Cast Away: For these reasons

Jo M. Sekimonyo

Cast Away: For these reasons

Cast Away: For these reasons

  • Title: Cast Away: For these reasons
  • Author: Jo M. Sekimonyo
  • ISBN: 9780990867418
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback

Fifty Five Shades of Political Economy.Economists are not all evil, few might have had good intentions Most of recent economists bibles don t bring anything new to the table other than beautiful tables Instead of reviving the neglected debate around socio economic inequality, their misfires add to the cacophony that already existed and their childish solutions to socFifty Five Shades of Political Economy.Economists are not all evil, few might have had good intentions Most of recent economists bibles don t bring anything new to the table other than beautiful tables Instead of reviving the neglected debate around socio economic inequality, their misfires add to the cacophony that already existed and their childish solutions to socio economic injustice, either Robin Hood or Give a dog a bone approaches, make their books as useful as a paperweight Do we need an Economic Jihad What can you say about the boring cock fights between Capitalism deities of our time You should be as disgusted as I am of these clown shows that chip away the substance of economic disparity dialogues I have left to the class of economist sloppy cerebral sloths, to tiptoeing around of serious issues Instead, you, the reader, and I will be swimming against the torrent current Chapter one through six are exhibits of the case against the current status quo, Capitalism And if I see you on the other side of chapter seven, please hold my hand tightly from chapter eight through ten Take your time to digest chapter eleven and get yourself prepared for a big slap to your face On the closing argument, chapter twelve follows through James Tobin s recommendation Good papers in economics contain surprises and stimulate further work.

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This is a bold book written by the author, Jo M. Sekimonyo, on a topic which most of us hesitate to touch, let alone read or write. All that has gone wrong with global economy is said in a forceful, thought provoking, matter of fact way . He has taken all the happenings of the world and presented it without holding back any punches. The author has proved that every good decision taken by the politicians and leaders has the ugly side, the real side, the truth. He has written every sentence, backi [...]

Immediately after downloading the Kindle eBook version of this work, I began the task of unpacking the author’s message. That message begins in earnest: quotes from champions of the poor and destitute, anecdotes from a well-traveled memory, a critical view of Nelson Mandela. The author, who proclaims himself a former “hippy lunatic idealist,” need not add well-educated to his list of self-descriptive adjectives, as his pedantic word choices and erudite illustrations speak for themselves. D [...]

Fell so in love with the Bio – Had to Read the Book!Biography“Who is Jo M. Sekimonyo?Congolese roots, American fermented, and globally bottled Ideological queer (nonconformist). If you ever run into me, within 5 minutes you will know that I am fiercely opinionated and allergic to badly patched arguments and people who stand complacent in the face of two major issues that pierce my heart: social injustice and economic inequality. I can be seen as eccentric, because I refuse to listen to music [...]

My journey through Cast Away for These Reasons: Economic Jihad was akin to an intellectual rollercoaster ride through the economic craziness that has formed the world we know today. The ride begins with a heart-tugging letter to Mama Vincent, races through the twists, turns and corkscrews of socio-politico-economic paradigms that have been tested, tried and failed, and climaxes with the author’s stomach-jolting, boundary-pushing explanation of the “chaotic and brave new world frame” – Et [...]

The book by Sekimonyo took me by surprise. There's nothing boring about this book. It's sort of the kind which you may hate or love but won't be able to ignore. What struck me most is the poetry in his words as he describes the plight of the poor. The book affected me in multiple ways— primarily by making me aware of the stark contrasts in this world and then giving a solution to solve the problem.It certainly is quite different from anything I've read so far but I am impressed with the author [...]

*I received a free copy of this book from the author*Majestic. I don't really have anything else to say about this book. Except maybe, Bravo!------------------Cover: Ok.Getting Into It: Medium.Complicated Words: A few.Reading Speed: Medium.Romance: No.Boring Parts: No.Funny Parts: Actually, it has a few.


Global Economics and the Governmental Structures Controlling It!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.A blend of thought-provoking quotes and a passionate desire to change the suppressive economic practices that encourage poverty. This book has merit and inspires the reader to take a hard look at the world around them. Though I appreciated what the author was saying and doing, this was a difficult read for me - it is most definitely not a "grab a cup of coffee and blanket to read wi [...]

We can undeniably feed the entire planet. There are enough resources for the 9 billion individuals inhabiting the world. But it is how these resources are managed that is the culprit of hunger and poverty in developing countries and even in some regions of prosperous nations. And Capitalism is the reaper that makes the rich, richer and greedier and the poor, poorer and hungrier. It’s time to open our eyes and realize that the current socio-politico-economic system we function in just does not [...]

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”Frederick DouglassCAST AWAY: FOR THESE REASONS: ECONOMIC JIHAD takes a bold approach to educate the reader on how poverty is quickly becoming a worldwide problem. Often in society, we get busy with our everyday lives and forget the horrors that are taking plac [...]

Social injustice and economic inequality are issues that I deeply care about. I have worked like a demon to help push petitions in relation to these issues and each representative has fallen flat each time after hitting government steps. I’m frustrated at our global system and have given up all hope in Capitalism as it lacks compassion & practical sense.The author’s witty shots and extensive knowledge of our deteriorating society clearly shows that he is passionate about issues affecting [...]

This book is great for the more intellectual type of book clubs. There are many thought-provoking points the author makes which lay a foundation for introspection or group discussion. The author gives a great many of examples of social inequalities that are present in the US. He is not preaching communism or Marxism or socialism. He is simply giving insight into the problems with capitalism- I particularly was compelled by his argument on what capitalism is based on and how barbaric it is. You m [...]

Two and half stars“Cast Away for these reasons: Economic Jihad” by Jo M. Sekimonyo, is a memoir style composition and personal manifesto of the author’s voyage-of-discovery of his individual beliefs and theory of economics. The promise of something new held me to the end, but I did not uncover any information or ideas, which I consider new or revelatory. Having said that, everyone’s education, background knowledge and life-experience is different and I note that other readers got a lot o [...]

"Cast Away: For These Reasons" is one of those rare books that gets you thinking, challenging the system we have all taken for granted and taken as something we have to accept and creating a concept that just might revolutionize the way the world works. Jo M. Sekimonyo explores socioeconomic concepts in a profound way, delving deep into the realms of inequality, wealth, corruption, systematic defaults and more. The book is down-to-earth yet introspective, allowing you to really get to the truth [...]

The beginning of the book is very boring. Do yourself a favour and skip a couple of chapters in.While the traveller is obviously well-aware of the world out there, their inclination to over-preach their experiences, making the reader feel as though the circumstances visited are directly their fault does not sit well with the reader. In short, I really don't like being accused of something I have no involvement in, and this book has a lot of that. Other than that little peeve, the story is good, [...]

It's a book a little difficult to classify. In a sense, it's a call to look at things economic from a different perspective. It examines different economic regimes in different countries/cultures, making clear the perspectives behind them. The author has the vision, knowledge and confidence to write such a book with a realistic outlook. It may depress some people, but it is a good educating read, and a journey through his search for a solution to inequality.

I read this book from the perspective of someone who knows little of economy and that got me lost most of the time. I eventually got used to the ultra-rapid pace with a dozen references per phrase but since I'm not familiar with most of what was being discused, most of the time I found myself saying 'ok, if you say so why not'.Definitely not recomended for everyone!latortugadeatlas.

A Must-Read for Those Concerned about Economic DisparityI don’t suggest just reading this book; I encourage sharing it with friends, family, and colleagues to initiate a conversation.Before you turn it away because of the title, I strongly urge everyone to consider engaging with Sekimonyo’s discussion about the faults of capitalism and a new alternative. As a literature nerd born and raised in Middle of Nowhere, Northern California, I am by no stretch of the imagination an economist. Frankly [...]

Cast Away is a very thought-provoking and exciting book that makes you bring down all the walls in your mind, that restrict you to blaming mere capitalism for the poor distribution of wealth that exists today. The author takes a completely new and unique standpoint on this problem, and without giving too much away, I'd just like to say that it will blow your mind.This is a book that truly has you gripping the edge of your seat and will probably leave you in a mouth-gaping trance for a while as t [...]

Economics isn’t an easy topic to understand. There are vastly different theories about what makes for a successful economy that ranges from capitalism to socialism with a number of stops in between. Like many other theories, the application is never perfect, so the results are always flawed. In the US, we tend to think that capitalism is best, but when you look at it, it’s just as bad as many others.The author shares his thoughts on how capitalism has damaged not only our country but other c [...]

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