The Billionaire's Demanding Lover

Alexis Blake

The Billionaire's Demanding Lover

The Billionaire's Demanding Lover

  • Title: The Billionaire's Demanding Lover
  • Author: Alexis Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Victor Belmont is the billionaire CEO with a haunted past He is in the middle of a major deal then when his assistant calls in sick The only qualified replacement is Sharon Nichols, a new secretary Sharon can t figure him out One minute he is a jerk, the next he is donating millions to charity He is arrogant, controlling but also caring and considerate Who is the reaVictor Belmont is the billionaire CEO with a haunted past He is in the middle of a major deal then when his assistant calls in sick The only qualified replacement is Sharon Nichols, a new secretary Sharon can t figure him out One minute he is a jerk, the next he is donating millions to charity He is arrogant, controlling but also caring and considerate Who is the real Victor Whoever he is, Sharon can t stop thinking about him His pale skin only amplified his piercing blue eyes and his towering muscular physique would intimidate most people, but not Sharon The chocolate skinned beauty stopped Victor in his tracks Not only is she incredibly beautiful but intelligent and strong willed as well Everything he wants in a woman Despite his attraction to her, he knows he must keep the relationship strictly professional But every second he spends with her only increases his desire for her Victor s publicist warns against a relationship with a black woman and stresses the disapproval the board would have Plus both of them have a strict no relationships policy Victor is sick of the gold diggers and Sharon has important things to focus on than men But with an attraction this strong, it will be tough for both of them to resist.

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DNF at 48%Utter rubbish. At least it was free.

Bad reviewI hate giving bad reviews but I must say that this book was boring. I finished it only because I wanted to see the two characters get together. The title makes you think that the book has some steamy scenes but it doesn't. The two don't e even become lovers.

This was an entertaining read that kept me engaged from beginning to end. I love my BWWM romance and Sharon and Victor's story pulled me in and kept me in. This is a great read for a day of relaxing. I am interested to read other works of Ms. Blake.

Title is not fitting for the book!The book was a good read but the title has nothing to do with any one being demanding. I feel like the characters where slightly under developed and the story line was not believable. Two people falling in love after 2-3 days of no real interaction. I gave the book a 2 because it had potential to be a great story.

Billionaires demanding Lover Victor and Sharon. I liked the story. Seems like it ended too abruptly. I wanted to see more torrid hot love scenes. I just wanted to see more from them. But overall a nice story.

Quick based on money "Romance"It was strange. Clearly there is a belief here of falling for people who provide you with economic comfort. This is not my style of novel, the story is very monotone.

The billionaires demanding loverStory line was good, but it ended too soon. What happened after he cleared his desk? Need to know more.

THIS IS MY FIRST TIME READING A BOOK BY ALEXIS BLAKE!Great story!Billionaire CEO, Victor Belmont has a major business deal but his secretary, Ms. Astbury is in the hospital with food poisoning. Does he care --- well not on his dime! He needs help! He needs someone like Astbury to sit in an take notes and pronto! Now we are introduced to his gusty assistant, Sharon Nichols. They don't really hit it off at first. She is not afraid of Belmont but she is loyal to a fault but she's fired in his limo [...]

Pleasant sweet readThis story deals with the start of the relationship between Sharon and her boss, Victor. Although Victor appears a typical arrogant wealthy billionaire, he is rather a vulnerable character trying to live up to his deceased father's expectations as he takes over the reins of his company. Sharon has become his P.A. by default. Both are attracted to each other but are unwilling to fall into a relationship because of what people would say and how it would affect the company.The st [...]

A really good book howeverThis is a really good book however it just stopped. I would have given it five stars if not for this fact. A great part of the storyline is showing how Victor has been raised to put the company before any and all things of a personal nature. Then when he finally decides to go for the lady he loves and let the chips fall where they may, in regards to the company, the book just ends! There is so much more to explore in the ends that where left to unravel. Hopefully there [...]

I really wanted to like this story more than I did, but I feel duped and mislead by the title "The Billionaire's Demanding Lover". The only truth in the title is the word billionaire. Victor, the hero, is a billionaire. His love interest, Sharon, happens to work for him. Sharon, however, makes no demands of Victor during book; in fact, she bends over backwards to accommodate him. Lover implies that sex is involved. There is no sex in this book. Victor and Sharon do share a couple of heavy pettin [...]

I thought this was a very good read. I wish there was more to it. I would have liked to read the outcome of the charity ball and the plans of being on the boat on the Fourth of July. This only bad thing that I saw about reading this was that I had to put in some words or change words in my head that would make sense in the book. The author should have had someone proofread it to make sure edits were done. Overall, I enjoyed the story

Misleading!Although an ok read it does not live up to it's reputation. There are no sex scenes, unless kissing is considered such, and there is really no depth to the characters. I am still waiting for the "demanding lover" to show up because these characters did not even go as far as fondling each other, really! Two kisses, wow!

Too ShortI did enjoy reading this book. I felt the relationship between them slowly build during the blow out scene. However, it felt very rushed at the end going from asking her out to the both saying "I love you." I wished it was longer to explore the different obstacles they would face and to truly develop their emotions and relationship.

Started out to be a good story plot but not for a story this short. This needed to be longer. Ms. Blake started with good character descriptions. Then it seemed like she didn't know what to do with them. The story just stopped. I'm probable won't buy or read books 2 and 3 since she left me wanting on this one.

Mean boss finds loveI enjoyed this story. However the plot is slow. At times I had to force myself to finish reading the story . They mean boss who falls in love with his assistant. Also the story ended like lightning. Hated that. Also by reading just a little bit about both to does not finished a story for book one so will not be continuing with this series .

The Billionaire's Demanding Lover(BWMM Romance)(Men Of Boston Series Book1)This book was well written. It was about a man that took over the family business and forgot about his personal life and find himself in love and willing to give it all up for the woman he loves.A must read.

Sweet storythis was a nice, quick read. the build up to the plot created a page Turner. however, I get the impression the story was rushed to the end and was a bit disappointing. the L word was tossed around before they even dated which was unrealistic. had the author put more thought in it, this would have been an awesome story and I would have given it 5 stars.

Even though on the outside Victor seems to be an asshole, eventually Sharon sees his true colors when they start falling for each other. I thought it was so cute how their feelings were for each other.

It was fun and kept my attention but it was shorter than I prefer. If you're looking for a short fun book, this will do.

Snooze fest.

Better than I thought it would be.

Slow at the beginning, yet wrapped up really quickly

Lovethis book was good it made you feel the characters each you found a relatable .but it was too short I needed more

really nice story

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