High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs

Lisa Kahn Schnell Alan Marks

High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs

High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs

  • Title: High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs
  • Author: Lisa Kahn Schnell Alan Marks
  • ISBN: 9781580896047
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover

Dual layered text introduces the life cycle of the horseshoe crab, with a focus on the annual mass spawning event at Delaware Bay.

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I loved this book! Wonderful dynamic writing sets this way above the usual "science book about something for kids!" Great structure gets you wondering how all these various groups are interconnected. Great two page watercolor illustrations too. I was so curious about the tag depicted on some of the crabs - I had no idea what that was until mid-book when all was explained. Sharp eyed kids will be drawn in. I have fond memories of these amazing creatures from my childhood and seeing them come in t [...]

A nonfiction picture book with realistic double page watercolors and an informative narrative about the horseshoe crab and its place in the ecosystem. The illustrated endpapers and the additional information at the back will make this a useful book for a unit on seashore ecology.

A well-written, factual account of horseshoe crabs that flock to the Delaware Bay in the spring to reproduce. There were many new facts in this book and I think my east-coast students will find it interesting. My students usually do not prefer nonfiction books with illustrations, but hopefully the topic will engage them enough to draw them in.Recommended for grades K-5

Excellent book!!

The annual spawning of the horseshoe crabs serves as a way to speak about the life cycle of this fascinating creature. As the crabs come to the shore, they ride the high tide to get far enough up on the beach for their eggs to be safest. Following the crabs are the shorebirds who are looking for a feast. Humans are coming too, scientists who study both the crabs and the birds. The horseshoe crabs begin laying their eggs, their bodies piled high at the edge of the shore, all trying to reach the s [...]

Not much is known about horseshoe crabs, prehistoric-looking animals that come ashore at night to lay their eggs. Perhaps that is why to make this story work, author Lisa Kahn Schnell intertwines three stories — the crabs coming ashore to lay their eggs, the shore birds that rest at Delaware Bay, and the citizen scientists that study them both.To get the full hermit crab story, readers will have to study the end pages of this book. The end pages are the pages that are pasted to the cardboard c [...]

HIGH TIDE FOR HORSESHOE CRABS by Lisa Kahn Schnell is an informational picture book exploring the migration of horseshoe crabs to the shores of Delaware Bay.Lisa Kahn Schnell begins each two-page spread with a short, active sentence that highlights the key idea. Next, she tells the story of coastal ecology and migration using age-appropriate details. This combination is effective for a read-aloud experience. Designed for ages 3-7, this well-written science narrative is effective in sharing accur [...]

WE first notice the disk on the side of the horseshoe crab featured on the cover, and are not told its purpose until nearly halfway through the book.Headings in bold, black letters highlight that page's facts, with "They're" which feels like an informal invitation to join the investigation.However, the 'they' is inconsistent: sometimes 'they' refers to birds, tourists, or scientists. I found that a bit confusing at first, and a younger reader might need guidance to ferret out the meaning.Soft tw [...]

The end papers start with information through detailed sketches of these crabs, female and male, and their parts, purposes explained. And the story is told from the beginning of the horseshoe crabs arrival in Delaware Bay to lay their eggs, the thousands of shorebirds arriving on their long trek North to gain energy for the flight to the Arctic to lay their own eggs, and what happens during these two weeks of frantic activity. Scientists arrive, too, to study the crabs or the birds, to find crab [...]

Thumbs up for HIGH TIDE FOR HORSESHOE CRABS. This book drew me right in and put me on the beach where the horseshoe crabs were coming ashore, the shorebirds were landing and gobbling eggs, and the scientists and tourists were asking questions. I liked how the book's structure heightened the drama with simple bold declarations, such as "It's starting" across each spread. It's a good read aloud that takes children outside, to the beach to witness an age old process, and shares lots of great inform [...]

This very accessible nonfiction picture book stands out because of its layout and treatment of its subject: horseshoe crabs. The endpapers provide detailed anatomical drawings of the top and underside of the crab, complete with labels and explanations of the functions of the body parts. Each double-page spread starts with a two-word description of the action: it's starting, they're arriving, they're flapping, they're laying, they're tagging, and then goes into further detail about that aspect of [...]

"It's starting. They're arriving." This is an interesting book about the arrival of horseshoe crabs and shorebirds at Delaware Bay in the late spring - the horseshoe crabs to spawn and the shorebirds to rest in their migration and feed on the eggs of the crabs. It's fascinating to see how relationships like this happen in nature. I loved the illustrations - the muted colors, the diversity of the people coming to watch all this happen, and the beauty of the birds and interesting features of the h [...]

This book is about the life cycle of the Horseshoe Crabs, specifically during their migration to Delaware Bay. The book covers their birth, mating season, migration and patterns and their death. The book includes a lot of fun facts about the crabs and how scientists tag them to learn more about them. This book is a perfect book to help kids understand that everything has a beginning and an end. Some life is very short, like the eggs that didn’t make it, and other life is longer, like the horse [...]

A read aloud friendly book that covers the annual spawning of the horseshoe crabs that takes place on the shores of Delaware Bay.Text is broken up into sections of info about every step of the process while back matter helps to give a broader picture of what's happening. Further reading list, recommended websites, activities, videos and a selected bibliography round out the back matter while diagrams of a horseshoe crabs body can be found on the inside front and back covers.Recommended for use w [...]

Listed in CCBC Choices 2016 under Science, Technology and the Natural World. Makes me want to visit Delaware Bay in May/June to see the exciting event! Partner with Moonbird by Hoose. Clear watercolor illustrations speak of the connectivity between the horseshoe crab and the migrating birds who depend on the eggs for survival. Excellent book. Sweet spot: Grades 2-4

I really enjoyed the beautiful illustrations and clear information in this book about horseshoe crabs. I appreciated the end pages that elaborate on the story with details about the science and the events in the story.

Excellent non-fiction book about the life of horseshoe crabs. Endpapers diagram the outside shell and underside of the crab, more information in the last two pages of the book, many resources provided in books, websites, videos, etc.

My nephew came to visit a few weeks ago, and we saw a horseshoe crab in the river near my house. I was hoping for lots of facts that I could share with him, but this is just kind of observational about a spawning session. And some birds eating the eggs.

This is an info-packed, fun-filled and beautifully illustrated story. It would make a great addition to any classroom or library. For my full review, click here: sophiamallonee/book-re

Great nonfiction example. Love the end pages. Learned so much about this "prehistoric" creature!

Felt like I finished this with more questions about the animals than answers. There's not a whole lot here, except basic life cycle info. Not even any pictures of its underside!

Very interesting! Made us want to experience this some year!

An exceptionally well-done introduction to the life cycle of the horseshoe crab, with a focus on the annual mass-spawning event at Delaware Bay.

Pretty much a must-have for school and public libraries in Maryland. Speaking of which, I need to make sure I order some books about blue crabs for my library.

incredibly informative and interesting

This was an interesting book - didn't know that much about horseshoe crabs before this. Some pictures were very memorable.

This is a great introduction to an animal students don't typically study. The detailed back matter along with many resources listed makes this a perfect book for elementary researchers.

Interesting introduction to horseshoe crabs and their relationship with other animals and their ecosystem. The voice wasn't my favorite, but I can see lots of questions inspired by the text.

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