The Long Sword

Christian Cameron

The Long Sword

The Long Sword

  • Title: The Long Sword
  • Author: Christian Cameron
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Pisa, May 1364 Sir William Gold newly knighted on the battlefield outside the gates of Florence can look forward to a lucrative career as a sword for hire in the endless warring between Italy s wealthy city states But when a message comes from Father Pierre de Thomas, Grand Master of the Order of St John better known as the Hospitallers Sir William knows he has nPisa, May 1364 Sir William Gold newly knighted on the battlefield outside the gates of Florence can look forward to a lucrative career as a sword for hire in the endless warring between Italy s wealthy city states But when a message comes from Father Pierre de Thomas, Grand Master of the Order of St John better known as the Hospitallers Sir William knows he has no choice but to leave his dreams of fame and fortune behind him.Father Pierre is gathering men across Europe for a crusade, and as a donat of the order, Sir William is pledged to serve him But before setting out for the Holy Land, Sir William and his companions face deadly adversaries closer to home In the labyrinthine politics of Italy, not only would some cities rather side with the Saracen than their fellow Christians, but there are powerful princes of the church whose ambitions would be better served if the crusade failed not to mention two of Sir William s bitterest enemies the maniacal Bourc le Camus, now in the pay of the ruthless Cardinal Robert of Geneva, and the Count D Herblay, husband of the woman who still holds Sir William s heart.With assassins and conspirators on all sides, Sir William and his band of knights must overcome overwhelming odds but if they survive, can the crusade be anything than a suicide mission

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reread July 2017 on publication of The Green Count (#3) - like with the first volume reread, I both remembered pretty much all that happened and still had to turn the pages to see what happens next so to speak, so gripping was the story even on a re-read(original review on publication date)excellent stuff - one my big time favorites from the author - combining the first person immediacy of the Long War series with the late medieval atmosphere and setting of the Tom Swan serial (this series takes [...]

Easy five stars

Christian Cameron really is one of the top shelf writers in the historical fiction genre. He not only writes beautifully, with a true understanding of the mechanics and structure of the written word, but he is also so immersed and invested in the history through his past times and hobbies that he brings those words to life in a way that so many authors can only dream of. Cameron sleeps, eats, breathes the cultures he writes about in this Chivalry Series through re-enactment, and then he plants t [...]

I am a big fan of Christian Cameron, and when I reviewed the Ill Made Knight, to my opinion that was the best 100 years war and renaissance Italian historical fiction novel I had ever read. Trust me, I have read a lot of HF novels. Ill made knight is absolutely brilliant. Now I am not so sure this one was the best ever. The sequel of the Ill Made Knight and novel no. 2 in Christian Camerons Chivalry series, The long sword, is just as good, perhaps even better. Again Christian Cameron plays out h [...]

True to the spirit of The Ill-Made Knight, the Long Sword features engaging politics, sprawling battles, hangovers and lechery, action and adventure, valor and audacity, true friendship, ordeals and meaningless wars, fighting prowess, blackmail, feats of arms and, of course, swords, all set in years where violence was daily happenstance and “swordplay was a form of human communication”.Calais, 1381. Sir William Gold and his retinue, as well as Chaucher and Froissart, still wait for clearance [...]

I challenge anyone to read this book and not literally feel the excitement, passion and action as you read each word of the battle scenes - from the melee in Krakow, to the Battle of Chioggia, to the Siege of Alexandria, and also in each skirmish and swing of the sword. The fights are gritty, but not for the sake of being gritty. Instead, they show you the gore because war is gory and the death of men is tragic. I dare you to not be moved as you read Sir William's monologue, as he grows to be mo [...]

Long Sword: ReviewI’m sure many of my regulars are expecting my usual litany of effusive comments about the remarkable writing that Christian produces. I do feel a bit like his English fan boy some days when I write the review, but I love the writing.full review: parmenionbooks.wordpress/

Wow. This is how historical fiction ought to be: dripping with authentic detail, a current of philosophical questioning underneath (primarily concerning chivalry), and plenty of in-the-thick-of-it action. Perhaps I took so long to read The Long Sword because I didn't want to hurry the immersive experience. Or perhaps it was because, exemplary as it is in almost all respects, this novel does not possess a driving, pacy plot.Not that it really mattered. I have never encountered a historical noveli [...]

C2014. FWFTB: crusade; tournament; hospitallers; knights, fortune.Mr Cameron is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. There is always a ring of authenticity when reading the fight scenes and I was not surprised to learn of the rigorous research in the Historical Note.The protagonist, Sir William Gold, is an odd mixture of savage and romantic. The story is told from his POV in the guise of keeping his companions entertained. This could account for some of the contradictions in character. The [...]

Dammit Cameron. I want the rest of the series ready now so I don't have to stop! A wonderful book. Nothing else needs to be said.

as always christian Cameron writes an amazing book, there was a few parts i didn't like but that is due to my own personal prejudice.

This book picks up shortly after the end of the first in the series and follows Gold as he tries to navigate his way through the political intrigues and marauding mercenaries of mid-14th century Europe. It's an interesting story, one that takes in an era I'm not that familiar with, so it's also educational in that it makes me want to read up on the events of that era. My main problem with this hardback edition is the number of typos/misprints. In some cases, words are mixed up e.g "site" used in [...]

Terrific read especially the description of the crusaders and the battle of Alexandria. Christian Cameron holds your interest all the way through this book and one is taken on a journey experiencing the life of a crusader knight and is introduced to the many difference nationalities and the figures that took part in this crusade. The machinations and politics of the leaders of the various factions taking part, would influence their actions both before the attack and after. Through the character [...]

Excellent second installment to the series, very good build up of characters and relationships. Find the details of Armour , weapons and fighting tactics very informative and entertaining. The explanation of the era politics within the Church and Christendom is also very well writtenI hope there are more adventures ahead for Will Gold !

Another highly entertaining adventure novel from Cameron. Combines historical events with personal stories, and adds admirable historical detail, which is always appreciated in an historical novel. Anyone interested in knights, combat, Medieval history, Crusades would enjoy.

A sequel better than its predecessor!

Does Mr. Cameron ever write a bad book??? Damn if I have found one yet.Another great adventure with Sir GoldCant wait till the next adventure!!!!

Great readAmazing stuff. Sounds like the author himself is an expert swordsman himself from the middle Ages. If historically accurate then very disturbing.

The book is a first hand account of the crusade Sir William Gold takes on to siege Alexandria and the build up to the Crusade.

One of the bestCameron is a master storyteller. I loved this book, and I can’t wait to get to the next one. Highly recommend.

Extremely well detailed and written book about an English boy fulfilling his dream.

I love Cameron's work and I don't quite know what went wrong with this one for me. Well, it did not go completely wrong, but somehow I was not able to connect with the story in the same way as usually. I have thought - still do - that Cameron is the master of weaving historical detail into a smooth narrative, but here I felt that the weight of the detail sometimes just was too much and felt slightly like an add-on. I do not really know why. Also the story felt more like a series of scenes than o [...]

This series is quite good for anyone interested in the time period (Hundred years war). It does a really good job of telling an exciting story while also somewhat educating the reader about many things about the time period. The whole book like the last one is told as if the main character is telling a story to a bunch of curious noblemen about past exploits. As the story is written about Sir William Gold, a fairly famous knight of the time period who got around to many historical events and bat [...]

I loved it and hope he writes three more as he stated his wishes at the end of the book. I so much want to hear the rest of Gold's story. I just wished he broke it into chapters. It got slow during the crusade to Egypt but ended swiftly. I guess the Bourc Camus lives to the next book. I so hate that man. I love how he tells the story to Chaucer and Foissart. A truly fun read and a fun story. My hat is off to Cameron and dearly hope he gets to finish this wonderful, rich tale of William Gold.

I love it when a book gives me some many questions about history. I spent a lot of time online searching for pieces of armors or searching more information about the crusades and the participants.The story is highly entertaining and the main caracters are nuanced. I look Forward for the next book of this serie!

Great historical fictionChristian does a great job of creating a sense of place filled with well-described pieces of material culture. I can't think of another novel that so clearly gives the sense of what it might have been like to live in that time, to move and fight in armour. A great read and solid follow-up to the first novel, looking forward to reading the next one!

I actually think Cameron is an excellent writer, it's just his annoying little "Something bad is really going to happen" or instead " I'm an old fart and I going to regret things I did when I was-- Hey! Where am I! Who are you? Do I have What's my name?". Basically, it's off putting, but bearable for the great tale he weaves.

One of the best books I have read in a long time. I used to be a big fantasy fan and then I got into historical fiction with Jack Whyte's series "A Dream of Eagles." This is on par with that. The story is great and the history is amazing. Every few chapters I will stop reading and hop on to read about the historical characters. Can't wait for the next one!

Good book, but a deplorable number of errors in the text (Kindle edition). It's really not good enough that something coming out of a large publishing house should have so many errors.But the book is good, other than that! :-)

Christian Cameron is a favourite author of mine, but I wasn't as gripped by the first in this series as I usually am by his books. However, the further I got through this one the more I liked it. William Gold is growing on me.

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