Let Me Love You

Lily Foster

Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You

  • Title: Let Me Love You
  • Author: Lily Foster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Book Two in the Let Me series Rene and Caleb s story Letting someone in can be the hardest part Life has never been the stuff of fairy tales for Rene Beaumont On her own from a very young age, Rene has struggled to stay on track, determined to make a better life for herself Forget dating, boyfriends, any sort of love life surviving day to day has been Rene s main objectBook Two in the Let Me series Rene and Caleb s story Letting someone in can be the hardest part Life has never been the stuff of fairy tales for Rene Beaumont On her own from a very young age, Rene has struggled to stay on track, determined to make a better life for herself Forget dating, boyfriends, any sort of love life surviving day to day has been Rene s main objective She has no time for men and no desire to be crushed by the disappointment that always follows when she lowers her guard to let someone in Caleb sweet, loyal, drop dead gorgeous Caleb is the one who person who is able to break through Rene s wall But when a heartbreaking choice Rene makes leaves her broken, will she shut him out of her life forever or will she let Caleb show her what it really means to be loved

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Loved it. Great college romance. I read the first book in the series, L. Was totally swooning from Tom and Darcy's story in that first book. This second book in the series tells the story of Darcy's older brother, Caleb, and Rene. There are twists and turns in the plots. It's heartbreaking at times but you really pull for the characters and their happily ever after. Rene is someone I could really relate to and Caleb is someone I would I've my right arm to be with! I'm starting the third book now [...]

I was captivated from the very beginning knowing it was the next book in the Let Me series. I read the first book in the series, Let Me Be the One (Let Me #1) by Lily Foster and I was in love with Tom and Darcy's story that I just had to continue with the next book. This book tells the story of Darcy's older brother, Caleb, and her college roommate Rene. It was sad at times and I found myself feeling heartache and admiration for Rene because of the troubles and obstacles she's had to overcome in [...]

I liked the premise, but in the end, it did not work for me.The writing was too wordy. The verbiage was not smooth. It felt choppy. Dual POVs and the switch was frequent and many times situations were repeated through both POVs. Then there are things the heroine did that made me think differently of her. (view spoiler)[She gets pregnant, but does not tell the hero that #1 she is pregnant and #2 that she is thinking of having an abortion. I HATE when heroines do not tell the guy that they are pre [...]

Feel so emotional right now. Maybe because I'm running on very little sleep. Stayed up reading this heartbreaking story that was so very good. There was such a strong bond between the two main characters, Rene and Caleb. Such a satisfying conclusion. A very worthwhile read.

What a love story!I laughed, I literally cried, I had to drag my husband to bed to get some relief (!) But most importantly, I really felt deeply connected to the characters, Caleb and Rene. Miss Foster weaves an intricate, moving tale in this book with characters that you can't help be drawn in by, root for and fall in love with. Just loved this story and can't wait to get my hands on more from this writer.

Went through a major withdrawal when I finished this story too! Caleb and Rene's story was so good. I mean so, so good. Not the same old, same old, cliched formula. You adore these characters because they are complex and real. The love story is wonderful and certain topics, I feel, are dealt with in such an intelligent an thoughtful manner.

You know when you get to the last page of a book and you're sad? I've been in mourning for the past few days because I actually miss these characters! I pulled for Rene throughout the book d Caleb? What can I say.he is my fantasy husband! Really though, this story is really painful at times but it's beautiful, emotional and romantic.

This book wrecked meying ugly tears and boogers-wrecked me. I liked the first book but this made the first pale in comparison.

This book was wonderful. I absolutely loved it.

Am I the only who didn't totally love this book??? If you want a review without any spoilers you may want skip this one ;)The storyline was okay and it's not like we're looking for unique plots in this genre anyway. The heroine René meets hero Caleb, who is her college roommates older brother. So far, so good. René comes off as a hard working, independent, young woman. After some time, René and Caleb start texting and calling each other. They become fast friends and fall in love.And here is w [...]

Let Me Love you is the second book in Lily fosters Let Me series, much of this novel overlaps with the first book in the series “Let me Be the One” however you do not have to read either one to understand the other they can be read as standalone. This being said I would recommend that everyone read the whole series so far, reading them all does give the stories more substance, but are in no way necessary just really good.I had trouble with this book, simply because I was able to relate so cl [...]

First off I want to thank you for the copy I received 10-9-2014 from giveaway! I was super excited and so ready to read my copy. I started and could not stop reading so needless to say I am very tired this morning. I truly loved the story and the fact that it was not an easy breezy romance, just like in our everyday life it is a struggle. I am about to start reading Book One that I downloaded! Thank you and I will have you on my list of great authors to continue to read!

WOW!!!Loved Book One in this series, Let Me Be the One, but this story, in my opinion, blew it away. Its characters are more complex, there is definitely more of a roller coaster of emotions (tissues are recommended), and it is definitely a book that is more mature in content (translation: hot and steamy). Starting the next book, Let Me Go, tonight.

very good book. must read Let Me Be the One first as it leads in and gives a lot of the background story. Caleb and Rene's story is very tough in the beginning and they have a rocky start. I love the way he let's her be herself and takes Care of her at the same time. lovely story.

Very good book! Loved the characters, Rene and Caleb, they were fit for each other. So glad that they ended up back together after all they ended up going through. It was definitely a happly ever after!

I am writing reviews for this entire series because I LOVED it. Book two was sadder, more emotional, but more satisfying because of the dramatic twists and turns. I loved the character Rene and feel many of us in this age bracket can relate to her struggles. Caleb? The ultimate alpha male.

Again Ms Foster takes a spin at a New Adult story and throws some real world themes in there that really make for an enjoyable read. I think this series is going to be very interesting and I'm looking forward to taking it all in!

Soooooo engrossing. Could not put it down. I'm hooked on this author. Plots are realistic, characters are so lovable and relatable.

Review to come

I loved it. Felt very connected to Rene. She had so many great qualities. A true survivor. And Caleb is up there with my favorite book boyfriends.

Painful but so goodI gave a five star rating because I shed actual tears as I read this book. So sad but uplifting at the same time. Real in every sense of the word.

This book is a sequel to "Let Me Be The One" and since I knew the first book was good like crazy I had to read the second one! This book is called "Let Me Love You" by Lily Foster and it is a fiction/romance book.The main characters of this book are different than the main characters of the first book however, they are included. Rene and Caleb fall in love at first sight; since the first day that Darcy, who is Caleb's sister and main character of the first book, presented them in the restaurant. [...]

I trully felt like Lily knows what she is talking about when it comes to love. Rane is a strong woman and I trully admire her charector but it though my heart into pieces when she found happiness only to denie it and have an abortion i cried my heart out for that but in time I understood her broken perspective and Caleb is trully a prince and i felt the love he had for Rene was before he knew it. i found the book to be very realistic and as a result i loved it and the fact that it was well writt [...]

Very good reading.I really enjoyed this book. Renee was a friend of Caleb's sister, Darcy. They fell in love but like most couples had some rough times. The book covered several years but it flowed nicely. I enjoyed learning about Renee's life as time passed and she told Caleb. I'm looking forward to reading more books by Lily Foster.

3.75 starsI liked this story better than Let Me be the One but I feel like there's a real theme going on here about people who just refuse to accept happiness and that ticks me off. Not sure if I will read the next two. AlthoughCan Mick and Caitlin get a story? I feel like that would be a pretty interesting story. I'd definitely read that.

Loved Caleb and Renee's story. Really like this entire group of books. Well written.

The second book in LET ME Series by Lily Foster, LET ME LOVE YOU, it's the story between Rene and Caleb. I was still in love with this painful at times but beautiful, emotional and romantic story so much. I'm so touched and moved by Rene & Caleb's story. I'm starting the third book now.

Well-written. Not too great but a good way to pass time!

this was a nice quick read for me. the story flowed right & the book was well written. it definitely had some flaws, but overall it was an enjoyable read.


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