Home is the Sailor

Jorge Amado Harriet de Onís

Home is the Sailor

Home is the Sailor

  • Title: Home is the Sailor
  • Author: Jorge Amado Harriet de Onís
  • ISBN: 9780380451876
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

A humorous novel set in a sleepy beach resort in Northeastern Brazil When Captain Vasco Moscosco de Aragao arrives, the townspeople are enthralled by his talk of exotic romances and travel tales Yet there is to the Captain than meets the eye

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Amado was a Grand Old Man of Brazilian literature (1912-2001) perhaps best known for Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands and Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon by Jorge Amado l Summary & Study Guide. Sailor is more like another work I’ve reviewed, Shepherds of the Night. In Sailor, we are in a coastal retirement community in Brazil. Into the community comes a new resident, a retired sea Captain who has a thrilling story for every round of drinks. And the Captain is always the hero. Everyone in this [...]

Home is the SailorIt was not only chance that caused the publication of two short novels in the same book, The Death and Death of Quincas Berro D'Agua and the novel The Complete Truth on the Discussed Adventures of Commander Vasco Moscoso de Aragão Captain of Long Course. They are texts that maintain a certain connection between them, because in both, the background is the sea and the characters of the two novels refuse to dull daily life, common and ruled. Both reject boredom, work routine, fa [...]

Where is the truth, please tell me -- in the tiny reality of each of us, or in the immense human dream?Jorge Amado is a Brazilian Steinbeck, and Home is the Sailor is his Cannery Row.Captain Vasco Moscoso de Aragao regales his suburbanite neighbors with tales of his adventures on the high seas and in exotic ports of call around the world. The white-haired captain is certainly a master mariner. Or, is he?This novel is presented here as an amateur historian's narrative of events that occurred over [...]

عودة البحار والحاجة لتجميل الحياة بالكذب. افتتح مترجم الرواية ممدوح عدوان، الرواية بتلك العبارة، وهي أكثر عبارة بإمكانها تلخيص أحداث الرواية، في البداية لقد قرأتها على مدار عشرين يومًا، بسبب ظروف شغلتني كثيرًا عن الرواية العبقرية "عودة البحار" عالم أمادو عالم خاطف، وأُسلو [...]

Ένα εύθυμο και καλογραμμένο μυθιστόρημα. Η αφήγηση είναι ζωντανή και τόσο ο μυθομανής καπετάνιος Βάσκο Μοσκόζο (ευκατάστατος μπον βιβέρ που απέκτησε το τίτλο του πλοιάρχου γιατί επιθυμούσε έναν τίτλο πριν το όνομά του) όσο και ο ανώνυμος αφηγητής (δημόσιος υπάλληλος σε "αν [...]

إن أي نقد لرواية البرازيلي جورج أمادو الموسومة ب(عودة البحار)، يمكن تلخيصه في عبارة غزل عليها أمادو روايته، "الحقيقة مرمية في قاع بئر"، فمن حيث تبدأ الرواية بالراوي وهو يشرح معنى هذه العبارة، تنتهي وهو يتحدى القارئ والمثقف والإنسان بكل طبقاته الاجتماعية والتعليمية وخبراته ا [...]

As has become routine for me with Amado's novels, it seemed to take forever to get my reading up to speed in Home Is the Sailor. As in every earlier novel of his though, I came to the end feeling I had been told an informative and entertaining tale.The eponymous sailor, Vasco Moscosco de Aragao, had never sailed a ship in all of his 60 years. He was the son of a Brazilian businessman and raised by his grandfather in the city, caring nothing for business or hard work. Wealthy and gregarious, he m [...]

Well, well, well a very interesting dig on the writing of history, written in a very tongue in cheek fashion in the words of a narattor who on account of his words were trying to write an amateurish historical study of the Captain - the protagonist - to submit for the contention of a prize. Amado's construction of this book is basically founded on two pararrel narratives, the narrator and the Captain, each with his own live events, finally converging into some aposteriori conclusions. All throug [...]

Loved it, enjoyed it, totally engrossed. It seems stupid (even to me) to have a bookshelf labelled "Latin American" but the reason I do so is b/c 11 yrs ago I organized a Latin American Festival at Chatham College that stimulated me to read a shitload of Latin American novels - so I tend to lump them all together: not w/ any sortof nationalizing intentions but more geographic/lingual/whatever. Anyway, it never ceases to amaze me how many great Latin American novelists there are. This is the 1st [...]

Ευχάριστη γραφή,πιπερατη,θαλασσινη,μα κάπου με κούρασε με όλα αυτά .


Необикновените истории на моряцитеЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/ Жоржи Амаду отдавна си е спечелил име в България. С негова помощ бразилската литература си намира много почитатели по света. Успях преди доста години да прочета две от неговите горещи и изключително забавни книг [...]

The original Portuguese title translates as "The Old Seamen or the Seafaring Captain". I read this book in Romanian translation, which more or less kept to the original title and names.Comandante Vasco retires after a life as a ship captain, and settles down in Periperi, a small coastal town. Soon he becomes something of a local hero, enchanting the people with his adventures on the high seas, and his collection of navigation instruments. However, Chico Pacheco, an elderly local, suspects that C [...]

Книгите на Амаду ми носят очарованието и вълнението на свят, който е прекалено вълшебен, невероятен, различен и никога няма да ми се случи. Самият той е обяснил това чувство и аз нямам какво да добавя – разпознавам се съвсем точно:„Колкото и улегнал да е един човек, колкото [...]

first book by amado since reading that twayne lit crit, more awareness of comic, satiric writing. i liked it, but was not too surprised how the narrator interrupts, the characters choose sides, the story works out. i guess i was waiting for it, ready for it, so missed that moment of surprise, though there is mounting tension about how exactly it will come to reward our sympathetic character. does a comic tale that ends happily have less resonance than a tragedy? well it was pleasant- and the che [...]

Jorge Amado was (he died a few years ago) probably the most famous modern Brazilian novelist and one of my favourite storytellers. His novels are generally set in and around Ilheus, capital of the state of Bahia, and the place where Amado was born.This book - which I just read for the first time - was thoroughly enjoyable as I knew it would be. The theme of the story seems to be the definition of truth or the accountability of deceit or something like that; maybe it's just a story about an impos [...]

I strongly disagree with the view that states that Capt. Aragao is an impostor. What grounds do they have for such a veredict? Both sides of the story are told. And the reader is left to judge. Any of both suggestions could be true. The truth lies were? In any case, Vasco is a lovely character. And in any circumstance all sailors will love him. It is a book that any good sailor will always remember fondly.

هل يجب ان نعيش حياتنا بصدق مع ذواتنا بوضعها البارد دون بطو لات خارقة او حب رهيب او مغامرة عاصفة .انها اسىئلة يطرحها الكاتب مع وضع ثقله نحو الحياة العاصفة ولو كانت بعض رياحه كاذبة. .من الممكن قراءة الرواية

أول قراءة لأمادو. عمل عبقري، وهذا التداخل بين القبطان فاسكو والشاعر المؤرخ جانيرو يقودك كقارئ لإجابة ممكنة عن سؤال أمادو -الذي كتب الرواية كمحاولة للرد عليه-: "كيف يسمو الإنسان على رحلته في الحياة؟ بالكيد والغش يوما بيوم؟ أم بالحلم المحلق الذي لا يعرف قيدا ولا حدودا؟". مدهشـة. [...]

Humorous, a little sad, a good look at values and virtues, with the normal cast of Amado characters thrown in to illustrate the complexities.

A wonderful comedy with heartstring-pulling moments, it also has a nearly perfect structure. I found each of the three acts so complete and satisfying.

Great story, but far from being one of Amado's best works.

This is the author's second novel I read. The first novel read is Captains of the Sands, which I loved reading much more than this one. This novel is also a good novel, a good history fiction novel, but I just wasn't attached and/or connected neither to the central character, nor to the narrator, and nor to any other characters. The novel is very well written and the characters are well developped.The story is told through a narrator, a witness of part of the story, an amateur Historian, who dec [...]

At some point I was certain I would give a 2-star rating to this book, but alas, the ending is so beautiful and touching, my rating jumped to 4 stars.This books has Amado´s usual problems - and I have read 11 books by him - misogynysm, manicheism, whores are incredible people, rich people are evil, priests are a bore, men who like whores are great, house wives are devils etc - anyway, the main character and the story as a whole tells us more than the usual socialist talk. It deals witht dreams [...]

Tell me mr amado. What matters more? The story or the truth?! Captain u filled my mind with dreams.Thank you.

Me pareció un par de historias muy entretenidas, te hace estar en las tierras brasileñas tan calorosas con todo ese realismo en cuanto en la ambientación a través de la prosa, especialmente con el segundo relato del comandante Vasco Moscoso Aragao.

Libro de otra época, entretenido pero no sentí que sea algo que lea por gusto propio. Si no me lo hubiera prestado un amigo probablemente nunca lo hubiese leído.

This is outside the scope of what I usually read. Translated from the Portuguese it is the narrative of man who arrives in a small town in the guise of a master mariner. He captures the imagination of the population and much follows. But while the plot is fine, it isn't really what is most striking to me. The form of narration is really quite wonderful. The narrator is another man who lives in the town. He is telling us the story and interjecting episodes from his own life. The writing is lovely [...]

Divertida novela (vacilón, le dirían algunos) sobre un simpático, digno y envejecido mitómano marino. Contiene la picardía característica de Jorge Amado, a pesar de no ser una de sus novelas más logradas. Personalmente considero que, pongamos por caso, Tienda de Milagros toca un tema similar de manera más trascendente.

“A gente não deve falar do que não conhece [] Nem falar nem comandar”“uma coisa é um doutor ou um oficial, outra, muito diferente, é um infeliz sem diploma. Para os primeiros, todos os privilégios e regalias, para os demais a dura lei.”

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