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  • Title: Mastermind
  • Author: Helen Goltz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

Alternate Cover Edition 0980753201 ISBN13 9780980753202 An ambitious plan to switch two planes in mid air began as an online gamebut now it is ch It is one of a select number of plans to mastermind the perfect crime and only a chosen few will play for real.From Washington DC to the London Underground, can Special Agent Mitchell Parker and his team shutAlternate Cover Edition 0980753201 ISBN13 9780980753202 An ambitious plan to switch two planes in mid air began as an online gamebut now it is ch It is one of a select number of plans to mastermind the perfect crime and only a chosen few will play for real.From Washington DC to the London Underground, can Special Agent Mitchell Parker and his team shut down the crimes before it is too late If you love it when a plan comes together, hold on tight, because nothing is about to go right

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This is the first book I have read from this author and it will not be the last! It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable crime novel with lots of action, a really good story and some very interesting characters. Mitchell Parker is the star and he is as intelligent, skilled, attractive and slightly flawed as every lead character in a detective novel must be. We discover a little about his past and what made him how he is but a lot more could be developed in the sequels. The dialogue is well wr [...]

Billionaire Lawrence Hackett was excited – the next game of Mastermind was about to be unleashed. Once every five years a selected few would be chosen to participate – it was time again; he was sure this would fix his boredom; it was always intensely exciting. His directors joined him and they began their plottingSpecial Agent Mitchell Parker of the TransNational Crime Unit knew they would get results – his plan was flawless; he needed those security tapes. He just didn’t need the stress [...]

This is a fast paced thriller with plenty of action. Mastermind is a competition to see which select team can pull off the perfect crime. US special agent Mitchell Parker and his team have stumbled across one plot and must race against time to find out where and when it is going to happen and somehow prevent it. The action is fast and thrilling as Mitchell and the team race around the country and around the world tracking some very clever and determined criminal minds.The novel is mostly written [...]

This book was given to me as a gift from the Author.What do you get when you combine full on action, intruge, girls that would put Bond girls to shame and even the odd humour? In book forms it is this great action aventure read by Helen Goltz. The story goes of billionaire Lawrence Hackett who runs a secret web site were players are invited to mastermind the perfect heist. With a huge prize for the winner the rewards are high but the risks are great with either prison or death a distinct possibi [...]

This took a little while to get into - just sorting out who was who and on which side, but after I’d worked that out, I really enjoyed this. There were a few typos, which didn't detract too much from the reading experience (but enough to stop me giving it 4.5 or 5★), but it was well-written and suspenseful and I actually stayed up into the wee hours finishing this one night!I’m looking forward to reading more Helen Goltz, but my library doesn’t have the second in the series, so I’ve re [...]

This book was kindly provided to me by the author for review."A website inviting game players to mastermind the perfect crime is more than a game, much more!It is the façade for billionaire Lawrence Hackett’s real-life invitation-only competition to see who can perform the perfect heist. Only a select few are invited to play for the bounty at stake.Special Agent Mitchell Parker and his Washington D.C. based team span the globe trying to prevent the real-life crimes before they happen!Washingt [...]

Mastermind is an intricately crafted spy adventure by Australian author Helen Goltz that will keep you guessing right up to the last page.  The premise is quite clever and multi-layered, involving a variety of characters who are readily acceptable yet not necessarily predictable.  There is quite a bit of high tech involved as this is based on the idea of a high stakes, exclusive, Internet game where entrants submit what they think is "the perfect crime" and then 6 are selected to play for ke [...]

Contestants in Mastermind must plan and carry out the perfect crime. A prize pool of five million pounds will be divided among the Mastermind entrants who succeed. Entry is by invitation and only six entries will be selected to play. Each Mastermind act is allocated a supervisor and must take place in the month of November. Each Mastermind crime has to be unique, a crime that has never been carried out before. There have been two rounds of Mastermind in the past, and five crimes have been succes [...]

Excellent book. Great characters, plot and action sequences. This is one that's hard to put down once you start. Only problem I saw is the mix between American and British idiom use with the characters. It was OK in the narrative, however when an AMerican character is using British phrasing occasionally only it would make me stop and make sure I was following correctly.

I thought it was a great read with some of the best writen, credible and easily followed dialogue I have come across in this genre. The plot is fast moving and yet never confused me with usless information or irrelevant distractions. HM Goltz has captured the intrigue, mystery and power associated with international crime. Hopefully there will be more Mitchell Parker mysteries.

An enjoyable, fast paced read with lots of action that kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. I loved the banter between the characters. I will be reading more from this author.

I absolutely loved it! Suspense, drama, great storyline,international plot. I couldn't help imagining it as a movie someday Goltz really gets the reader involved in this one! I believe HM has some other books out which I fully intend to get my teeth/eyes into!

Too much like a boys own adventure. Flat characters, either good or bad. Lots of adventure, a bit like Matthew Reilly but not as good.

A great read that kept my heart racing until the end. This would make a fantastic movie or mini series.

I was blessed enough to receive a free ebook copy of the book from Netgally in exchange for my honest review of the book which is as follows:To be completely honest I almost didn’t finish the book, for me personally it didn’t get readable until page 148 after that I got lost a few more times but only on smaller storyline details.It would have been nice to see some payoff in this book for all of the “will they won’t they” between Mitch and the woman whom he is interested in however I un [...]

Did not enjoy this book

This was a bit of a struggle for me even though the storyline and action promised a lot. It was too long and too many sub plots to keep track of.

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