• Title: Vacancy
  • Author: JenLee
  • ISBN: 9781907704970
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback

In a disheveled and ransacked backyard, a dog named Simon has been forgotten by his owners Simon breaks free and partners with a raccoon and a deer who take him into the woods But Simon realizes he is not quite ready to live in the wild And in the abandoned areas of the town strange things begin to happen Vacancy explores the ways that animals think how they inteIn a disheveled and ransacked backyard, a dog named Simon has been forgotten by his owners Simon breaks free and partners with a raccoon and a deer who take him into the woods But Simon realizes he is not quite ready to live in the wild And in the abandoned areas of the town strange things begin to happen Vacancy explores the ways that animals think how they internalize their changing environment and express their thoughts, fears, or excitement.Jen Lee currently freelances in a farmhouse in Idaho Her clients include Drop Dead Clothing, Burton, Boom Studios, and Nickelodeon.

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I want to thank Nobrow for giving me the chance to read-and-review this short GN.--------------------- This is a story about 3 animals from the suburbs that want to make it on their own in the pred(ator)-filled woods. But, even though they try, they can't. The preds are too much for them. Luckily, the preds are as scared of the suburbs as the suburbian animals are of them.

Weird, gentle little post-apocalyptic(?) story about an abandoned dog trying to decide whether or not to run away to the wild. Good writing and absolutely gorgeous artwork.I've heard people talking up Jen Lee's stuff a lot lately and this made a VERY good first impression.

Jen Lee's short, powerful comic, an entry in Nobrow's short format series intended to introduce audiences to new comic talent from throughout the world in quick, easily read bits, defies easy categorization and description. Lee's art is colorful and detailed, bringing her menacing yet cartoonish world and its animals dressed as punkish kids to life.Set in a rundown, post apocalyptic suburban and wild landscape, Vacancy follows a young, reluctant dog who teams up with a pair of vagrant animals, a [...]

In un mondo post-apocalittico, un cane (antropomorfo) lascia il rifugio per unirsi a un procione e ad un cervo che vivono nel bosco, ma dovranno insieme fare i conti con i pericoli della "libertà". Una storia brevissima ma affascinante, "gentile" con un sottofondo piuttosto amaro. Amo i disegni.

I received this book from Edelweiss and Nobrow press in exchange for my review. I really liked the story line of this comic but the graphics did fall short for me.Want to know the rest of my thoughts on this graphic novel? Detour over to my blog for a sec >>> poeticbutterflyreview

This first installment felt a little rushed. I'll give the next one a try to see if the story improves.

This story has such promise, but it's just a touch too vague to be something I'm super interested in.RTC

Since I read "Garbage Night" first (whoops!), this helped me understand the backstory of the characters. The colors for the artwork are good, but the story was underwhelming.

A dog, raccoon and deer question wildlife v domestication in a post-apocalyptic suburban setting on the edge of the woods.

Great art, intriguing beginnings of a story. I just wish it was longer.


Vacancy is an adorably drawn book set in a post-apocalyptic world about a dog forgotten in a yard who wants to leave for the woods. What's nice is the book doesn't focus on it being a post-apocalypse world, instead just treating it like a normal world these animals live in. However, the story is slight and there's nothing to really grab onto in the story to make you connect with it in any meaningful way.

A dog named Simon was abandoned in the back yard of his house when his owners left, but he meets two wild animals who agree to take him with them through the forest.This book is so incredibly hipster. The main characters are suburban hipsters (that includes the "wild" raccoon and deer) who basically go out into the woods, (view spoiler)[get chased by scary wild wolves, and then run back home to suburbia. (hide spoiler)] I liked the way the book talks about abandoned pets, and how they're not equ [...]

I happened upon Jen Lee via her web comic THUNDERPAW and instantly fell in love with her art and tone, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this gorgeous little book.Once again, Nobrow has done the artist good by producing a wonderful and lovely little book, for an extremely reasonable price--given the production value.All around this is fantastic, as the art is the showpiece for the start of a deeper story. VACANCY feels as if it's in the same world as THUNDERPAW but, unfortunately, doesn't ha [...]

This is a really sweet story of a forgotten dog looking for his pack. Looking to learn the ways of the wild, he teams up with two seemingly worldly types; a raccoon and a deer. Together they explore the wildest parts of the wild, each looking for their place in the world.As in traditional Nobrow 17x23 format, this is just a short story, but it's one that I'd like to see extended. Jen Lee has a new follower.

Kind of inconsequential, but that's the point of Nobrow's 17x23 series- to act as a starting point for larger projects. I hope Lee continues with this; the aesthetic is a little too easily pegged as "mid-2010s Tumblr" (there's a lot of Emily Partridge in her designs) but the execution, especially her use of color and background/environment design, is beautiful, and the actual comic storytelling is first-rate. Even if she doesn't follow this up, I'm interested to see what she releases next.

For me Vacancy was like a weird dystopian dream. Cool! I really liked the art but then again I like most art having grown up around it. As my father left his paintings on our living room walls and my brother loved anime and he drew things himself, I did too. check my blog for full reviewokishisland/201

This didn't blew my mind. It's about an adventure of a dog who is used to being fed and having a roof over his head and then one day decides that he needs an adventure he soon figures out that he's not tough enough for the rough wood and wants to find his way back homee art style also wasn't that good

Really fun, beautifully illustrated little comic about a lil nerd pup hanging out with what he thinks are woodsy tuffs. They're actually also weird lil goofballs and they have a zany adventure in a human-less wasteland. I love the Nobrow 17 x 23 project because this super short format is really fun and versatile.

Very fun and beautifully illustrated.I picked this up at ELCAF on the weekend and it didn't disappoint (though I do wish it were longer). I really like this new series Nobrow is doing which encourages new graphic artists breaking into the comics publishing scene and I'm really looking forward to either a continuation of this story or just more work from Jen Lee in general.

Podría leer y hojear Vacancy todo el día. El arte de Jen Lee es bellísimo y deja claro que no necesitas situaciones extraordinarias para contar historias extraordinarias. Además, Simon es mi animal tótem.

I read this for the 2015 Reading Challenge "A book with non-human characters" category.I didn't find the story particularly engaging, and I didn't like the art style. Admittedly I don't read many graphic novels, so it's not really my bag.

Bizarre, funny, and unsettling.

A cute story about finding out where you belong.

Not impressed with the illustrations or storytelling.

Short, sweet and enjoyable, but not much more.

I usually hate raccoons but this one is (accurately) portrayed at a jerk and wears a cute little backpack, so it's okay.

The element of animals-as-teenagers in an abandoned, post-war world was really interesting.

Another interesting short comic, part of Nobrow's impressive 17x23 series. We reviewed this as part of our May 27th episode of The Comics Alternative: comicsalternative/episode-.

Quirky, somewhat creepy little story. Really cool illustration style.

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