The Prince's Bride

Victoria Alexander

The Prince's Bride

The Prince's Bride

  • Title: The Prince's Bride
  • Author: Victoria Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780380818211
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback

Even at the tender age of ten, Lady Jocelyn knew what she wanted to be a princess And since she wasn t born one, she knew she d have to marry a prince to become one Unfortunately, while there are plenty of princes in England early in the 19th century George III had a large family , none of them seem interested in marrying her But Jocelyn thinks that is just as well,Even at the tender age of ten, Lady Jocelyn knew what she wanted to be a princess And since she wasn t born one, she knew she d have to marry a prince to become one Unfortunately, while there are plenty of princes in England early in the 19th century George III had a large family , none of them seem interested in marrying her But Jocelyn thinks that is just as well, since she doesn t just want a king s son she wants a young, handsome prince with his own country and a nice castle Eight years later, it seems her dream might actually come true Prince Alexei Frederick Berthold Ruprecht Pruzinsky of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia, a handsome, charming, wealthy prince with a small but adequate principality by this point, Jocelyn is willing to take on a castle in less than perfect condition , is in London for the Season, and he s clearly interested in Jocelyn But Jocelyn soon finds her path to the throne has many obstacles, including intrigue, abduction, and the infuriating Viscount Beaumont, who has his own secret agenda and seems determined to keep Jocelyn from fulfilling her royal dreamseven if it means marrying her himself.

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Onvan : The Prince's Bride (Effingtons, #4) - Nevisande : Victoria Alexander - ISBN : 380818213 - ISBN13 : 9780380818211 - Dar 384 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2001

Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Many a little girl dreams of growing up to marry a handsome prince. As a lover of fairy tales in my childhood, I know I did. And that’s part of the premise around which The Prince’s Bride is based. Our heroine, Jocelyn, believed from the time she was ten years old that she was going to marry a handsome prince. She’s been having a successful season in London and has even caught the attention of a visiting foreign prince, but when he entices her into a pri [...]

You remember (or probably familiar with) that book with the lovely stepback? The one that everyone was raving about how lovely the heroine's gown looked like? Well - let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time, I went to this humungous book sale in a mall, digging my way through books, historicals and YA's. Out of curiosity and interest at the title, I checked out this book and HELLO THERE!Wow, what can I say? Doesn't this step back make you already fall in love with the book and give it 3 s [...]

Jocelyn has dreamed of marrying a Prince since she was a little girl. What little girl hasn't? The difference is her dream may come true. She is the center of Prince Alexi's attention. Unfortunately, while waiting to talk to him in private (she believes to propose to her), she over hears a conversation of conspiracy that proves to ruin her plans. In order to be protected from those who think she can identify them she must run away with the mysterious and handsome man who has saved her from their [...]

Spent the summer trying to find and read all of Alexander's books. This is my favorite so far. Loved Rand in the last book, and was waiting for Jocelyn's story. Rand is almost as clueless as Thomas was in saying the right thing, and I love that. Fortunately Jocelyn seems to know what he really means. This book has excitement, love, secrets, castles, Prince's and much more. A really fun read.

I loved the first half of this book! The fairy tale fantasies of a 9 year old girl is something I can easily relate to. Marrying a Prince indeed. And a few years down the road, we find Jocelyn dancing with a Prince. What's more he is about to propose marriage or so Jocelyn thinks. They agree to meet in a secluded music room. I have to admit, the music room scene was a nice twist. It surprised me and increased my interest ten fold. You see, like Jocelyn's Aunt I very much like irony. So imagine m [...]

It's the first historical romance I have ever read, and I blame the addiction to this book! It was an easy read, yet, there are some parts, especially at the ending, where it became somewhat dragging, or maybe because I wasn't really interested in the other story (the adventure) other than the romance itself! I suggest people reading it because it's fast-paced, light, and relaxing. And the heroine and the hero in the picture are gorgeous! The lovemaking was hot, though I thought it would be bett [...]

The 4th book in the Effington Series.Jocelyn, the 3rd sister in the Shelton family, was always known as the pretty one. She just wanted a rich husband so they would never be poor again. Her two older sisters had found love. Emma was married and living in Paris where she could paint and Marianne was about to marry Thomas Effington the following week. The long season was almost over and here Jocelyn was with a real prince. Her dreams were about to come true. She would marry Alexei and be a real pr [...]

Poor but proud growing up, Lady Jocelyn Shelton vowed that she would marry a prince and live in a castle. When circumstances forced her to forgo her chance at that dream and quickly marry Rand, Viscount Beaumont and flee on horseback to his uncle's estate for her safety, Jocelyn was sure all was lost. But Uncle Nigel lived in a real castle which was crumbling to the ground and things were not as they seemed when Prince Alexi, the very same prince she was chasing, showed up uninvited. By this tim [...]

The Effington series continues with Jocelyn Shelton, Marianne's younger sister and Thomas Effington's best friend Viscount Beaumont; Randall. Caught in the middle of a trouble, Jocelyn's life is in danger and she has to marry Randall in order to protect her family and herself. Jocelyn is a very smart lady and a mercenary as well. Both Rand and Jocelyn are determined to make their marriage work. Jocelyn has always wanted to marry a prince but instead she got a viscount. The story is really intere [...]

Another great story by Victoria Alexander. To save her life Rand, Viscount Beaumont, is forced to marry Lady Jocelyn, who has to settle for a mere viscount when she has always dreamed of marrying a prince. It may appear as if she is shallow and mercenary because of the tantrum she throws when she realizes she has to marry Rand but she redeems herself as the story progresses and you learn why she had always wanted to marry a prince. Reading the love develop between the two was very nice and there [...]

Lady Jocelyn always knew she wanted to be a princess. And since she wasn't born one, she would just have to marry one, unfortunately, none of the available English prince's seemed to be interested in marrying her. When Prince Alexei Frederick Berthold Ruprecht Pruzinsky of the Kingdom of Greater Avalonia, comes to London for the Season Jocelyn might just get her chance.I liked the character of Alexei more than I did Jocelyn but it was still an interesting book to read.

I enjoyed this book the best so far in this series!!!

You have to love British nineteenth century romance novels. This is another one of them.

I've really enjoyed other books by this author, but somehow this book fell flat. It was just too silly and I've lost interest in the last 50 pages and don't see the point of making myself finish it. The romantic tension was resolved too early in the novel for me, and I can't seem to make myself care about the last dramatic incident that the author has put in motion. I've got too many other books that will expire soon, so I'm going to set this one aside.

Maybe even 4 stars so I'll split the difference and say 3.5/5

When Jocelyn Shelton hears something she shouldn't, she finds her life in danger. The only solution is to marry and escape London for some anonymity. She's not happy about it, but she marries Thomas Effington's friend Rand, Viscount Beaumont and ends up living in his uncle's castle. She tries to get to know her husband and his heritage, while they try to figure out where the threat to her life is coming from.Given that Jocelyn has seemed like a vapid, materialistic and irritating girl in previou [...]

Funny, cute and very funny historical romance with princes, who are sometimes very annoyingbut they are men. :) ;)

Very nice story. Enjoyed the witty conversation between the hero and heroine. It has the typical fairytale ending with everyone living happily ever after, but still quite enjoyable. One main complaint I have about this story is the unbelievability of how the marriage between the hero and heroine takes place. He agrees to wed the heroine from the beginning of the story out of a responsibility to protect her from possible harm without even really knowing her. He put up no argument, and yet they ha [...]

This is an earlier Alexander I picked up because I liked other books of hers I’d read recently (WHAT A LADY WANTS and A LITTLE BIT WICKED). The heroine had an impoverished childhood when she decided she would marry no less than a prince, and never be hungry again. She’s been flirting with a prince visiting England, and is waiting to meet him in a library at a ball, when she overhears bad guys plotting something. She’s rescued by a guest at the ball—Viscount Beaumont, in the service of th [...]

The Prince's Bride - G+Victoria AlexanderJocelyn, the self-described "pretty one" who's dreamed since she was 10 of marrying a prince. Now the belle of London, Jocelyn captures the attention of Prince Alexei of Avalonia, but her accidental eavesdropping on a conspiracy against Alexei endangers her life, forcing her to marry hastily and flee London. Unfortunately for Jocelyn, her new husband is Rand Beaumont, a "mere" viscount; unfortunately for Rand, Jocelyn doesn't take well the dashing of her [...]

Jocelyn Shelton has always dreamed that she would marry a prince and become a princess. She's stunningly beautiful, but her family was poor so she had little hope. Now that their fortunes have reversed (see previous books in the series0 she has the chance to marry a real-live prince. However, her chance is ruined when she overhears two men plotting to kill the prince. They see her and are about to attempt to kill her as well. She's rescued by Rand, Viscount Beaumont who even goes so far as to ma [...]

I sadly have to rate this book 1 star. First has to due with the Heroine. Her ideals and morals where extremely hard to connection with through the book. All that is important to her is beauty, money and titles. The Hero however was a well written out character with heart and strength that you feel sorry he was stuck with such a spoiled child. Second has to due with the patchy story line. The first half was difficult to get thru because of the Heroine's constant complaining , but then a few char [...]

Eh I thought this book was kinda stupid, actually. I was looking for a no-brainer book to give me a little respite between a bunch of heavy books I've been reading lately. While I thought there were some parts of this book that were funny, sweet, etc. I thought the storyline very unconvincing, and improbable. I'm all for the fairytale stories, but it bothered me how very annoying the heroine could be, and how unlikely the hero was. All in all it was an okay, typical romance book. But nothing tha [...]

After absolutely loving that last book, this one was a little disappointing. I really liked Rand and Jocelyn and I enjoyed the first half or so of the book watching Jocelyn learn what was really important to her but I was disenchanted with the ending. I really didn't like that fact the Rand ended up helping Alexei despite his treachery and deception. I found it completely unnecessary; the author could have accomplished a similar level of intrigue with Alexei just ASKING Rand and Jocelyn for thei [...]

I really enjoyed this book and the storyline was cute but Avalonia? Anyway, this is the story of the 3rd sister, Jocelyn, the pretty, materialistic one that refused to wear glasses and is trying to snatch a prince. She end's up forced into marriage with Rand, Beaumont from the prior book, Thomas' hot friend and they fall in love. Turns out that he is a prince as he is partially Avalonian and heir to the throne. Nice storyline and I only rated it a 3 because I have very high expectations for this [...]

More like 3.5* I liked this, but not as much as the others. it was nice to see Jocelyn grow from a spoiled brat into a strong, independence woman. I liked Rand, but I would have liked to know more about his time as a spy, which he never admitted to being. This was an interesting premise; get married to protect her and then fall in love. It worked. There were times where the book seemed to drag on, and I thought it could have ended earlier, but overall an enjoyable read.

Ooohhh!! I enjoyed this book so much! I am quite fond of books with wanna-be-a-princess pattern and this one was so very lovely!!! Lady Jocelyn has always wanted to be a princess. She is determined to marry a prince and she does everything in her powers to achieve it. After all, she is the pretty one in the family. But when a danger comes and viscount Beaumont marries her, she'll be so dissapointed. But it won't last for long.A very interesting book!!

This was a cute romance about a woman who gets exactly what she always imagined she wanted--only it doesn't look at all how she expected. Her plans were to grow up and marry a prince--she didn't even have to love him. She thinks she has her man, when circumstances intervene and she ends up with another who is totally not what she wants. Low and behold--he turns out be exactly right for her.

A delicious Regency read!! Engaging characters and an entertaining plot line. Nice amount of steam to keep the story popping!They really are quite a pair! Such an entertaining tale, much farce!I love a lively historical with all the pomp and circumstance! Really enjoyable read!A fun series.

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