De Heks van Duva

Leigh Bardugo

De Heks van Duva

De Heks van Duva

  • Title: De Heks van Duva
  • Author: Leigh Bardugo
  • ISBN: 9789020632514
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook

Er was een tijd dat de bossen bij Duva meisjes verslonden Zo ging het verhaal tenminste Maar het kan zomaar zijn dat het gevaar dichterbij huis is dan gedacht Deze Ravkaanse volksvertelling is een begeleidend verhaal bij De Grisha trilogie van Leigh Bardugo.

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There was a time when the woods near Duva ate girls.Ahhhhhhhh! This was fantastic, well written, and so fucking creepy!AND THAT TWIST AT THE END!So, Nadya lives in Duva, andYeah, no. Anything I say is going to ruin it, trust me.This is a short story by Leigh Bardugo, and set in the Grisha world.However, this is also works as a stand alone novella, and is (I think) an excellent introduction to this writer.Bonus: : It's Free Here!Huge thanks to Auntie J, Jess, Miriam, & Cathryn for pushing adv [...]

"Now you know what monsters once lurked in the woods near Duva, and if you ever meet a bear with a golden collar, you will be able to greet him by name. So shut the window tight and make sure the latch is fastened. Dark things have a way of slipping in through narrow spaces."It was a great short story! I really enjoyed it! What a twist at the endWowI did not see that coming!(view spoiler)[I thought it was Karina who ate girls not her father!! WOWWW!!!! (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]&g [...]

THAT TWIST. (There were many actually, but THAT twist!—was a poignant one.)I don’t usually read short stories (or novellas) because they tend to feel underdeveloped and don’t give that kind of satisfaction after finishing them, since I always feel like there was something missing or could have been better but was not. I have an exception in mind though, besides this one: Gilded Ashes, which is a fairy tale retelling as well.This…was captivating. I thought I wasn’t going to be surprised [...]

okay, tor shorts, i officially love you again. i am seriously smitten with this leigh bardugo, and as soon as my reading time becomes my own again, i am ON her series like crazy. these free stories were both great, but they are just little teases, little whooshes of "yeah, i'm doing what plenty of other people have done, i just happen to be doing it better, and without breaking a sweat."i liked this one slightly less than The Too-Clever Fox, but it's still phenomenal. she is very very good at wr [...]

3 1/2 ☆'sWoah this was some twisted dark shit. A great retelling of Hansel and Gretel. I did not see that plot twist coming. I'm starting to really like Leigh Bardugo's writing. AndITS FREE. You can read it here.

Looking for creepy October reads? Here's one of my all-time favorites, a short story by Leigh Bardugo that's an online freebie as well! This is my favorite story ever by Bardugo (even more than Six of Crows). Final review, first published at fantasyliterature:There was a time when the woods near Duva ate girls. . . .Leigh Bardugo’s “The Witch of Duva” is a dark Russian-flavored fairy tale with echoes of Hansel and Gretel and a serial killer twist… or is it wolves? Nadya and her brother H [...]

“There was a time when the woods near Duva ate girls”The Witch of Duva surprised me. I thought this book would be bloody and creepy but I was wrong. I liked THAT TWIST. Wow ! It's unbelievable that Leigh Bardugo could manage to tell a shocking story in just 40 pages. Stunning. She's so talanted. I fell in love with the Grisha world since the first time I read her book.However, there's something left unsaid and unexplained. I mean it's awesome to leave things out for the mysterious vibe like [...]

I love folk tales. They slip up on you and turn you in a circle. You think you might have that little story all figured out? Think again.

WrensReads Review:"Sometimes she felt her curiosity clawing at her like a different kind of hunger"Now this was creepy. It was fun and creepy. And still just like Grimm Fairytale. I have a feeling she was aiming for that feel with some of these novellas. Nadya's mother died. And her father is marrying a monster. Little girls are disappearing. Nadya is being threatened. But she can't leave her father she can't."Now you know what monsters once lurked in the woods near Duva, and if you ever meet a [...]

Such a great short story! If there's anyone that can fit amazing world building, an intriguing plotline and nuanced characters in a matter of pages, then it's Bardugo. It was spooky, witchlike and surprising.Oh, how I love the Grishaverse.

“There was a time when the woods near Duva ate girls.” I expected a twist yet never saw that coming.

Ok this story is pretty creepy and the twist at the ending DID NOT SEE THAT COMMING!I went through a few stages with this:- At first I thought it would be the story about the human eating trees Tamar was telling us about in Ruin and Rising,- Then I thought that Karina is the witch,- And lastly I thought it would all go on like Hansel and Gretel.Which of these hypothesess was correct?Well read it yourself and find out. ;)

Turns out my kindle likes to lie to me about how far I'm into somethingIt was a good little story, the ending was a bit of a shock, but still quite enjoyable :)

Omg this was too creepy AN EXCELLENT HORROR HISTORY“So shut the window tight and make sure the latch is fastened. Dark things have a way of slipping in through narrow spaces.”I can't believe it speechlessDefinitely you have to reading it AMAZING!

In just 50 pages Bardugo has managed to completely enthral and enchant me, before delivering one of the most unexpected plot twists I have ever read!

Evocative, captivating, brillant.

Apparently LB can write creepy too.This is why she's one of my favorites. I swear I was creeped out and intrigued and THE TWISTS OMG. Definitely gonna read her other short stories.

Well, that was creepy!

Dark things have a way of slipping in through narrow spaces.I'm normally very hesitant to read books in a series that end in a decimal. This is because the #0.5s, the #1.5s, and (god help me) the #1.75s almost always seem to be either a transparent moneymaking ploy on the author's part or a lame spinoff of the same story but with the names changed. A notable exception isWarm Up (Vicious, #0.5) becauseVicious was just as good as the short story that preceded it and V.E. Schwab is a brilliant lite [...]

Leigh Bardugo’s 2012 short work The Witch of Duva is a mesmerizing and well written prequel to her Shadow and Bone / The Grisha novels and stories.Told as a Russian or Slavic folk tale, and set in the eastern European forests, this has the tone and style of a fable.Nadya’s mother has died and her woodworker father has very quickly re-wed to Karina, a stern woman Nadya believes to be a witch. More concerning is a recent trend of disappearances in theirs and neighboring villages of young girls [...]

WOW This must be witchcraft because holy smokes it was fantastic! In few pages I was both mesmerized and creeped out.This felt a lot like something Brothers Grimm would write : dark, delicious and traumatizing.And I LOVED it.This really has nothing to do with Grisha (now Shadow and Bone) trilogy. So even if you haven't read anything by Leigh read this. Give yourself a treat. A dark, very creepy treat.My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

This was creepily F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. The last couple of paragraphs gave me goosebumps. For realsies :)

☆ ☆☆ ☆☆No spoilers and colorful language abound! The Too-Clever FoxLittle Knife SPECTACULAR!!Do you love fairy tale retellings with a dark and twisty current? Are you bored as feck sitting in front of your computer reading the same old shit as always?Yeah. I thought so. Click here to be more awesome.You are welcome.

Actual rating: 3.5The Grisha is one of those series that I’ve been wanting to read for ages so when I found out about this short story I thought it would be a nice introduction to Bardugo’s writing. Some reviewers seem to think it’s better to read Shadow and Bone (the first instalment in the series) first but I didn’t and I loved The Witch of Duva all the same.It really is a great little tale. Well-written, very well-structured, and the world building is pretty amazing considering this i [...]

One of the better plot twists I’ve read.

Very atmospheric, very intriguing and the ending was quite creepy

Rating: 1.5 StarsWellat was a disappointment. The Witch of Duva, unlike what I had expected, has nothing to do with Shadow and Bone except for existing in the same realm. Instead, it's a re-imagined version of Hanzel and Gretel, beautifully written but nothing wholly original or captivating. While I appreciated the small plot twists - if they can be called that in a novella so very short - they didn't do much for me and I was rather detached from this tale. I went into it hoping for at least som [...]


Huh. What a strange little story. This was more enjoyable than Shadow and Bone!

This is awesome. Absolute perfection. The art of storytelling.Karen reviewed it much better than I ever could. Read Karen's review here.Read it for yourself for free here: The Witch of Duva

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