I don't wanna be rude by not finishing it and I can't just review it as it is. Because I never rate and review DNFed books."Do you believe in love at first sight?""Why? Did you fall in love with John when you first saw him? Or did you wait until you heard him speak French?""What? No. Ridiculous. I'm wondering if he fel [...]

I loved this book. Steven is adrift, at a pivotal point in his life, and he seems on the verge of making wrong decisions. His best friend Adrian (horrible! I love him!) uses and subtly abuses him and diverts him from his studies with decadent nightlife adventures. It's on one such clubbing night that Steven first sees John, handsome and much older. Steven is interested, John politely friendly. Steven meets John again, as the friend of a friend, and he's still interestedbut he doesn't know how to [...]

Do I love reading because I savor the craft, the artful construction of sentences, the poetic beauty, the cadence, the mastery of vocabulary? If so, I have to say this book is a very solid five-star read. But my appreciation for those writing craft skills is not the primary reason I read. I enjoy reading because I love stories. I love being entertained, swept away, moved emotionally. If you're a fan of stories that dive into the mind of the main character and reveal every minuscule detail of the [...]

72 of 75 for 2015. Let me state right off the bat that there is graphic male on male sex in this novel. In fact, some of the hottest sex I've read outside of outright pornography is included in the narrative. I must also say that the opening of this novel is so outside my comfort zone, that I almost closed the book and moved on. There is way too much drug and alcohol abuse in the gay community without reading books that seem to glorify that self-destructive activity. All that said, I am so glad [...]

This book was a delightfully quick read. I honestly couldn't put it down and actually became annoyed when real life got in the way.This book was a flashback to my early teens during the nineties in the PNW. Steven is an appealing protagonist, young, vulnerable and desperately trying to find himself in a sea of drugs, flashy clubs and his manipulative best friend, Adrian. When Steven meets John, an older, attractive and more responsible man, he develops an instant crush. When Adrian becomes jealo [...]

3.5 stars.My thoughts in short: Really, really enjoyed this one! I decided to deduce a star because the book also feature intimate relationships with men other than the real love interest I was very much invested in.My thoughts in more than two sentences can be found HERE.

I love a good slow burn romance and a nice pining protagonist.

For the first two-thirds of This Charming Man, I was certain it would be a five star read for me, but then the forward momentum of the drama ground to a halt and I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall. Fortunately, the very end (waaaay too close to the end) things were so wobbly-kneed amazing that I can still say I’m (mostly) satisfied with this book.This story is set in the Seattle of the early nineties and focuses on one twenty five year old college student, Steven, who’s still caugh [...]

Steven Frazier is an openly gay college student in probably the most open minded city there is. He attends class during the day then parties with his friend Adrian at night. Their volatile relationship is the center of Steven's world in the beginning. You see, Steven is convinced that he's in love with Adrian, and Adrian uses those feelings as a way to hold sway over Steven. There is an occasional flirtatious smile that leads to something more, but most of the time Adrian is cruel and almost vin [...]

Blog Post: gaymediareviews.weebly/bloThis Charming Man-Queen City Boys Book 1 by Ajax Bell!!!In 1991 we find Steven deep in the Seattle club scene with his hot but destructive friend Adrian. They are the envy of everyone who knows them as they live the high club life like no one ever has. Now things will start to change for the guys as Steven meets the older businessman John. He introduces Steven to the future of huge possibilities and more importantly he becomes a motivation for Steven to leave [...]

Ajax Bell is an exciting new voice in the world of m/m literature, with her debut novel This Charming Man a delightful blend of coming of age, nostalgia and romance. Set in early 90s Seattle, this book is one that isn’t afraid to create flawed characters, and as such the journey they take is much more rewarding.Full review here: imwithgeek/books/revie

The start of this book annoyed me so much I considered DNF ing it by Chapter 3. I stuck with it though and am glad I did. It's the start of a series but honestly I think I'll leave this one as a stand alone even though I really did like it.


I loved the first half of this book, so much.

Wonderful!Slow build love story with likable characters that are real enough to have faults. I was sad when the book was over

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